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Re: Kim-Venture MarkB 09/26/21 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by TechnoBob
I appreciate any effort made on behalf of preserving this program!

Very welcome! I appreciate the effort that went into creating this in the first place!

I haven’t used MAME in a long time, but hopefully some of the others who were trying this game will be able to confirm if this version works ok.

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Re: amstrad pc 1512 Breiztiger 09/25/21 08:12 AM
mouse on pc1512 is db9
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Re: Atari 800 choplifter Golden Child 09/24/21 10:33 PM
thanks for the merge, RB!

so far I've found that

david's midnight magic
lode runner
diamond mine
Ultima IV

use the artifact colors

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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Re: The new for 2021 WIP thread Pernod 09/24/21 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
That's great! I was hoping that implementation would work for other hosts as well, but I'm really happy that it worked without any changes to the SDCard device.
I'm also looking at some devices that can use it, but need CMD10 implementing. The device is using SEND_CID to check the CRC to determine whether the card has been changed.
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Re: coco2 and imagewriter Vas Crabb 09/20/21 03:35 PM
I will make an RS232 patchbay device that lets you rewire the serial connections and plug in another device downstream at some point.
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Re: 8bit Apples - Apple I, II, /// and the 16 bit GS Golden Child 09/19/21 02:29 PM
Fun find of the day:

printing a mac screendump to an imagewriter:

caps-lock + command shift + 4

(don't know exactly, but no caps lock is just do current window?)

from Apple Macintosh Encyclopedia
By Gary Phillips

I like how he says "for screen dump, see screen (current) printed."

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Need help on the mirror effects on bgfx. Dullaron 09/19/21 06:19 AM
How come on the Punchout. This only works on the top screen. Not showing the bottom screen with it. Window mode. Single screen.

mame punchout -view Horizontal -bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom-deluxe,pillarbox_left_horizontal,pillarbox_right_horizontal -view0 Horizontal -bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom-deluxe,pillarbox_left_horizontal,pillarbox_right_horizontal

Is there away just do the bottom screen alone?
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Re: Trying to set up networking for cab linking wolfi 09/17/21 06:01 PM
Old, but works for me.,161667.0.html
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Re: The Sega Satan WIP/screenshot thread Kale 09/17/21 05:12 PM
Roadmap TODO:
- Convert CD-Block HLE logging to 2021;

- Fix remaining CD-Block HLE code smells;

- Add a CD-Block LLE stub driver (in etc folder?), having it disabled means that nobody will ever look at it.
iirc the comms with the actual CD drive uses serial, which should be already addressed by upcoming Phil B. SH1 changes?

- Fix CD-Block ISO9660 parsing: it just reads the first sector worth of files and forgets the rest.
This isn't an issue in most games, but the few that does access ID scopes outside the range (Sengoku Blade and Chaos Seed) are quite high profile too.

- Understand what exactly Amagi Shien and Game no Tatsujin 2 expects from the CD Block in order to not stall.
My gut instinct tells me that "PAUSE" should eventually become a "STANDBY", but if I have to follow docs waiting for default 180 seconds looks too overkill.
It would make much more sense to be 5 seconds instead?

- Retrieve VDP1 timings from games that clearly are doing the wrong fetch at the wrong time (examples: Druid, Elevator Action Returns, both D&D, Galaxy Fight)

- Understand the correct logic for VDP1 CEF / framebuffer swaps (Blazing Tornado bare Versus screen, Cyberbots, Doom)

