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Re: MAME 0.248 Stiletto 09/28/22 03:25 AM
Official MAME 0.248 Twitter, Instagram and Facebook links!

If you can support MAME on social media, please show our social media posts some love with Likes/Loves/Retweets/Shares/etc.! smile

- Stiletto
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Re: Showing UI status in F11 speed_text Vas Crabb 09/27/22 09:31 PM
The documentation does have a summary of the controls for the graphics viewer:

That’s been there for ages now. Having the controls displayed on-screen all the time would waste a lot of space and quickly annoy people who do know what the controls are.

Originally Posted by exidyboy
Originally Posted by Golden Child
Another thing I noticed was that you can't actually exit from mame using the menus. Sure, mame's geared to power users and you can use ESC or Alt+F4 or click on the close X, but for UI completeness shouldn't there be an Exit Mame option?

I agree. For a while I was using CTRL-ALT-DEL to exit MAME until I found out about -window mode which gives you an X to click on :-)
Why would you need to do that? There are quite a few other ways to get your OS UI back:
  • On Windows, Alt+Tab and the Windows key will both get out out of full-screen MAME, even when UI controls are disabled. Then you can right-click the task bar icon and close MAME that way.
  • On macOS, I believe Command-Tab will always let you get focus off MAME if it hasn’t completely frozen.
  • If you’ve worked out how to disable UI controls or you’re running a system without a keyboard, Alt+Enter (or Option+Return) gets you out of full screen mode. This should be one of your first guesses, as it was the toggle full screen mode key combination for DOS prompts since Windows 3, and many games have copied it so it’s almost a standard.

Once you get focus off MAME, you can go and read the documentation :P
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) DarthMarino 09/26/22 09:56 PM
OK, thanks. I updated it.
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Mame UI can't get to system/general settings Golden Child 09/25/22 12:08 PM
So I was fiddling around and noticed a couple of neat things: an Input Devices option that would let you test your input devices like your keyboard or mouse.

edit: (oh now I see Input Devices is under the regular menu Input Settings too)

[Linked Image from]

but it comes under "System Settings" which isn't available from the regular in-driver menu.

System Settings/General Settings doesn't show up if you launch from command line with a driver. You can choose "select new system" but in that selection screen, System/General Settings aren't present.

If I launch from command line without specifying a system you can see "System Settings and General Settings":

[Linked Image from]

Choosing select new system doesn't show "System/General Settings":

[Linked Image from]
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Re: The newer for 2022 WIP thread judge 09/24/22 09:02 PM
Working on getting RS-232 support in some MSX drivers
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Compile error - dynamic_cast Dullaron 09/24/22 04:06 PM
Use this instead. I use this and no issue at all.

No more headache to anyone.
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Re: Atari Portfolio (pofo) Pernod 09/22/22 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Walker
If nobody else volunteers I will probably try the povided rom dumps from that guy and try to adapt the existing portfolio device to that prototype, sadly there is not a lot of software for it as it never came to market.
I briefly looked at this a few weeks ago, the ROMs do run in the pofo driver but the video output is completely different so nothing is displayed.

The main task would be to emulate the 82C425 device, replacing the HD61830 used in pofo. The 82C425 looks functionally similar to the 6845, with extensions, so using the current mc6845.cpp as a template would be a good starting point.

If no-one indicates they're working on this in the next couple of weeks then I may look at it myself.
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Re: How come I can't get ether MAME to load on Ubuntu? Dullaron 09/22/22 08:59 AM
I got it.

make REGENIE=1


make OVERRIDE_CC=clang OVERRIDE_CXX=clang++ REGENIE=1 -j4 (found this info. made the mame into smaller size.) I didn't have to install anything else. Using what I have installed.
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Re: QMC@ Arcade - black screen Barry Nelson 09/21/22 02:03 AM
I am trying to get QMC2 Arcade working on my Mac. It runs with the "darkone" theme, but with the "ToxicWaste" theme it hangs and never displays a window...

