A lot changed in the MAME/MESS world since my last posts smile MAME became a kind of arcade framework and this is great. I started resurrecting the SEGA SC-3000 Survivors website, and I just got an SF-7000 unit (miracle), so I wanted to continue this preservation project. Finally the website has entered in this millennium :p A responsive and lightweight website, as usual: http://www.sc-3000.com

Now, one of the first things I would like to do is a utility for the SF-7000 that reads disk images from the serial port and write it down to the disk. This utility will be written in Z80 Assembly. In order to do this, I need to reverse engineer the commands of the disk basic that handle the UART driver, so I am interested in using the MAME to simulate the serial communication.

I tried to search on the web and on this forum how to configure a virtual communication between the MAME and a virtualCOM port but I wasn't lucky. Can you point me to some wiki/article that explains how to set the MAME Slot devices (rs232)?

Thank you.