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Re: 8bit Apples - Apple I, II, /// and the 16 bit GS Golden Child 10/29/20 02:10 AM
And I thought, well Coleco Smartbasic is pretty similar to Applesoft (by design) so if I change a couple of lines it will work.

Hplot coordinates go from 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 279

/mame64 adam -cass1 smartbas

       190 IF SF=0 THEN POKE 25471,15:HGR : SF=1 : REM CLEAR SCREEN TO WHITE 255 
        240  HCOLOR = 0 : FOR X = X1 TO X2-1 : HPLOT X,Y TO X,Y+Y1 : NEXT : X = X2 

[Linked Image from]
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Re: UFO interior? No, a Dutch CP/M machine ... R. Belmont 10/28/20 08:12 PM
Those are neat looking machines. Definitely need artwork, since otherwise they're relatively normal CP/M boxes smile
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MAME 0.226 Vas Crabb 10/28/20 12:15 AM
MAME 0.226

You know what day it is? It’s MAME 0.226 day! A lot has happened in this development cycle, and plenty of it is worth getting excited about! First of all, there’s a change that affects all systems with keyboard inputs, including most computers. MAME now allows you to activate and deactivate keyboard and keypad inputs per emulated device in the Keyboard Mode menu. When a system has multiple keyboards (for example a computer with a terminal connected to a serial port), you can choose which keyboard you want to type on rather than effectively typing on all the keyboards at once. If a system has multiple devices with keyboard inputs, MAME will start with only one enabled by default. Sadly, MAME doesn’t have mind-reading capabilities yet, so it may not always choose the keyboard you want to type on. If you find you can’t type on an emulated computer, check that the right keyboard is enabled in the Keyboard Mode menu.

Another batch of layout/artwork system updates are ready this month. More image formats are supported, several long-standing alignment and clipping bugs have been fixed, more parameter animation features are available, and external artwork loads faster. Lots of systems using built-in layouts look prettier, but Cosmo Gang probably shows the biggest improvement in this release (yes, the electromechanical redemption game). Try it out in MAME 0.226, and maybe do a before/after comparison to see how far we’ve come.

Apple II systems have seen some significant development this month. Firstly, a number of issues with demos using raster split effects have been fixed. The Apple II has no hardware support for raster effects, so these demos rely on open bus read behaviour to work out what the video hardware is doing. Getting this to work requires precise emulation of memory access timings. Secondly, two parallel printer cards are now working: Orange Micro’s popular Grappler+ and Apple’s Parallel Interface Card. The Grappler+ is well-supported by Apple II software and provides a better out-of-the-box experience if you want to try one of them.

Sega’s Tranquillizer Gun was a somewhat ambitious title for 1980, but was largely overlooked at the time. It’s finally fully emulated in MAME, with audio emulation and protection simulation being added in this release. We’ve also added support for Must Shoot TV, an unreleased prototype developed at Incredible Technologies. Step into the shoes of disgruntled ITS Cable employee Chuck and go on a rampage!

Far more has been added this month than we can cover in detail here, like another batch of TV games (including several Vs Maxx titles), support for Mattel Aquarius CAQ format cassette images, and working Sega Mega Play games. You can read all the updates in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

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crt-geom-alternative-downloads page update today. Dullaron 10/27/20 04:07 PM

I converted into new Google website from the old Google website. Now the pictures are showing on the page.

Let me know you guys want me to add or change something. smile
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Re: Help on vertical Lynx games smario 10/27/20 12:58 PM
Thanks for the fast reply, that's very helpful and surely will do the trick!

Do you also know of a (more elegant) way which sets the correct (game-specific) rotation on start-up? That would be the ideal solution in my case.

Thanks again!