- Understand what Sega was thinking in Greatest Nine '97 / '98 and correlated spin-offs when accessing the SMPC handshake bit after slave on command:
(pictured gnine98s, others behaves the same on different places)
060050DE: 6110 MOV.B   @R1,R1 ; $20100063
060050E0: 601C EXTU.B  R1,R0
060050E2: 8801 CMP/EQ  #$01,R0
060050E4: 89FE BT      $060050E4 ; delay slot? Just buggy and actually already cleared at this point?
060050E6: D103 MOV.L   @($000C,PC),R1 [060050F4]
060050E8: 2140 MOV.B   R4,@R1
060050EA: 6FE3 MOV     R14,R15
060050EC: 000B RTS
060050EE: 6EF6 MOV.L   @R15+,R14
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Re: BletchMAME 2.8 belegdol 09/16/21 03:15 PM
I am not sure - Fedora's QuaZip was fixed so that it can be installed, I guess other distributions are going to take care of that as well at some point.
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Re: Request: Casio SA-series keyboards =CO=Windler 09/16/21 04:52 AM
I read people are working on Casio keyboard emulation. Here is a list of Casio & Yamaha patent numbers and their meanings I had identified. (Websearch the patent numbers to read the texts.)


1000p digital tuning control_US4484506.pdf
1000p envelope control system_US4453440.pdf
1000p tone colour setting_US4538495.pdf
accompaniment algorithm_US5003860.pdf
accompaniment ending_US4646610.pdf
accompaniment (multitimbrale)_US4282788.pdf
accompaniment principal tone recognition_US4896576.pdf
accomp+rhythm (programmable fill-ins)_US4344345.pdf
any key play_US5085117.pdf
Automatic composer_EP0288800A2.pdf
automatic composer with input motif_US4926737.pdf
automatic melody composer_US5375501.pdf
automatic realtime composer_US5451709.pdf
autoplay&accomp with image display_US5391828.pdf
autoplay note duration (midi)_US4662261.pdf
autoplay to cdrom_US5138925.pdf
autoplay to cd_US5313011.pdf
autoplay with image display_US5453568.pdf
barcode rhythm_US4464966.pdf
beat detector (tempo control)_US5256832.pdf
case construction_US5164528.pdf
chord play key recognition_US4499807.pdf
chord progression algorithm_US5052267.pdf
chord progression recognition_US5218153.pdf
chord progression recognition_US5302777.pdf
chord progression tonality_US5179241.pdf
chord rhythm recognition_US4656911.pdf
combined tone generator_US5340938.pdf
composing algorithm (fugue etc.)_US5235125.pdf
CPU controlled instrument (organ_q)_US4502359.pdf
CT-201 demo note & layering generator_US4387619.pdf
CT-201 key sound select & generator_US4348932.pdf
CT-201 tone bank & tone memory_US4283983.pdf
CT-7000 stereo panning_US4577540.pdf
CT-701 barcode keyboard_US4422361.pdf
CT-701 barcode keylighting_US4437378.pdf
CT-701 CPU controlled instrument_US4534257.pdf
CT-701 sequencer autoplay_US4876938.pdf
CT-701 sequencer edit_US4622879.pdf
delay trigger function_US4901616.pdf
DG-20 construction_US5072643.pdf
DG-20 electronic stringed instrument_US4817484.pdf
DG-20 electronic stringed instrument_US5113742.pdf
DG-20_envelope follower instrument_US5147970.pdf
DG-20 input pitch processing_EP0493374A2.pdf
DG-20 pitch extraction_US5018428.pdf
DG-20 string vibration sensor_US5014588.pdf
DH-100 air flow response instrument_US4915008.pdf
DH-100 pitch alteration_US4939975.pdf
DH-100 pitch data delay_US4919032.pdf
DH-100 timbre switching_US5069106.pdf
digital cutoff filter_US5140541.pdf
digital cutoff filter_US5255215.pdf
digital cutoff gain filter_US5270954.pdf
digital instrument architecture_US4437377.pdf
digital pitch shifter_US5367118.pdf
digital resonance filter_US4489391.pdf
