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Re: Question: changing years on systems release. That70sguy 09/21/20 11:35 PM
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Micromint MPX-16 launched on 1983 or before

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
Philips NMS 9100 launched on 1988 or before

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Olystar 20F launched on 1990 or before

Originally Posted by That70sguy

[Linked Image from]
Leading Edge Model D launched on 1985 or before
Vintropedia listed date 1985

Leading Edge Model M launched on 1985 or before

Correction for Leading Edge Model M
[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

Leading Edge Model M launched on 1986 or before
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Re: mame 0.224 astro blaster John IV 09/21/20 08:49 PM
I added spacfury to the 2020 bench runs. We hit a 97% slowdown w/ the discrete audio. smile
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Re: Ap2000 signs of life Golden Child 09/20/20 09:59 PM

I managed to get something working that would save the printer output bytes to separate files so you could launch a viewer on them, like gv for postscript output.

A delay of 30 seconds will separate files.

lp0 = manager:machine().luaprinters[1]

function feedchars(ch)
local idleflag=0
nextchar = lp0:getnextchar()
if nextchar >= 0 then 
  if f == nil then
    filenamecount = filenamecount+1
    currentfilename = filenamebase..string.format("%04d",filenamecount)..".ps","w")
until nextchar < 0
if idleflag==0 then
  if f~=nil then
    if idlecount%(60*5)==0 then print ("idle: "..idlecount/60) end
  idlecount=0 -- reset idlecount
if idlecount > idlewaitperiod then
  os.execute('gv "'..currentfilename..'" &')
  print('gv '..currentfilename)

function framedispatch() for i,j in pairs(dispatchlist) do j() end end

idle: 5.0
idle: 10.0
idle: 15.0
idle: 20.0
idle: 25.0
idle: 30.0
gv 2020-09-20 14-14-25
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) Mr. Do 09/19/20 09:32 PM
Originally Posted by ssj
I found some scans for the Microvision handhelds on my hard drive, I believe they were done by ranger_lennier although not completely sure. They have pretty decent quality if anyone fancies doing some artwork for them. After the driver improvements hap did a while back would be pretty cool to have nice artwork to go with it especially the screen overlays which are a must for several of the games.

I uploaded them all here in case someone is interested:

Very cool... thank you!! These will be interesting to do... can't say "when" at this point, but it's on the list.
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Re: ex- USSR and Soviet Bloc hardware shattered 09/18/20 08:29 PM
ProDOS is almost working on agat9 (crashes after reading disk directory):

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Android Pause/Resume R. Belmont 09/18/20 03:55 PM
Android isn't officially supported, especially in terms of phone-specific stuff like suspend/resume and backgrounding. I'd expect SDL2 to handle at least some of the details there but there's probably other things that need to be done.
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Re: Make chdman? MAMEBase 09/17/20 09:36 PM
Just tried compiling, without NOWERROR=1, with Xcode 12.0, and got the same error.

About to try again with NOWERROR=1...

Stand by...

[Time Passes...]


MAME 0.224, 8/26/20, newly uncompressed source
Xcode 12.0 (9/17/20)
MacOS 10.15.6
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019)
3.1 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5
Radeon Pro 575X 4 GB
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Re: Olympia BOSS rfka01 09/16/20 08:03 PM
I've uploaded the stuff from to the FTP.
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Re: Votrax issues from launch inside front end ... John IV 09/15/20 05:31 PM
Thanks guys, I was able to get it going by falsing the stdout monitoring.
Vas, I'll pass along your comment.
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Re: Philips P2000C rfka01 09/12/20 06:32 AM
I've replaced the filter capacitor on the P2000, and it's back to running smoothly again.

Nice graphics for the time:

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

Quoting a vcfred thread: "The machine has a CPU board with a separate "terminal" board that is connected to the CPU board via a TTL level serial link, so the display looks like a dumb terminal to the computer."

This guy is repairing his terminal board, some useful information there, but there are full schematics in the manuals I posted.
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Re: SVN builds - new driver flood Duke 09/10/20 11:55 AM
Informer 207/376 with redumped chargen ROM:

[Linked Image from]

Informer 213AE:

[Linked Image from]

This one has an ASIC controlling many aspects. I couldn't identify yet where it reads/writes the keyboard and SCC.

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Re: Get a seg fault only with Odyssey2, only in Ubuntu hap 09/09/20 10:50 AM
Crash bug was fixed a week ago btw. And for anyone clicking this thread, here are some bonus screenshots laugh

Some minor bugs remain, but overall the emulation is very good. The bug that annoys me the most is in Backgammon. It does multiple screen updates but (even according to the disassembly) it never increments the sprite/char Y registers.

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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Re: thank you Vas Crabb 09/09/20 02:30 AM
You're welcome, and hi.
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Re: BBC Tube WIP Just Desserts 09/08/20 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by Pernod
Originally Posted by Duke
Very cool! You should make a video of it running smile

Will consider a video when I'm happy with the emulation, want to get a little more performance out of it.