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Re: New dumps R. Belmont 10/26/20 05:47 PM
Thanks Rayner! That's not too surprising - most Dick Smith machines were rebadges of Asian clones from what I've been able to tell.
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Re: print out CLI options for slots configuration Golden Child 10/26/20 02:49 PM
And if you want all of the specified slot options, how about a slotoptionsfull:

machine_type.set("slotoptions", sol::property([this](running_machine &r) {
			std::string result;
			for (device_slot_interface &slot : slot_interface_iterator(r.root_device()))
				if (slot.has_selectable_options())
					std::string specified_value = machine().options().slot_option(slot.slot_name()).specified_value();
					if ("")) != 0)
						result += (std::string("-")+std::string(slot.slot_name())+" "+
			return result;

	machine_type.set("slotoptionsfull", sol::property([this](running_machine &r) {
			std::string result;
			for (device_slot_interface &slot : slot_interface_iterator(r.root_device()))
//				if (slot.has_selectable_options())
						result += (std::string("-")+std::string(slot.slot_name())+" "+
			return result;

and trying it out:

[MAME]> print(manager:machine().slotoptions)
-board3:ide:ide:1 hdd
-board4:lpt:lpt:centronics ap2000

[MAME]> print(manager:machine().slotoptionsfull)
-kbd ms_naturl
-board1 fdcsmc
-board1:fdcsmc:fdc:0 35hd
-board1:fdcsmc:fdc:1 35hd
-board2 comat
-board2:comat:serport0 logitech_mouse
-board3 ide
-board3:ide:ide:0 hdd
-board3:ide:ide:1 hdd
-board4 lpt
-board4:lpt:lpt:centronics ap2000
-isa1 svga_et4k


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Re: Ap2000 signs of life Golden Child 10/23/20 06:13 PM
Just for fun, fiddling with the cpc6128 and the ap2000:

You can print to the printer with PRINT #8,"HELLO"
or LIST #8

     70 CLS
     80 PRINT "TESTING printerp01 PRINTER PAC II"
     81 ?
     85 PRINT "startup with printerp01"
     86 ?
     95 PRINT "type RUN "CHR$(34)"PP2 enter"
     96 ?
     99 FOR J = 1 TO 5
    100  FOR I=32 TO 127:?CHR$(I);:NEXT:PRINT
    110 NEXT
    120 |DUMP

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
and you can adjust the colors with

INK 0,0 makes color 0 black
INK 3,26 makes color 3 white
INK 3,27 makes color 3 grey
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Re: SVN builds - new driver flood Just Desserts 10/22/20 11:07 PM
"You MUST shoot the TV!"

"I CAN'T shoot the TV!"

"You MUST shoot the TV!"

"I CAN'T shoot the TV!"

"...I'll shoot the TV!"

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: apple2e driver and .woz images - disk IO Shoegazer 10/22/20 05:34 PM
Thanks OG, I'm sure that would help these cases. Whatever time you can spare is always appreciated.
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Re: BBC Tube WIP Pernod 10/22/20 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Lord Nightmare
The Concept keyboard is a similar 8x16 grid to the membrane keyboard on the HandiVoice HC110, so whatever you come up with I may end up borrowing the code from to finish the HandiVoice input.


I think you should already be able to implement this with clickable artwork, just create an internal layout of the keyboard (tedious but worthwhile) and assign the clickable areas with inputtag and inputmask matching the INPUT_PORTS of the machine.

My issues are due to using artwork with a slot device rather than the machine.

Edit: How complete is hc110? If it's just wanting an interface then I could be tempted to do an initial artwork, whilst I'm into it.
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Re: Mouse buttons 2 and 3 swapped? Vas Crabb 10/20/20 01:45 AM
Oh wait, that’s not what it is. I dunno, anyway, it’s something about double-clicking rather than using the key assigned to it that upsets it.
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Re: QMC2 and QT5.11+ stablerom 10/18/20 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by Shoegazer
Update: Having recently updated to Linux Mint 20, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and uses Qt 5.12.8 by default, I was able to install the necessary qt5 packages that resolve the issue I encountered above, and now qmc2 compiles. Specifically, those packages are libqt5webkit5-dev and libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev in case it helps anyone else.