digital variable filter_US5157623.pdf
dsp program load (sample-clocked)_US5590364.pdf
effect addition apparatus_US4998281.pdf
effect combination algorithm (compiler-like)_US5410603.pdf
electronic drumkit_US4781097.pdf
electronic drumkit_US5009146.pdf
electronic drum_US4947725.pdf
electronic mouth organ (harmonica)_US4566363.pdf
electronic mouth organ (harmonica)_US4619175.pdf
electronic musical instrument_US4419919.pdf
electronic trombone_US5149904.pdf
Envelope control (exponential)_US4426904.pdf
envelope control (exponential)_US4426904.txt
envelope generator (sine components)_US4961364.pdf
envelope mandolin ring_US4537110.pdf
fast keyboard matrix_US5151554.pdf
foreign_Computerized system (key debounce etc.)_US4121284.htm
foreign_Computer system architecture_US4371923.htm
foreign_Single chip computer architecture_US4942516.htm
FZ-1 sampling waveforms_US5371315.pdf
FZ-1 wavetable generator_US5123322.pdf
FZ-8M midi expander (play modes)_US5206446.pdf
improved input device (overlay+LCD)_US4440057.pdf
input pitch recognition_US4924746.pdf
instrument with data modification_US4920850.pdf
karaoke tempo_US5272273.pdf
keyboard construction (plastic case)_US5164528.pdf
key scaling_US4854209.pdf
KX-101 datasette random_US4656535.pdf
KX-101 datasette_US4615024.pdf
LED matrix drive control_US4422365.pdf
Long duration aperiodic waveform generator_US4442745.pdf
melody analyzer_US5088380.pdf
melody guide tempo recognition_US4651612.pdf
mesh pattern music algorithm (QR code)_US5042079.pdf
mesh pattern music algorithm (QR code)_US5591957.pdf
modulation effect (delay LFO)_US5243658.pdf
MT-40 accompaniment (bass pattern generator)_US4561338.pdf
MT-540 effect tone generator_EP0322871B1.htm
MT-540 effect tone generator_EP0322871B1.pdf
MT-65_accompaniment switches_US4624170.pdf
MT-65 tone generator_US4590838.pdf
MT-750 tone mix synth_US5044251.pdf
MT-750 tone mix synth_US5177314.pdf
one-key-play accompaniment timing_US4630518.pdf
panning (group control)_US5127306.pdf
PCM extracting envelope data_US4958552.pdf
PCM Musical waveform generator_US5103711.htm
PCM Musical waveform generator_US5103711.pdf
PCM polyphony multitasking_US5442125.pdf
PCM tone generator (delay+autoreset)_US5283386.pdf
PCM tone waveform algorithm_EP0463411A2.pdf
PCM waveform compression (better ADPCM)_US5323154.pdf
PCM waveform processing (softsynth)_US5319151.pdf
PCM waveform processing (with effects)_US5283387.pdf
PCM with sub-CPUs+effects_US5541360.pdf
PCM with sub-CPUs (softsynth)_US5200564.pdf
PCM with sub-CPUs (softsynth)_US5584034.pdf
PD electronic musical instrument_USRE34481.pdf
PD musical instrument (triangular modulation)_US5164530.htm
PD musical instrument (triangular modulation)_US5164530.pdf
PD musical instrument (triangular modulation)_US5268528.pdf
PD noise modulation cymbal generator_US4656428.pdf
PD user presets_US5040448.pdf
PD waveform frequency generator (window function)_US4658691.pdf
PD waveform generator (only 1 line)_US5038661.pdf
pedal tone control_US4909119.pdf
percussion stick instrument_US4995294.pdf
percussion waveform+envelope_US4586416.pdf
piano pedal effects_EP0312062B1.htm
pitchbend smooth timbre change (splitzone crossfade)_US5069105.pdf
polyphonic instrument (scheduler)_US5007323.pdf
polyphonic instrument (scheduler)_US5054358.pdf
power saving_US4419917.pdf
Programmable voice memory (Allen)_US4147083.htm
PT-30 chord buttons_US4539882.pdf
PT-30 datasette sequencer_US4614983.pdf
PT-30 sequencer edit_US4633751.pdf
Ralph Deutsch_Computor Organ (Allen)_US3809786.pdf
