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05/26/19 09:27 PM
Regression seems to have occurred in between MAME 0.193 and MAME 0.196.

Debugger traces suggest this might have occurred with changes to the KR2376 keyboard encoder device (a91c079afb1db0e9644436624702cee84e97fa7f).

Indeed it was related to that commit. The keyboard inputs hadn't been actually hooked up to the device for z80netf.
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05/26/19 10:19 AM
There is a problem with how we handle the 3" floppy interface, I see problems accessing B: for the PCW driver, don't know if it is related but I plan to iron it out some rainy day with a logic analyzer and compare with how MAME handles it. It is related to disk select and the ready signals I suspect
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05/23/19 03:47 PM
Most of the settings aren't that obvious, because the NCR5380's simplicity means that the adapter has to work the poor host CPU a good bit harder. Some of the settings registers have only one or two functional bits; others are expected to contain one of several seemingly arbitrarily chosen values. There's one which gets individually read out from EEPROM into RAM but is completely ignored by the BIOS after that.

The ASC-88 User's Manual would probably give a meaningful overview of the card's capabilities, but that hasn't been found either.
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05/23/19 11:59 AM
Sorry, yes, I didn't bother to compute all of the K values for ROM 01 and ROM 03, I just went to megabytes. I will add the more detailed values in the future.
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05/22/19 12:50 PM
I think the best thing might be a conventional bezel. Something custom so that it can't look wrong. Same with the tabletop games. But for the panoramic ones, a logo and buttons should suffice. Nothing too fancy.
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05/19/19 03:11 AM
Most of the cards use NatSemi DP8390 and DP8390x - they're basically the famous ISA NE2000 with some glue to make it work on NuBus.
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Non-Windows MAME Support
05/16/19 08:06 PM
Thank you, I'll do my best to compile and run the next version of MAME under High Sierra.
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Non-Windows MAME Support
05/14/19 03:30 PM
SDL2 was originally supposed to have multiple keyboard support. It even had it briefly in the alphas, but it was buggy and they removed it because MAME was literally the only "customer" that needed it. Same for multiple mice. They've said it might come back in SDL 2.1, but who knows.
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05/13/19 09:19 PM
I'm not sure I understand. IRIX 6.5 is an entirely different version of IRIX than 5.3, so naturally there are small changes to the UX, like different backgrounds and different color schemes. And likewise, if what you installed on the emulated Indy was IRIX 5.3 (as it would have to be since it's all that worked until yesterday), it's not going to magically become IRIX 6.5 unless you create a new CHD and install IRIX 6.5 onto it.
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05/13/19 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by Golden Child

but what's interesting is that the a=ff gets executed immediately when you enter the wp command from the debugger console, which is definitely unexpected.

And feels like a bug. Interesting unexpected stuff may happen if you change pc in the expression smile
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05/12/19 08:24 PM
Habisoft emulated it in his Es.pectrum emulator:
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05/12/19 08:01 AM
Stalk - a Roguelike for the PDP-11(-clones). Inspired by the same book and movie as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Haven't played it much yet, but it feels appropriately deadly and user-unfriendly (only 6 items in the inventory, no identify, all scrolls, potions and wands are random, and so on).

[Linked Image]

(Killed by the hell slime)
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05/11/19 10:21 AM
There was a heavily modified Kaypro II on Ebay recently ...;nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true

There's a " 8" Interface Kaypro 8-84 Max Vers. 2 (c)1985 Micro Cornucopia" ROM shown. I've saved the pictures and put them in an archive on the FTP.
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05/09/19 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Pernod
So overall, how can a slot device directly access a device defined in the driver?

In general you pass a reference to the device to the slot device, the way some of the buses do with the CPU.
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05/07/19 09:42 PM
Great job! Congrats to all involved. I will make a post on atariage. It could motivate coleconut further.

Edit: and it seems that’s done already! Let’s see what happens next.
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05/05/19 06:27 PM
Thanks for the hint! Winimage worked fine with the DOS 2.00 images, and I could copy the files into the image.

PC-DOS 1.x images can't be read by Winimage, though. DOS source code ( gives a hint as to why this could be the case: "The third to the last switch, "O", causes FORMAT to produce an IBM Personal Computer DOS version 1.X compatible disk. Normally FORMAT causes a 0 byte to be placed in the first byte of each directory entry instead of the 0E5 Hex free entry designator."

I don't need to manipulate PC-DOS 1 images, though.
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Non-Windows MAME Support
05/05/19 11:48 AM
Yeah, I'm running the beta and MAME builds fine every time, so there's something weird and specific to your system going on. I'm glad you figured something out at least.
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05/01/19 09:36 AM
On devcb.h , you can find this code:

#if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__)
#if __GNUC__ >= 8
#endif // __GNUC__ >= 8
#endif // defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__)

As the compiler identifies as Clang, this code is not triggered.

For now, just adding:

after the previous code, will make MAME compile.

At least until this point:
Objective-C compiling 3rdparty/bgfx/src/
In file included from ../../../../../3rdparty/bgfx/src/
../../../../../3rdparty/bgfx/src/renderer_mtl.h:365:12: error: instance method '-setLabel:' not found
      (return type defaults to 'id') [-Werror,-Wobjc-method-access]
                                [m_obj setLabel:@(_label)];
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04/28/19 05:05 PM
Yesterday I created a video called "Loading and Saving Astrocade 'AstroBASIC' 'Tapes' using MAME Emulation." I uploaded it to various places today.



This tutorial explains how to load and save Bally BASIC programs in the Astrocade emulator in MAME. Specifically "AstroBASIC" programs are loaded on the emulated Bally Arcade/Astrocade console, a game system released in January of 1978. The steps required to get the MAME emulator up and running with the system ROMs are explained in a previous tutorial called "Setting up Astrocade Emulation Using MAME."

The main idea of this video is to get a user loading programs from "tape" (actually WAV files archived on as quickly as possible. After the instructions in the tutorial have been followed, any user of a Windows system that has at least version 0.208 of the MAME emulator setup can load and save software to and from "tape."

Some short examples from the following type-in programs are provided here:


1) 4D2 (Video Art, Machine Language)
2) Electronic Blanked (Video Art, BASIC)
3) M-III Plus (Video Art, BASIC)
4) The Pits (Game, BASIC)
5) Astro Zap 2000 (Game, BASIC)
6) MOD 2 (Graphic Demo, BASIC)


1) THANKS.WAV - A short 2-line BASIC Program that's supposed to say "THANKS, 'JUST DESSERTS!,' but I noticed just before uploading this video that I misspelled DESSERTS as DESSETS. No program runs without an error, right?

Note: Occasionally during this video, the screen "flashes." This doesn't happen when using the software. This is a side effect of the Open Broadcaster Software that I used to make this recording. Rest assured, when you run MAME and follow these steps your screen will have none of the flashing.

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Non-Windows MAME Support
04/28/19 12:23 AM
On my Fedora box the mouse wheel does nothing in MAME as GC indicates. I'll look into that.
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