Thank you for this info. I confirm that QMC2 builds successfully on Ubuntu 20.04 (Kubuntu for me). I built QMC2 version 0.218 (02-FEB-2020).
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Re: Question: changing years on systems release. That70sguy 10/10/20 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by AJR
The physical equivalents of the "DCE-DCE Bridge" probably predate 1978 by many years (RS-232 goes back to 1962), but they wouldn't be so much machines as connector cables.

EIA RS-232-C (1969) "Interface Between Data Terminal Equipment and Data Communication Equipment Employing Serial Binary Data Interchange" - From Wikipedia

Other Possible dates:
westernElectric modems 1964

westernElectric modems 1972

DECcommEquipment RS-232b 1967

computerworld RS-232b 1969

byte magazine RS-232c 1977

RS-232 Modems or Modems:
The Bell 103A standard was introduced by AT&T in 1962.
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Re: Siemens PC-D anyfoo 10/09/20 10:31 PM
I mean I'm not sure how much I like that theory myself. If you indeed have to select the task width with that jumper in the middle of the board, I don't think we have seen any effort to detect a misconfiguration and an effort to fail gracefully anywhere. Booting SINIX 1.2 on a machine configured for SINIX 1.0 (or vice versa) just fails in super ugly ways, hanging in random looking fault loops or dropping you into the monitor eventually (I think variations of that is what we've seen).

Even in an effort to spare a register for configuration through the OS, they could at least have made the jumpered value readable in software.

But this brings me to one possibility that I don't think is out of the question yet: Recall that the MMU self test uses a task width that is different from both what SINIX 1.0 and SINIX 1.2 use, which makes the whole thing all the more confounding, but also makes it necessary to always set the DIP switch that supposedly indicates whether the MMU is not present in order to skip the otherwise failing MMU self test.

Maybe that DIP switch is not actually indicating presence of the MMU, or just there to skip the MMU self test (since it definitely does not *disable* the MMU). Maybe instead the DIP switches actually configure the MMU, and the self test then just skips the MMU test if the DIP switches do not indicate the right configuration for how the test was written.

If so, it's still weird/unfortunate that SINIX, unlike the MMU self test, does not appear to check the MMU configuration on the DIP switches (though I am not actually 100% sure that SINIX doesn't do that), but I guess it could make slightly more sense?

It's also weird of course that the MMU self test only appears to work in a configuration that does not seem to be valid for either OS version. This all smells like SIEMENS could have changed plans a few times during development.
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Re: [Mame] excting soccer 2 caius 10/09/20 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by Haze
Alright, well given that we're using the same PROMs from the PCB now, and the 3rd match palette doesn't corrupt on the PCB, then yes, it seems a MAME bug, maybe the theory about the palette bank being used is correct. Thank you for testing, it's good to have the original reference.

You are welcome!I can confirm the BPROMs dumps are good, I dumped the devices three times with different programmers and I got always the same CRCs

Originally Posted by Haze

The extra rows of cheerleaders look intentional based on my own study of the code, there's code that loops around based on the number of goals you've scored, up to a limit of what can be shown on screen. I can't give caius an easy test for this, because the code does seem to have additional checks (involving the protection device) against modification, even if you match the checksum or patch out the initial checksum.

I put all my effort into it but, me bad, I was not able to score a goal:(
Anyway, I can keep the board still for some time so feel free to ask about further checking
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Re: BletchMAME 2.2 Monotremata 10/08/20 01:18 AM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
--attach-window was fixed for non-Windows a while ago. MAME itself compiles and runs on Big Sur fine with Xcode 12 with the caveat that Metal rendering broke so you have to -video opengl. I'm not sure yet if it's SDL or BGFX's fault.