Ralph Deutsch_Polyphonic tone synthesizer_US4085644.pdf
random LFO modulations_US5298676.pdf
RAP-10 case design_USD342274.pdf
resampling synth (effector)_US4864625.pdf
resampling synth (effector)_US5050216.pdf
resampling synth_US5025700.pdf
resampling synth_US5136912.pdf
rhythm intro-fill-in_US4643068.pdf
rhythm programming_US4481853.pdf
rhythm tempo compensation_US4674384.pdf
ROM-Pack+key lighting_US4694723.pdf
ROM-Pack sequencer_US4624171.pdf
ROM-Pack sequencer_USRE33607.pdf
SA-40 dial controlled autoplay_US5350882.pdf
sample rom-ram transfer_US4785707.pdf
sequencer algorithm (data format)_US5672837.pdf
sequencer autoplay algorithm_US4602546.pdf
sequencer autoplay chord algorithm_US4655112.pdf
sequencer autoplay loop point_US4662262.pdf
sequencer autoplay rhythm algorithm_US4683794.pdf
sequencer autoplay to cdrom (sound+pictures)_US5397853.pdf
sequencer autoplay to cdrom_US5189237.pdf
sequencer autoplay to cd_US5299181.pdf
sequencer conductor baton_US4341140.pdf
sequencer keyboard (any key play section)_US4522100.pdf
sequencer keyboard (any key play section)_US4594931.pdf
sequencer keyboard (keysplit,any key play)_US4476766.pdf
sequencer keyboard (volume any key play section)_US4361067.htm
sequencer keyboard (volume any key play section)_US4361067.pdf
sequencer natural autoplay (note correction)_US5254803.pdf
sequencer PDA (write recognition)_US5665927.pdf
sequencer rhythm+melody sync algorithm_US4742748.pdf
SK-1 sampling_US4667556.pdf
sound generation package (expansion cards)_US5020410.pdf
Sound generator US patent 4590838.txt
sound source (polyphony scheduler)_US5025701.pdf
SS-1 SoundStick_US5157213.pdf
SS-1 SoundStick_US5350881.pdf
stereo symphonic (panning)_US4648115.pdf
SuperDrums drumpad keyboard_US4757736.pdf
SuperDrums drumpad keyboard_US4972755.pdf
SuperDrums rhythm tracks_US4685370.pdf
Symphonytron hybrid instrument_US4617851.pdf
Symphonytron hybrid instrument_US4635519.pdf
Symphonytron Music playing system (CIDI_q)_US4700604.pdf
synchro start_US4413543.pdf
tone data compressing (upper DAC bit shift)_US4414878.pdf
tone generation (interpolating)_US4479411.pdf
tone parameter control_US5010801.pdf
tone scale generator_US4332181.pdf
toy keyboard with floating ball_US5381719.pdf
transform musical notes_US4664010.pdf
transpose to cd_US5159141.pdf
VA-10 dual-effect keyboard_US5463691.pdf
VA-10 modulation with voice_US5157215.pdf
VA-10 note detection_US5202528.pdf
VA-10 pitch extraction (zero-point detection) US5349130.pdf
VA-10_q melody analyzer (accompaniment)_US5510572.pdf
VA-10 voice controlled instrument_US4633748.pdf
variable length data processing_US4975835.pdf
velocity envelope generator_US4655114.pdf
velocity glide effect_US4699037.pdf
velocity instrument_US4599930.pdf
velocity instrument_US4875400.pdf
velocity instrument_US5018430.pdf
velocity (multiplexed)_US4506581.pdf
velocity (nonlinear DAC)_US4627325.pdf
velocity portamento_US4700605.pdf
VL-1 rhythm_US4478123.pdf
VL-1 sequencer_US4448104.pdf
VL-1 tone generating function_US4475429.pdf
waveform compression (from DAT)_US5329062.pdf
waveform compression pitch extraction_US5018427.pdf
waveform data generator_US4612839.pdf
waveform data read signal_US4563932.pdf
waveform DC removal_US4538496.pdf
waveform dual-port ram_US4805509.pdf
waveform generator (breath input)_US5018429.pdf
waveform info generator_US4562763.pdf
waveform interpolation (sine lookup)_US4718030.pdf
waveform normalizer_US4691608.pdf
ZZ-1 sampling instrument (touch response)_US5160798.pdf
ZZ-1 sampling instrument_US4681008.pdf

