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Jump to new posts Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) by seanriddle @ Today at 05:18 AM

I can't believe how small the Electronic Detective ROM pic is! The bits are so tiny, I can see how one was missed. With my new workflow, my ROM array pics now have 15x the resolution. If you have any questions about any other ROM, let me know and
Jump to new posts Re: VME boards by Edstrom @ Yesterday at 08:34 PM

Can't determine without knowing how the initialization was done, I will come back to the MPCC when I have PDoS booting to add interrupts and a few other things but it may take a while, feel free to contribute to the MPCC meanwhile. Here is the data s
Jump to new posts Re: comp4 not working by hap @ Yesterday at 08:01 PM

Thanks for reporting it, it was an old regression (0.169 is ok). It's fixed now.
Jump to new posts Re: MiniWebBrowser zoom level by qmc2 @ Yesterday at 10:43 AM

The system- and software-notes "browsers" and the MiniWebBrowser have a lot in common, but they are not closely coupled. The notes browsers are actually HTML editors, the rest - including the documentation browser and the ProjectMESS lookup
Jump to new posts Strange CPU behaviour by phulshof @ Yesterday at 08:00 AM

I've noticed some strange CPU behaviour when running MAME (on Linux): Radiant Silvergun at normal speed: 2400-2500 MHz Radiant Silvergun at nothrottle: 2400-2500 MHz (my computer isn't fast enough) Pacman at normal speed: 1600-1800 MHz Pacman at noth
Jump to new posts Re: Separate arcade machines from MESS stuff in XML by Wintermute0110 @ Yesterday at 07:36 AM

Originally Posted By ICEknightWell, that looks nice. I'd try to make it more obvious whenever an entry is a parent ROM with many available versions, though. Perhaps making it look more like a folder and remove the stuff between parentheses, in those
I'm looking forward to launch Netsurf on RiscOS...
Jump to new posts Re: ex- USSR and Soviet Bloc hardware by shattered @ 01/19/17 06:23 PM

Originally Posted By Al KossowOriginally Posted By shatteredHelp, my floppy disk is rusting Looks like someone carved up the top surface of the disk with their floppy head before you got it? This is a REALLY common problem with crap (ie. soft) o
Nevermind.. I was getting the old mess version numbers mixed up with the mame version numbers after the merge. Once I grabbed the latest MAME it works just fine. Sorry for wasting anyone's time. Just seemed odd that all the way back to 0.156 it wa
Non-Windows MAME Support
Jump to new posts Re: Multiple Trackballs? by MAMEBase @ 01/18/17 06:46 PM

Thank you! I'll look into updating SDL to 2.0.5 later today... As to the question of multiple trackballs, etc., knowing it's supported is a big help... I may seek more details on another forum, but knowing the support is there tells me I'm going i
Jump to new posts Re: Requirements? by Bavarese @ 01/18/17 05:39 PM

I have added info about 6 and 20 MB Corvus drives (and how to format / use them) under CP/M 86/80 version 1. Al Kossow kindly provided driver source for Corvus on Lifeboat CPM 2.2, but this requires - more or less - skillful modification to work w
Jump to new posts Re: SVN builds - new driver flood by Anna Wu @ 01/17/17 06:40 AM

Originally Posted By JustinOriginally Posted By Anna Wuibmpcjr driver Fraction Fever (educational game,cart) Can be add to softlist (ibmpcjr_cart) Check the FTP server > uploads Added, thanks. Thanks too (without header)
Jump to new posts Re: Coming back; current hardware state? by ironspider @ 01/15/17 08:35 PM

Thanks gang! I'm excited to get back on the horse! And then cut it in two with Kung Lao's hat
Jump to new posts Re: PC/XT/AT (inside) WIP topic by Stiletto @ 01/15/17 02:23 PM

I emailed Nick once, a long time ago now...
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