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Re: BBC expansion devices WIP Pernod 01/20/20 06:20 PM
I think I'm close to being done with the SCSI Host Adaptor.

This is the ARM Evaluation System (BBC Master, ARM co-processor, 10MB Winchester):
[Linked Image from]
I can obviously softlist the CHD with the software pre-installed. For machines such as the ABC 110, where the Winchester is not a peripheral but built into the machine, it should ideally boot straight into CP/M from the harddisk. In this case do we include the CHD with the machine, or make the user select the expected CHD from the softlist?

I see any changes written to a softlisted CHD are written to the diff folder, should I prefix softlisted CHD's with something like bbc_ to ensure no potential conflicts?
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Re: SVN builds - new driver flood R. Belmont 01/20/20 01:05 PM
Thanks, WRP was the one I was thinking of, although it's apparently changed quite a bit since then. When I used it it was mostly Python.
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Re: Empty softwarelist "fix" - Windows binaries Shideravan 01/19/20 05:08 AM
Great release! Thanks!
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Re: 0.217 eliminates a mess MusicLovr 01/18/20 03:38 PM
Excellent! Thanks...
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Re: Scripty things Carbon 01/17/20 10:10 PM
I just tried this for the first time and got the following error:

[MAME]> r = require "robotron"
error: 	./Plugins/robotron.lua:8: attempt to index a nil value (local 'cpu')

I'm using 0.217 on macOS Catalina.

Edit: Oops, my error, messed ROM path up. It works now, it is really awesome stuff.
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Anyone here previously affiliated with PCmuseum? starlord 01/16/20 11:35 PM
Hi guys, again I’m in need of advice from you:

A big collection of interesting collection items was held by the Canadian pcmuseum, of which you can find the link here:

Amongst the items of interest are some pencil 2 items such as the mysterious “big foot chase” cart and the coleconut adaptor.

Sadly I have been told that the museum curator Mr Bolton passed away unexpectedly, and that no measures have been taken for the safety of the items. Seems that his former wife isn’t sure how to handle the items either. I tried to find ways to contact her to place requests but I wasn’t successful.

Might anyone here be affiliated with the museum? Or maybe have advice on how to contact Mr Bolton’s wife? Even a postal address would be a start.

Many thanks.
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Re: PC/XT/AT (inside) WIP topic Alegend45 01/16/20 09:40 PM
Hey, has anybody ever been able to find an AMD document called "AMD Athlon and AMD Duron Processor BIOS, Software, and Debug Developers Guide, order# 21656"? I can't find it on Google, Bitsavers, AMD's website, or ChipDB's datasheets section. I want to add Athlon emulation in 86box, but I just can't find ANY documentation on the AMD Athlon's MSRs. I'd add this emulation to MAME also, but there is currently no i386 dynarec in MAME, and I'm frankly too intimidated by the sheer MAGNITUDE of changes needed to make that happen.
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) DarthMarino 01/16/20 12:05 AM
Great work (as always).

There are two versions of this game. "Another One Bites the Dust" was apparently removed in later releases due to the rights.

It might be worth seeing if JD's version is different though this is definitely the preferable one.
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Re: Atari 5200 Shoegazer 01/13/20 06:21 PM
Thanks Taf, so not all softlist roms tested but a-c at least, which I've summarized in this mametesters report. Feel free to modify the report as you see fit. I did get a few titles to work since my post above, as some actually start with the number pad which I hadn't previously realized (though it makes sense considering the host platform). Although, that still leaves only about 50% of the titles as actually playable which I think could be more accurately be documented as "imperfect" or "preliminary" status of the driver overall.

I also noticed this separate issue report providing exhaustive test suite results that also seem to support the need to bump status down.
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Re: Fairlight CMI Just Desserts 01/10/20 08:06 PM
Hej Tonhar,

No, I'm not Swedish, but I've lived in Sweden for the past 6 years.

What sort of response is the core program waiting for from the channel cards?
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Re: Flickering or Tearing with a specific game (twinsp Firehawke 01/10/20 12:45 AM
Most of the Arcade Archives stuff is by Gotch Technology, who has a pretty solid reputation. I rather doubt they're using MAME code wholesale, especially after Hamster previously got caught doing so in the PS2 era.
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Re: New dumps ssj 01/07/20 08:12 AM
A while back F1ReB4LL raised my attention to an obscure japanese handheld called Bandai Design Master, thanks to the help of a fellow contributor we recently managed to buy a couple of systems and a bunch of carts for it (almost all of them actually), Team Europe will be taking a stab at dumping some of them soon so hopefully this will mean another completely forgotten system will finally be preserved.
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Re: Moving Screen assignments The Flying Ape 01/07/20 02:09 AM
Interesting. The only thing I could find persistent were my preferences for the display layouts using xrandr in the script above:
$ xrandr --listactivemonitors
Monitors: 3
 0: +XWAYLAND2 1200/350x1920/540+0+1280  XWAYLAND2
 1: +XWAYLAND35 2560/600x1600/340+1200+0  XWAYLAND35
 2: +XWAYLAND36 2560/600x1600/340+1200+1600  XWAYLAND36

... and to parse X/Y to determine which one was the left, top, and bottom displays. The 4K displays are HDMI and are "disconnecting" when they go to sleep and re-register upon wake. The 2K display is DVI-D and pretty much remains static.
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Sony DTP-T1000 Development Tool info. Dullaron 01/06/20 12:23 AM

I left this link here. I don't know this is useful or not.

I deleted this from my bookmark folder.
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Re: Floppy sound emulation for Commodore 64 ? mizapf 01/01/20 01:01 PM
No, as it seems, the c1541.cpp needs a "connector.enable_sound(true);" in device_add_mconfig (after line 988).

(BTW, we need samples from the real 1541; the current samples are from another drive.)
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Re: How to install a scanline shader with MAME ? Sebiohazard 12/31/19 03:54 PM
I am in " Slider controls " but I have no options for the filters ???

[Linked Image from]
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Re: 'Twas The Night Before MAME - 2019 Edition Stiletto 12/27/19 10:54 PM

I love it! What a great Christmas gift! Thanks, Moogle!
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Re: how to configure the analog pedal in swa? R. Belmont 12/27/19 03:12 AM
Yeah, calling SWA playable in 0.217 is actually kinda borderline, there's no reasonable way to map the throttle to a real analog control right now.

But that's why there's monthly releases smile
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Re: MAME 0.217 Shideravan 12/25/19 04:27 PM
Great release! Thank you! And...
Merry Xmas for all the MAME devs and supporters smile
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