And this is Yamaha:

accompaniment bass+chord_US4184401.pdf
accompaniment (manual+automatic)_US4339978.pdf
antialiased resampling_US4701956.pdf
antialiasing waveform_US4942799.pdf
automatic composer_US4399731.pdf
Automatic performance device_US4307644.htm
combined tone generator (FM+PCM)_US5094136.pdf
combined tone generator (FM+PCM)_US5354948.pdf
Computerized music apparatus (modular SW)_EP0730260B1.htm
digital effect device_US4472993.pdf
digital filter_US4554858.pdf
digital instrument_US4351220.pdf
digitally calculating harmonics_US4132140.pdf
dual static waveform_US4635520.pdf
dual waveform generator_US4890527.pdf
Electronic musical instrument_USRE30834.pdf
Elektronisches musikinstrument_DE2202658A1.htm
equally spaced binary note codes_US4351212.pdf
FM modulation operation_US4766795.pdf
FM tone generator_US4253367.pdf
foreign_emulate FM sound IC_US6051772.html
foreign_emulate FM sound IC_US6051772.pdf
foreign_tone generator (digital portamento)_US4198892.pdf
harmonic synthesis (coefficient samples)_US4646612.pdf
harmonic synthesis instrument_US4256004.pdf
harmonic synthesis instrument_US4386547.pdf
HS-500_instrument with games_US4453439.pdf
HS-500_musical quiz_US4781099.pdf
IC testing_US5793219.pdf
instrument with cpu_USRE31004.pdf
instrument with digital filter_US4841828.htm
keyboard percussion accents_US4704932.pdf
key code data generator_US4228712.pdf
MP-1 score printer algorithm_US4485716.pdf
multi-CPU RAM access_US5376750.pdf
multiplex notes&voices in e-organ_US3610799.pdf
Musical tone synth (sound IC with DMA)_US5200565.pdf
partial synthesis instrument_US4257303.pdf
partial synthesis instrument_US4343218.pdf
Performance data processing_US4602544.pdf
physical modelling (conversion tables)_US5286914.pdf
Playcard algorithm (start point)_US4454797.pdf
Playcard algorithm_US4466324.pdf
Playcard algorithm with subroutines_US4387620.pdf
Playcard chord data US4587878.pdf
Playcard_note lengths zip_US4406203.pdf
Playcard slot_US4413545.pdf
Playcard system_US5144875.pdf
play training system_US4378720.pdf
polyphony channel dynamic allocation_US5119710.htm
PSS-104_function cards_US5300723.pdf
PSS-110_speaking instrument_US4733591.pdf
sampling instrument_US4696214.pdf
sampling tone generator_US4947723.pdf
sequencer (playback)_US4417494.pdf
sequencer tempo control_US4432266.pdf
sequencer tempo follow-up_US4402244.pdf
single chip CPU with DSP_US5567900.pdf
slur effect (portamento)_US4920851.pdf
special tone generator_US4402245.pdf
tone forming apparatus (toys_q)_EP0410475B1.pdf
tone generator (dual static waveform_q)_EP0167847B1.pdf
tone generator_(dual waveform) EP0174547B1.pdf
tone wave generator_US4179972.htm
touch response algorithm (velocity)_US4972753.htm
toy instrument blocks_US4936185.pdf
wave computation (softsynth_q)_US4616546.pdf
waveform compression_US4916996.pdf
waveform crossfade instrument_US4138915.pdf
waveform memory tone generator_US4377960.pdf
waveform mixing_US4227435.htm
waveform stereo effect_US5099739.pdf
waveshape generator (additive)_US3823390.pdf
waveshape generator (linear interpolating)_US4036096.pdf
waveshape memory instrument_US4133242.pdf
waveshape memory_US4974485.pdf
wavetable attack sample_US4706537.pdf
wavetable generator (random)_US4785702.pdf
wavetable generator_US4584921.pdf
wavetable (random percussion start)_US4524666.pdf
wavetable synth (user programmable)_US4461199.pdf

                        MAY THE SOFTWARE BE WITH YOU!

