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09/17/18 11:47 PM
Considering the fact that the real hardware can boot into the OS without channel cards tells me that disabling any channel card emulation should help with debugging the boot issue. If the emulation continues to crash without any channel cards "connected", then that would determine that the issue is not with the channel cards but rather the main CPUs. Anyone willing to test this out?
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09/17/18 07:52 PM
I found an OS/2 v3 CD and it installs fine in recent MAME, but doesn't seem to like any of SVGA devices -- clgd542x, svga_et4k are not detected by the OS driver, gfxultra is detected but startup hangs sometime after loading Ring 0 driver, &c

(A list of drivers bundled with v3 --

Sound Blaster 16 does work but playback stutters.

Hence the plain vanilla screenshot:

[Linked Image]
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09/16/18 09:55 PM
Cool stuff. I'm more familiar with the later UltraSPARC machines, but It's always great to see progress in emulation of old workstations/servers.
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09/14/18 09:15 PM
Aside from software, I thought it would be a good idea to have artwork to go along with the Apple-1. Maybe it will get more people curious about this vintage machine.

I plan on submitting this for Mame / MESS artwork (yes I know this isn't the place to submit it). It's a vintage Sanyo VM4209 Video Computer Monitor. It's period correct, and was used for the Apple-1. I'll have two versions. One with a realistic reflective screen (made in Photoshop shown below), and one without.

Still a work in progress (death in details).
Vintage Sanyo VM4209 Video Computer Monitor
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09/14/18 03:40 AM
ok " /sbus" select-dev
ok " 1" decode-unit
ok 10000 map-in
ok .s
ok ffed9000 10000 dump
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09/10/18 03:00 PM
I've now got a couple more 6809 ROMs that require different configurations of the cards. The current machine acrnsys3_6809 requires the vdu40, fdc, and 3x8k cards. The 8k cards have configuration options to specify where the RAM is mapped.

One of the new ROMs is for use with the 80 column vdu80 card (replacing vdu40) and requires RAM at different locations to the current acrnsys3_6809. Is there any way of overriding default configuration options of slot devices in machine_reset (or similar)? So in this case I'd want to swap the vdu40 for the vdu80 card. The vdu80 card has configuration options to set it's IO mapping and by default it's configured for the 6502 in machine acrnsys5.

I could add the ROM as a new machine with the correct cards inserted, but would still need to manually configure the RAM mapping and vdu80 IO.
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Non-Windows MAME Support
09/09/18 05:36 PM
I was able to get rid of the relocation overflows on x86_64 and aarch64 by using -g1 (turns out it was not applied to all architectures after all). This just leaves armv7hl which is acceptable I guess.
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09/07/18 12:35 PM
Problem solved. I copied the usually hidden qmc2 support folder from a time machine backup and thats it working again.
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09/06/18 12:23 AM
Yeah, it's missing parts (the handles), so I'm probably going to sell the case to someone that wants to make an Escape from NY tracker from it. smile
So that will leave me with the board, I can sacrifice that.
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09/05/18 12:44 PM
Yeah it supports catver.ini and category.ini, but not the dozens of others.
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09/03/18 02:44 PM
I just added a bulk erased and freshly formatted scp image to the files on bitsavers.
Just the adr and data headers appear to be there
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09/02/18 05:26 AM
They were protected so the dumps obtained weren't good.
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Non-Windows MAME Support
08/31/18 02:31 PM
It's quite possible there's an incompatibility with 2.0.8, I'll investigate. Thanks for tracking it down!
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08/31/18 02:30 PM
That's awesome, Patrick!
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08/30/18 05:53 AM
The version shows in the Help, About on Windows.

But, I think the OP wants it to show in the program's properties, where you right-click the exe and choose Properties.
The File Version, Product Name, Product Version, Copyright and Language fields are all blank.
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08/29/18 02:16 PM
Good to know. Looking forward to 0.201.

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08/28/18 06:26 AM
Yes, sorry for the typo. You can see the part with its silkscreening in the post about the 8.2 video card that has a link to the higher res pictures.
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08/23/18 10:02 PM
Posting this here since it's both Hunter 2 and file transfer related. The Huskies had a little ... Oracle:

[Linked Image]

The drive has an unusal pop-up disk locking mechanism, the drive chassis itself has no label, and the PCB is mounted under the drive. Hmmm ...

This battery powered 3.5" drive was connected to the 25pin RS232 port of the Hunter 2. The later Hunter 16 machines are mentioned with a more advanced version, the "Oracle GT"

If you look closely, the "Husky Oracle" logo on my drive is just a sticker that has begun to fray at the edges, revealing its original "Brother FB100" designation. Here things become interesting: This drive was not only licensed to Husky, but also to Tandy for its TRS-80 Model 100 portable under the "Tandy Portable Disk Drive" (TPDD) moniker - and it came from Brother's line of knitting machines.

The controller board features a HD63A01 CPU, and the Tandy folks have managed to read its internal ROM and document the protocol.

[Linked Image]

The archive on the FTP and here includes the photos from my Husky branded drive, Tandy and Brother documentation and the Tandy ROM.
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08/23/18 03:55 PM
I've uploaded photos, some documentation and dumps of the various PROMs, EPROMs and PALs found on the BASF 7120's boards ... it would be great if someone could take a look in case I missed something.
I've searched available Motorola documentation from the 1980 timeframe, but I couldn't find the above IC. Files are on the FTP and here.
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08/23/18 02:11 AM
In another bulletin board, new information entered.

RingoStarr 39 Jan 25, 2018, 7:38 PM
That is the intended behavior in Pole Position.
It makes steering easier in the qualifying lap on purpose.
The older Namco Museum versions "fix" it
by making steering easy all the time.

It seems that all transplanted versions have been changed to qualifying specifications.
I will search the ported fix it.
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