I saw the no-config wizard after many months and realized it asks you for mame executable path (which is fine), but then asks for plenty of other paths, that could be skipped with a simple option to auto-parse mame.ini (after working directory is set).

Actually the process should be like this:
- Ask for mame executable location.
- Default working directory to mame executable location (but user has option to change it).
- Ask to automatically import mame.ini from location above.
- If user denies the import, then ask for the minimum required paths manually.
That would be VERY intuitive.

Now to take this further, if QMC2 detects new mame version (as it already does) or new QMC2 version (as it already does), then pop-up again the option to re-import (which helps with extra/new options too, not just paths).

And a few side notes/requests/questions on this:
- I understand QMC2 has a problem displaying (not using) proper Windows or POSIX paths. Today I noticed this is one of my paths: "<some path>\/" (yes that's both slash and backslash and no I didn't add it that way). Please stick to one and properly translate from the other, both in actual ini and in config display.
- I am not sure if the import also takes account of the new extra .ini that mame uses (ui.ini and plugin.ini). Do we need to manually import from them too? (as there ARE settings in there that are useful to qmc2) Are they taken into account automatically? If you ever implement the wizard as above, then ALL ini should be read.