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Re: Japanese TRS-80 R. Belmont 11/18/19 02:24 AM
We're certainly interested in non-English computers, we've added Chinese-language Apple II clones recently.

If you get the ROMs, you can either tell us here or use the MAME contact form at

I don't know if anyone actively maintains the Z80 TRS-80 drivers right now, I know Robbert does some maintenance on them.
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Re: MAME 0.214 crashes at startup on Catalina will 11/17/19 10:04 PM
Thanks! I got it to compile and see OpenGL issue was fixed, runs full screen now on my Retina display.

Running bgfx with OpenGL backend still crashes.
zsh: illegal hardware instruction ./mame64 dkong -bgfx_backend opengl

Multiple screen games like Darius are still messed up with bgfx unless using chains.
So I'm glad I can default back to OpenGL now.
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) notknown 11/17/19 05:05 AM
holy crap those are beautiful
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Re: Dark Arms: Beast Buster Dullaron 11/17/19 02:22 AM
Never mind I fix the issue. Loaded fine now. I'm using command line instead of ngp.ini.

mame64 ngp -cart "software\ngpc\darkarms.7z"
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Re: QMC2 Invalid Configuration MusicLovr 11/17/19 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by RColtrane
Originally Posted by MusicLovr
Ah - a MAME error, caused by QMC2. I can confirm this. It seems MAME no longer supports the old artwork -use and -nouse_whateverartwork commands. It still does support -[no]artwork_crop / -[no]artcrop,

So, must have all artworks enabled, in QMC2, and turn off artwork with MAME video options, for individual machines, or no (or incorrect) artwork paths to turn off for all machines.

Perhaps you could register this problem on the bug tracker. It might help to make it evident to more users...

Thank you very much MusicLovr, now my QMC2 is working again with the latest MAME version!

The thanks go to Jer (the OP) for correctly diagnosing his own problem smile
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Re: SVN builds - new driver flood R. Belmont 11/16/19 04:27 PM
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Re: Mac compile fails R. Belmont 11/14/19 09:23 PM
Is the NAS mounted via NFS or SMB? In my experience, NFS on macOS got flakey somewhere around 10.9 or 10.10 and hasn't improved since. I switched my MacBook to use SMB mounts instead of NFS and it's been totally stable (and gotten faster transfers).
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Re: Mac linker failures in single-driver build Robert Hildinger 11/14/19 05:33 PM
Christ, I'm getting old... The moment I saw the replies I realized I was putting in the wrong source file in the SOURCES env variable. Once again, sorry for spamming the forum with an obvious user error...
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Re: HLSL effect crashes locally-compiled MAME R. Belmont 11/13/19 03:33 AM
MAME top-of-tree has an updated BGFX where the HLSL shader works fine on the Metal backend. This will be in 0.216, of course.
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Re: update on Mac bgfx and accel questions will 11/12/19 08:59 PM
Incidentally, bgfx_backend opengl is failing with any game I try.

illegal hardware instruction ./mame64 dkong -bgfx_backend opengl
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Re: Installation error - Ubuntu 18.04 oddi 11/11/19 04:20 PM
Please, upload anyhere the last compiled executable for win10 x64, thank you smile
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Re: BletchMAME 1.4 has been released Bletch 11/11/19 02:37 PM
Thanks! Given the general quiet on these threads, it wasn't clear to me if anybody out there is using BletchMAME :-)

Did you specify the "Hash" directory in the Paths dialog? I would expect that once you specify that, software lists would show up.

Ideally, BletchMAME would have some quality of life features to prompt the user when one of these views is blank because of paths not being set up, it would prompt the user to set up the Paths (e.g. - "You have not specified any [roms|samples|hash|profiles] paths; click here to do so")
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Re: Mouse behaviour in Mac driver Carbon 11/09/19 12:42 PM
OK, a workaround would be to use the driver in full screen mode (but the aspect ratio of the screens have to match).
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Re: Question about Software Lists ICEknight 11/07/19 09:29 PM
There's also many Spectrum +3 disk images that I was sent while making the softlist and which you won't find anywhere else. It should be the most complete set right now and for some time.

If you or anybody else happens to notice any games missing from the softlists and want to have a complete set in just one place, it's actually quite easy to add them.

They can be edited working from here:
And there's some guidelines, here:
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Re: mame 0.215 Mac and bgfx will 11/06/19 01:30 AM
I compiled mame 0.215 from scratch on my old MacBook Pro running High Sierra with SDL 2.0.10. It took hours and with bgfx enabled most games crash (segmentation fault) after the game info screen.

OpenGL works fine probably because it is not a Retina display and software works too as expected.
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Re: Creating a new bgfx effect in MAME Robert Hildinger 11/05/19 11:16 PM
Thanks for the pointers!
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Re: LCD Handhelds invisible graphics (OSX) MacBox360 11/05/19 07:18 PM
You are right, I previously declared the artwork directory to the giant "EXTRAs" archive only so the local directory was ignored, however as solution I have choosen to copy the few artwork files in mame source distribution to the main directory where all the complete artwork set lives. In this way a single artwork path does the job once for all.
It could also be not a bad idea to include this default artwork set also in the main EXTRAs distribution as zipped archive naming it as "" for example so a single distribution include everything is needed.

After the correction above the result is perfect, many thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Chess 2001 with all pieces at their place
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Re: 8bit Apples - Apple I, II, /// and the 16 bit GS Golden Child 11/03/19 11:11 PM
Thanks to quart de pomme I now have a Silentype 3 manual!!! Yes! I've been looking for this for so long and it answers a lot of questions about it such as how to vary the intensity of the thermal print as well as the meaning and subtleties of the ESC codes.

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Re: ex- USSR and Soviet Bloc hardware shattered 11/02/19 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by shattered
Stalk - a Roguelike for the PDP-11(-clones). Inspired by the same book and movie as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Haven't played it much yet, but it feels appropriately deadly and user-unfriendly (only 6 items in the inventory, no identify, all scrolls, potions and wands are random, and so on).

Gameplay video:
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Re: bgfx vulkan backend not really faster than opengl belegdol 10/31/19 08:29 PM
Fair enough, in fullscreen mode (1920x1200) vulkan is already almost twice as fast. So it would make sense the difference becomes more dramatic at 4K. Thanks for clarifying!
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Re: MAME 0.215 Shideravan 10/30/19 10:23 AM
Great release! Thanks smile
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Re: Pull request without previous upstream merges Robert Hildinger 10/29/19 06:22 PM
Nevermind... I figured it out
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Re: Can't compile latest MAME? READ THIS THREAD Bletch 10/28/19 05:19 PM
I will say that I started using Clang on Visual Studio for MAME and have not looked back.

Its not just that you're not dealing with the VC specific compilation bugs, but that unoptimized (i.e. - debugging) code is several times faster. Not sure what is happening, but it makes for a much more satisfactory debugging experience.
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Re: Prerelease AO for macOS Catalina Richard Bannister 10/27/19 09:04 PM
And now we should be feature complete:

Release next weekend if no calamities are discovered.
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Re: c64 super sketch Golden Child 10/27/19 05:38 PM
There's a driver disk for the Muppet Keys for at least the atari that will allow you to use it as a regular keyboard which was a neat concept.

(pictures from atariage)

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]

and a post I found that was interesting:

[Linked Image from]
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