Ahh, that shows how out of it I am, I didn't even know it was using Metal nowadays! I haven't built my own in so long, Ive just been using NegaMAME for awhile now since I use Negatron as my front end. If I use good old vanilla I just grab it from Im guessing the reason it hasn't crashed on me is because Negatron is set to openGL in the prefs..
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Re: ex- USSR and Soviet Bloc hardware shattered 10/05/20 11:30 AM
Rather hilarious commentary on state of technical manuals in 1980s (from a trade magazine in 1985), lightly edited google translation:

It is known that some use microchips, others write books or articles about this process. In keeping with the fashion for various tests, I tried to compose a test for early detection of penchant for writing in this area. So, if you answer all the questions, you will surely know if you should write.

1. Is it necessary to know to which pins the power is connected to use the microchip? Required - 0 points, optional - 1 point.
2. Is it necessary to know its load capacity to use a logic chip, for example, a bus driver? How else? - 0 points. Somehow useless - 1 point.
3. If a chip with an open collector output has a maximum allowable voltage at this output of 6 V, can 15 V be applied to it? Of course not - 0 points. I applied and still works - 1 point.
4. Do you know how you can use the schematic diagram of an operational amplifier to apply it? It's impossible - 0 points. Why use them? - 1 point.
5. Which operational amplifier has higher slew rate of output voltage: the one for which it is 0.5 V / μs, or the one for which it was omitted? I wish I knew - 0 points. Is it so necessary to know? - 1 point.
6. Which RAM with a capacity of 1Kx1 is better for the user: with the organization 64x16 or 32x32? What's the difference? - 0 points. I know, but I won't tell anyone - 1 point.
7. Is it worth writing about how you managed to develop a microcomputer using KR580 chipset [MCS80 clone] without using the clock generator, system controller, interrupt controller? It's not literate - 0 points. And if the author did not have these chips in the cupboard - 1 point.
8. Should it be considered normal that for about half of the chips distributed centrally in 1986, there is no information in the corresponding reference books (for example, out of 44 types of operational amplifiers, there is information only about 18)? This is an outrage - 0 points. Let's wait another five years - 1 point.

If you got 0 points in total, you are probably an electronic equipment designer; if 8 points, you are a born author of literature on the use of microcircuits; if from 1 to 7 points, then you need to study a lot to become either a designer or a writer.
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MAME 0.225 Vas Crabb 09/29/20 11:41 PM
MAME 0.225

Whether it’s the Autumn harvest moon, or the ornamental plum blossoms are blowing in the Spring breeze, it’s time for something special: MAME 0.225 is out today! We’ve got some big updates that benefit everyone! First of all, MAME’s sound output system has been overhauled, with better sample rate conversion and mixing. This makes pretty much everything sound sweeter, but on top of that, the Votrax SC-01 speech synthesiser has been tuned up. Does anyone here speak Q*Bertese? SC-01 speech has been added to the Apple II Mockingboard card, too. While we’re talking about Apple II cards, Rhett Aultman has ported the CS8900A Crystal LAN Ethernet controller from VICE, allowing MAME to emulate the a2RetroSystems Uthernet card.

Other across-the-board enhancements include more artwork system features (you’ll start to see this show up in external artwork soon), an option to reduce repeated warnings about imperfectly emulated features, and several internal improvements to make development simpler. Significant newly emulated system features include the Philips P2000T’s cassette drive from Erwin Jansen, the Acorn BBC Micro Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard, internal boot ROM support for the WonderSwan hand-helds, and initial support for the NS32000 CPU.

Newly emulated systems include several TV games from MSI based on arcade titles, a couple of Senario Double Dance Mania titles, Sun Mixing’s elusive Super Bubble Bobble, a location test version of Battle Garegga, a couple more versions of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and three more Street Fighter II': Champion Edition bootlegs. Some of the immediately noticeable fixes this month include 15-bit graphics mode refinements for FM Towns from r09, gaps in zoomed sprites on Data East MLC and Seta 2 fixed by cam900, Galaga LED outputs lost during refactoring restored, and clickable artwork remaining clickable when rotated.

As always, we can only fit a few highlights here, but you can read all the updates in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

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