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Re: Any future updates to M1? Dodg 07/22/24 02:40 PM
Update: I've managed to get the command line version built and working, sort of:

[Linked Image from]

I've tested with Hot Chase, Cyberbots, Aggressors of Dark Kombat and Godzilla (pinball machine) so far and only the first songs as the key commands don't appear to be working, but I definitely hear some sound! I had to comment-out some code in roms.c that was causing an illegal hardware instruction error, and also remove the reference to the lasound library in the make file before it would build. I only have SDL 2 on my machine but this doesn't seem to be an issue. Using pulseaudio didn't work even though I have the library installed, so I'll stick with SDL for the moment.

Batman - Revenge of the Joker (Genesis game) gives me a segmentation fault. The fm2612.c file does not appear to be being included in the build, so I'll ignore these games for the moment as I presume it's related to this file.
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Re: 2024: When Progress Comes Along, You Must WIP It Just Desserts 07/21/24 06:25 PM
"Come On Music"? I like music a lot, but jeez.
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Re: Question about pecom32 / pecom64 Folly 07/20/24 08:44 PM
Not needed anymore I found the answer in the source of pecom.cpp.

- Cassette: can load its own recordings, but not those from software list
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Re: NLQ401 printer Golden Child 07/20/24 07:20 PM
I've been studying the MPS-1230 a little bit and it looks possible.

The schematic's a little confusing but it looks like it drives the carriage motor left and right with PA0 and PA1 and uses an encoder to detect the movement which sets off interrupts, as opposed to using a stepper motor. I think PA4-PA7 drive the LF motor.

There's accesses in E000-E009 range which must go to the gate array, but that's completely undocumented.

The PEEK rom version has a checksum that will pass if we change the memory map to go up to bfff. The upper areas of the rom is filled with FF.

0000bff0 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 17 |................|
0000c000 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff |................|
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Re: Question about mounting ISO images mhoes 07/19/24 12:09 PM
That's good to hear. Thanks for the info and the update. I'll crawl back under my rock now. wink
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Re: Trouble mounting two hard drive images R. Belmont 07/17/24 01:57 PM
Nah, that's not a thing. There's been an issue where the SCSI bus wasn't consistently named "scsi" across all of the supported Macs, and I still need to do an audit for that, but it should be mostly consistent now. maciifx definitely has the bus named "scsi" in any version where it actually can load from SCSI devices, so if you're on a recent git pull it should be fine.
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Re: Redesign / Redo Rainbow support dxl 07/16/24 01:00 PM
Sorry if i'm hijacking the Thread, but i looked into the DEC rainbow because i modified the WD2010 for the HP9133 i implemented. I noticed that the DEC rainbow doesn't boot from winchester - it just locks up. Reason for this is that the bootloader is off by one byte in memory. If anyone has a hard disk image that boots on a real DEC rainbow, i would be very interested to look at the bootsectors.

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Panic! at the Park (new emulation/MAME video) Just Desserts 07/16/24 05:09 AM
I played this one fairly close to my chest, but Sunday evening, I managed to solve the issues that were keeping Panic Park from going in-game.

Since the question consistently comes up in the emulation community as to why System 23 is so difficult to emulate, I decided to both answer that question, and show off about 5 minutes of footage of Panic Park running in MAME, as a package deal.

I'm pretty proud of it, as I was able to write the script, record it, clean up the vocals (though I skipped muting breaths to save time), pull together footage and images, then assemble and edit the video in just a hair over 24 hours.

Check it out:
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Re: Emulated Mac not retaining NVRAM settings R. Belmont 07/15/24 11:16 AM
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Re: AI? In *my* MAME? It's more likely than you think Just Desserts 07/01/24 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by Al Kossow
"I await with scare the moment when AI will start to write MAME drivers"

Wake me when a ML algorithm can even generate a disassembly/recompilation with meaningful comments/symbols/variable names

Maybe it's a good thing there is so little original source code any place the techno-parrots can peck at them

Even if there was, it's not like an LLM would be able to understand it. This whole AI thing is hyped-up bullshit, same as it has been since Kurzweil started saying that the singularity was 10 years off, 40 years ago.
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Re: MAME 0.267 Vas Crabb 07/01/24 04:41 PM
Bob Zed’s highlights video:
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