I                  CYBERYOGI Christian Oliver(=CO=) Windler                  I
I         (teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion!)          I
I                                      !                                     I
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Re: ins8250 update_msr crazyc 09/16/21 01:13 AM
That's probably right, although the loopback mode probably shouldn't be excluded. Writing the msr don't use update_msr so the pcjr (which appears to be the only machine which writes the msr in POST) shoudn't be affected.
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Re: time in debugger Golden Child 09/12/21 12:33 AM
since I'm experimenting, why not have a function for giving the clock rate and also the time as a number of clocks. It gets kind of fiddly doing the calculations by hand.

	symtable.add("cpunum", std::bind(&debugger_commands::get_cpunum, this));
	symtable.add("time", std::bind(&debugger_commands::get_cputime_secs, this));
	symtable.add("timens", std::bind(&debugger_commands::get_cputime_ns, this));
	symtable.add("timeclocks", std::bind(&debugger_commands::get_cputime_as_clocks, this));
	symtable.add("clock", std::bind(&debugger_commands::get_clock, this));

u64 debugger_commands::get_cputime_as_clocks()
	return u64(m_console.get_visible_cpu()->machine().time().as_double() * m_console.get_visible_cpu()->clock());

u64 debugger_commands::get_clock()
	return u64(m_console.get_visible_cpu()->clock());

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Anyone else having this issue? Dullaron 09/11/21 01:55 AM
Microsoft Defender messing with it. Warning pop up for the first time.
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Re: Ubuntu 21.04. can't use BGFX anymore as of 0.235 belegdol 09/10/21 08:13 PM
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Re: Requirements? bsdimp 09/07/21 12:46 AM
Woot. Just won 80 rainbow disks... I'll post when they arrive and I've read them in
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Re: a500 -debug doesn't seem to work Golden Child 09/05/21 11:47 PM
Thanks for having a look, AJR!
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Re: Changing a periodic timer's rate? Golden Child 09/05/21 04:04 AM
Ok, I didn't realize there was a distinction between the two. I see the word timer and I think they're equivalent.

The imagewriter uses 2 different clock rates, one for 9600 and 2400 baud, and one that's 1/8th that rate for 1200 and 300.

So I put a counter in for the other rate that basically delays the clock signal for 8 counts. That seems to work fine:

Here's c64 printing at 300 baud (seems to work on initial testing):

./mame c64 -user rs232 -user:rs232:rs232 imagewriter

100  OPEN 1,2,0,CHR$(6) 

200  FOR A = 1 TO 20 : PRINT#1,"LINE";A;
210  FOR I=32 TO 96 : PRINT#1,CHR$(I); : NEXT I :
220  PRINT#1,"" : NEXT A

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]

changing the baud rate dip switches, resetting the printer, and then
open 1,2,0,chr$(6) for 300 baud
chr$(8) for 1200 baud
chr$(10) for 2400 baud
(c64 doesn't support 9600 baud) (I think NI means not implemented)

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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Re: 8085 sid pin status debugger display R. Belmont 09/04/21 05:41 PM
I think the correct fix is just to call get_rim_value() and mask out the bits that aren't IM_SID, based on what the other code's doing.

Something like m_ietemp = ((get_rim_value() & IM_SID) == IM_SID);
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Re: MAME 0.235 Just Desserts 08/31/21 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
There wasn't a discussion until people repeatedly engaged. There's a reason "don't feed the trolls" is the oldest rule of the Internet.

Either do your job as a moderator and moderate, or appoint someone who will, then. Miss me with your "a bloo bloo censorship" nonsense.
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) ssj 08/30/21 06:34 PM
Nice to see Basketball 3 got dumped and added, thanks to everyone involved. Now only Pac-Man missing to finish off the Select-A-Game system. Did Rik ever send the game to Kevtris?
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