So I've recently started adding some more copy-protected PC software to the ibm5150 softlist. MAME has had varying support for copy protected PC disks for a while now in formats like TD0 and IMD, but these require a working DOS PC to run the imaging software and the formats are proprietary and undocumented which is not great for preservation. The Kryoflux board works for reading the disks on modern PCs but produces raw files which can't be used in MAME directly. (MAME can read SPS' IPF format but the software that produces these from raw Kryoflux dumps is not public.) However, it is possible to convert these files into a format usable in MAME by using a free utility called HxCFloppyEmulator. Here's a tutorial:

1. Download from

2. Run the GUI and click the first "Load" button (NOT the raw one)

3. Select the first .raw file (e.g. track00.0.raw)

4. Wait for the progress bar to finish

[Linked Image]

5. Click the "Export" button

6. Select "MFM File (MFM/FM track file format) (*.mfm)"

7. Enter a filename (e.g. disk1.mfm) and save

8. You should be able to load the .mfm file as a normal disk image in MAME. With the copy protections I've tried so far everything has worked fine and the software thinks it is running from an original disk. (As I understand it the PC floppy controller didn't allow for the really creative copy-protection methods seen on other systems like Amiga and Apple II.)

Obligatory screenshots:

Space Quest II (from my own disks, now added to the softlist):

[Linked Image] [Linked Image]

Microsoft Word 1.15 and 2.00 (dumps available online, and added to the softlist as well):

[Linked Image] [Linked Image]