Just to clarify, if you use -aviwrite and also specify -noafs, then the resulting video will play back full-speed regardless of how slow the emulation is during recording.
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Ultimarc Aimtrac on MAME - Ubuntu Simon Foote 09/07/20 09:08 PM
I recently purchased an Aimtrac lightgun and I am having massive issues getting this to work in MAME running on Ubuntu.
I am using the latest build of MAME (0.224) and Ubuntu is running on a PC, not a Raspberry Pi or anything like that.
Using The Ubuntu Windows desktop The gun works as a mouse. Other than it's not very accurate, because the calibration utility doesn't work, it works fine.
In MAME itself, if I press TAB to go to the controller options, that sees it as Mouse1, which exactly how it picks up my trackball, which works perfectly in gun games and also my Spinner.
However, the only thing that isn't right with this is, when configuring mouse devices, depending on what way you move the device, you get mouse X or Mouse Y. With the Aimtrac, Whatever way I move the gun I get Mouse X & Y at the same time.
I'm guessing, as a result of this, when I try to use the Aimtrac in a game, as soon as you bring the gun into view of the sensor, it just drops the crosshair into the bottom right hand corner of the screen and will not move.
If you take the gun out of sight of the sensor, you can move the crosshairs with the spinner or the trackball no problem.
The other thing I've found is, I'm using EmulationStation as part of RetroPie, so even though I'm not using it, I have LR-Mame installed. If I open up a shooting game with LR-MAME2016 instead of standard MAME, the gun works! However, my spinner doesn't.
I've tried following the steps under using a lightgun in Linux , in the official MAME documentation, but that didn't resolve the issue. In fact it introduced some new problems, for example disabling the buttons on my Ultimarc Ultimate IO controller.
A friend of mine also has two of these guns running on a similar set up, but using Debian rather than Ubuntu and they are getting exactly the same problems as me.
Any help, solutions or suggestions welcome as this is driving me mad!
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Re: Electron WIP Vas Crabb 09/07/20 05:20 PM
You can call set_maximum_quantum in as many places in the machine configuration as you like, and it will take the smallest one and use that as the longest scheduler timeslice allowed for the machine. Whether you set it or not, it will never use a timeslice longer than 1/60s as that’s hard-coded as the longest allowed timeslice in the scheduler itself.

I don’t particularly like the “perfect quantum” configuration because it’s kind of misleading. It doesn’t necessarily give perfect interleave on the device you set it for. What it actually does is query that device’s device_execute_interface for the minimum machine cycles per instruction, converts it to clock cycles, and multiplies by the device’s configured clock frequency to convert it to a time. Then if that’s smaller than all the values set with set_maximum_quantum, it will use it as the longest allowed timeslice. It may fail to give perfect interleave on the device if some other device executes an instruction that takes longer than the desired timeslice length and it needs to catch other devices up.

(There’s nothing special about the “perfect quantum” device – you can get exactly the same effect by using the same calculation and calling set_maximum_quantum with that value.)
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Re: 8bit Apples - Apple I, II, /// and the 16 bit GS R. Belmont 09/04/20 12:33 PM
There's a new macOS-only dedicated Apple II MAME frontend called "Ample". It includes a MAME binary and can download the Apple II ROMs from the Internet Archive for you.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: BletchMAME 2.0 Bletch 09/03/20 10:37 PM
Yes, there is a LUA plugin ("worker_ui") distributed with BletchMAME that essentially provides what is sort of a hybrid between a command console and an RPC-like mechanism. Its not using sockets, but rather standard IO - meaning that you can execute MAME with that plugin and control MAME using the same facilities BletchMAME is using.
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Re: documents with correct launch date for: Just Desserts 09/02/20 01:56 PM
In what universe is a random eBay seller some sort of reliable indicator of when something was released?
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Re: Commodore 64 doesn't load cartridges xinyingho 08/31/20 12:40 PM
I see. So this is a default slotoption, which can't be selected from the slot itself. This design is a bit weird but thanks for your precise explanations Vas Crabb, as usual.
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Re: Fairlight CMI Tonhar 08/31/20 11:31 AM
JD you crazy genius you did it, you found the needle in the haystack!
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Re: Run ahead debate: a journey 4 input lag reduction Shideravan 08/29/20 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
I know standalone bsnes has it, but it originated from retroarch.

I didn't know it had first appeared on RetroArch. It is not a kind of project that I follow, but anyway, it is interesting to know. smile
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Re: Cheat & Debugger - Not able to manually find value crazyc 08/29/20 03:05 PM
The FDEB is in the tx_videoram region which is as you guessed out of range for the debugger cheatfinder. It's a bad case for the lua finder too because it won't automatically search it although it can be done. Here's a link with some info .
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BletchMAME 2.1 Bletch 08/29/20 02:13 PM
Just a bug fix release, nothing new - but if anybody had problems with 2.0, try 2.1
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Re: Using lua scripts within layout elcondor 08/28/20 06:57 PM
Ah, I see what was going wrong before, because I wasn't calling the plugin it wasn't loading anything. it all works now, so I might be able to put together this as a tech demo at least.
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