qmc2-arcade -theme ToxicWaste -video off -config_path "/Users/barryn/Library/Application Support/qmc2" -windowed -debugqt
21:58:12.886: QMC2 Arcade 0.244 (Qt 5.15.2, emulator-mode: mame, console-mode: terminal, language: us, theme: ToxicWaste)
21:58:12.897: Loading configuration template from '/Users/barryn/Library/Application Support/qmc2/opt/SDLMAME/template-SDL2.xml'
21:58:12.902: Done (loading configuration template from '/Users/barryn/Library/Application Support/qmc2/opt/SDLMAME/template-SDL2.xml') - 268 options loaded
21:58:13.680: DAT-info database: 0 emulator info records imported
21:58:14.453: DAT-info database: 0 software info records imported
21:58:14.453: Loading machine list from '/Users/barryn/Library/Application Support/qmc2/mame.mlc.filtered'
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Re: E-Z GLSL Dullaron 09/17/22 12:01 PM

Sorry about the website got deleted. I still have the files.

What happen that I deleted the files that made the website. lol
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Re: Atari Lemans track roms Golden Child 09/15/22 10:41 AM
One thing that's been perplexing me is why the number of clocks changes from line to line, and what I've found is that if you have a 7493 connected to another 7493, the second 7493 won't actually respond to a change in the first 7493's high bit output until the next clock cycle.

It led me to experiment with trying different cpu clocks, multiples of 14.318e6 being most visually appealing:


/ PORT ADJUSTER 16 BIT MASK since default mask is 0xff, not big enough for a MINMAX of (1,10000)
#define PORT_ADJUSTER_FFFF(_default, _name) \
	configurer.field_alloc(IPT_ADJUSTER, (_default), 0xffff, (_name)); \
	configurer.field_set_min_max(0, 100);

	PORT_ADJUSTER_FFFF( 100, "CPU Scale Adjustment" ) PORT_MINMAX(1, 10000)  PORT_CHANGED_MEMBER(DEVICE_SELF, outlaw_state, set_clock, 0)

	m_maincpu->set_unscaled_clock_int(ioport("CPUSCALE")->read() / 100.0 * 14.318e6);
	machine().popmessage("Clock Scale = %f    clock= %f",ioport("CPUSCALE")->read() / 100.0, m_maincpu->clock());

Sometimes it seems like the higher the clock, the more visual artifacts.

Looks very pixelated at a .25 scale:

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

going slightly over the even multiple seems to cause "ghosting":

[Linked Image from]

I could also use the -cheat parameter which enables the overclock slider and allows me to set an over/underclock up to 400% but I wanted to go higher than that, do PORT_MINMAX(1, 10000) for up to a 100x multiple.
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Re: GB/GBC carts with a passthrough slot Revenant 09/13/22 01:36 PM
The one I've dumped is the v3.0 cart with the black shell, I don't know of any (good) dumps for it. I'll upload the ROM and some basic mapper notes soon.

The older "gameshrk" ROM (v2.1?) in the GB softlist also needs redumped, the current ROM just repeats the initial 16kb.
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Re: ROMSET compatibility between 0.231 and 0.232 Golden Child 09/08/22 09:21 PM
any particular reason you're running 231? What version of ubuntu are you running? You could always compile the latest version (247) without much trouble at all.


Package mame

bionic (18.04LTS) (games): Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) [universe]
0.195+dfsg.1-2: amd64 arm64 armhf i386 s390x
focal (20.04LTS) (games): Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) [universe]
0.220+dfsg.1-1: amd64 arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x
impish (21.10) (games): Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) [universe]
0.235+dfsg.1-1ubuntu1: amd64 arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x
jammy (22.04LTS) (games): Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) [universe]
0.242+dfsg.1-1: amd64 arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x
kinetic (games): Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) [universe]
0.245+dfsg.1-1: amd64 arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x

From version to version, probably 95+% of roms don't change so unless there's a specific game that you want to play, most should work fine.
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Re: Request: Casio SA-series keyboards Vas Crabb 09/08/22 12:45 PM
I doubt it’s Flash, but it could be ion implant, which doesn’t show up in microphotography.
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Re: MAME 0.247 Vas Crabb 09/03/22 06:16 AM
As he often does, Bob Zed has posted a video showing a quick preview of newly added or promoted systems and software:
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Re: Got a spare system? Try Knoppix and Mame Golden Child 08/31/22 08:11 PM
was able to compile 0.247 under knoppix 9.1 without problems
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