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Re: 2024: When Progress Comes Along, You Must WIP It Kale 12/09/23 11:31 PM
Pump it Up

X Tom 3d

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Question about the es5506 code Parduz 12/08/23 11:23 AM
This may be a dumb question, but i have a hard time in understanding the code, the accumulator register management in particular.

The es5506.cpp/h files manages both the OTIS 5505 and the OTTO 5506 and contains this constant:
// constants for address
const s8 ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT = 11;

Both the es5506_device and the es5505_device are derived from it, and manage the differences.
The OTTO is 21bit integer/11bit decimal, and inside the es5506_device class there is these constants:
const s8 ADDRESS_INTEGER_BIT_ES5506 = 21;
const s8 ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT_ES5506 = 11;
The OTIS is a 20bit integer/9bit decimal, and inside the es5505_device class there is these constants:
const s8 ADDRESS_INTEGER_BIT_ES5505 = 20;
const s8 ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT_ES5505 = 9;

Both the classes uses the 550x generate_pcm function, which contains this code:
// fetch two samples
s32 val1 = (s16)read_sample(voice, get_integer_addr(accum));
s32 val2 = (s16)read_sample(voice, get_integer_addr(accum, 1));

And this is the code of the get_integer_addr function:
inline u64 get_integer_addr(u64 accum, s32 bias = 0) { return ((accum + (bias << ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT)) & m_address_acc_mask) >> ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT; }

I have problem with this one. Shouldn't the 5505 use ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT_ES5505 instead of ADDRESS_FRAC_BIT? Shouldn't the two devices uses they own version of get_integer_addr ?
What am i not understanding?

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Re: Honeywell Bull Questar/M aquarius 12/06/23 05:19 PM
Hello Mame Team,

there are reverse engineered schemas and a commented ROM assembly listing of the Micral 8022 available!!

Mainboard, Floppycontroller, Keyboard interface and Videointerface!!!

This should give a lot of hints about the Questar/M and some for the Olympia Boss.
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Re: Tandberg TDV-2114 and TDV-2124 Person 12/06/23 11:38 AM
The terminal module in TTY mode, as used in the TDV-2115 dumb-terminal, is now complete.

I added the TDV-2115L as a machine driver for proof-of-concept. The font- and keyboard mapping ROMs needed to run this can be found here: The next step will be to add a CPU module, then get together the CPU interface on the terminal module and a bus device for the generic expansion part of the backplane. After that I'll be adding a RAM module then a disk module will be the only thing remaining for a working TDV-2114 computer.
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Re: Kim-Venture MrBogi 12/04/23 02:11 AM
Interesting use of a limited display. Nice
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