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Re: MAME 0.259 AJR 09/30/23 11:43 PM
Currently hard-sectoring is supported in MAME only for Micropolis disk images in VGI format. Other formats could potentially be added, though.
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Re: Experimenting with a bigtrak layout Golden Child 09/30/23 10:45 PM
Found a nice picture of the cheetah control pad at

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: List of things not dumped DKL3 09/25/23 12:37 PM
@=CO=Windler That's a different 268-in-1 you showcased, but I'm going to guess that it's also undumped.
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Re: The Newer All-Singing, All-Dancing 2023 WIP Thread R. Belmont 09/25/23 02:26 AM
Phase distortion synthesis? In my MAME? Apparently it's more likely than I thought.
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Re: "watered down" build of Primal Rage official ROM? Guru 09/24/23 01:16 PM
uKER: It's not difficult to download the ENTIRE mame rom set so just play whatever version you want.
If some random game player downloads x version of the game they won't know the difference either way.
I own the board with later ROM version and dumped it because that's what I do. Be happy you have it and several other versions.
This issue is a nothing-burger.
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Re: Monaco GP Emulation Yorkfire 09/23/23 01:18 AM
Anyone have a rom dump for Monaco GP set B? All I can find is set A.
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Re: from inside MAME screenshots thread R. Belmont 09/20/23 12:40 PM
The great HTTPS catastrophe has made it harder to do this kind of thing, but is a combination proxy/search engine that dumbs down pages to what older browsers can handle. Which lets us do stuff like this.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: New dumps Osso 09/19/23 05:41 AM
This is the official way to submit stuff:
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Re: Offer: Tandberg TDV2324 CP/M computer from the 70s Person 09/15/23 10:16 AM
Another thing worth noting, the mentioned X-monitor seems to only be a loadable module for the TDV-2324, whereas on the TDV-21x4 it's permanently in ROM at the lower 8K of the memory map. Quite a lot of system functionality is in this monitor, and it is my guess that software uses this for everything instead of calling the hardware directly. This would also explain the good backwards-compatibility of the TDV-2324.

Looking a little bit on the disassembly, a ton of the functions in there (including every single interrupt-handler) also have optional hooks the OS can take use of. These hooks are stored (among other monitor-variables) as pointers in a reserved 2K area of RAM. On the TDV-21x4 series this memory area is made up of dedicated RAM chips on the CPU card, so it's guaranteed to be there even if there's no other RAM-expansion cards installed.
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) hap 09/10/23 09:32 PM
And Bandai U-Boat, it has the same MCU type as Tsukuda Dracula.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: MAME 0.258 Vas Crabb 09/04/23 05:40 PM
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