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Re: Idea: layout editor in a web browser Stiletto 10/22/21 05:10 PM
If memory serves, someone once made a simple MAME artwork creator tool that was WYSIWYG... Can't remember who, but third party obviously.

Definitely would be broken these days after the artwork system rewrite, but it would still work for old versions.

Pre-rewrite thoughts on creating such a user-friendly tool exists in

Another broken thing:

Also broken: making MAME bezel artwork with Python: /
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Re: Disk image oddity. R. Belmont 10/22/21 01:49 PM
It does seem likely that it would wait for the end of the current sector, but a test on hardware would certainly be nice.
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Re: Question about bucanera (New rom) gspat 10/22/21 12:56 PM
Thank you to kmg for the pointer to how to do it...

Two keystrokes... Still don't think I'm ready to be a dev yet.

Playing this with the kids will be a blast, especially with Halloween coming up!
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Re: The new for 2021 WIP thread R. Belmont 10/21/21 03:28 AM
Thanks to Kale, we can once again be State. Of. The. Art.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Relation between save states and hiscore Augusto 10/20/21 03:58 AM
You changing dip settings may break hi score file mainly changing game region.
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Re: Ubuntu 21.04. can't use BGFX anymore as of 0.235 Augusto 10/20/21 03:56 AM
Nvidia driver 470 has issues for Geforce 600 cards. CUDA, Nvenc and g-sync issues.
Driver 465 works fine.
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Re: New dumps Revenant 10/20/21 03:26 AM
Well, that looks like one mystery solved, at least. I'll probably start working on a preliminary driver sometime this week.
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Upcoming Changes in MAME Stiletto 10/20/21 12:31 AM
Upcoming Changes in MAME

We’re well on our way through the current development cycle, and MAME 0.237 is going to have some significant changes, not just in terms of emulation, but in the user interface and debugger. Don’t worry, no functionality has been removed. In fact, we’ve added several features. It just might take a little while to adjust to the differences.

First of all, we’ve added support for localised system name files, as used by front-ends like Retrofire, MxUI and MAME Plus! Popular files include mame32j.lst (Japanese) and mame_cn.lst (Chinese). You’ll be able to put your preferred system name file in the DATs (or “history”) folder, and select it in MAME’s UI customisation settings menu. UI localisation support is more complete, and MAME 0.237 will include high-quality Chinese and Greek translations, thanks to YuiFAN and BraiNKilleRGR.

Mouse/trackball navigation has been improved (you can even click DIP switches to toggle them), and the system and software selection menus have been tweaked to include more information and make better use of space.

Lots of debugger commands have been enhanced to work better with newer memory system features. We’ve also updated and expanded the debugger documentation, both on our web site and for the built-in help command.

If you’re compiling MAME yourself, Python 2.7 will no longer be supported: compiling MAME now requires Python 3.2 or later (this won’t affect you if you just use MAME, Python isn’t required to run MAME). Most operating systems have included Python 3 for years, and our MSYS64/MinGW build tools for Windows already include Python 3.8 – as long as you have a python3 command, you should be good to go.

Read on for a more complete list of changes:
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Re: amstrad pc 1512 Breiztiger 10/19/21 08:25 PM
just compil with last commit

hdd work again !!!

thanks a lot ;-)
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Galaga Midway and Namco bullets on demo. Dullaron 10/19/21 06:37 AM
Galaga (Midway set 1) and (Namco Rev. B) they fixed the bullets on demo. They flip it to the correct way. Newer sets.

Galaga (Midway set 2) and (Namco) with the wrong way bullets on demo. Someone reported it at the factory later. They had go back to correct the bullets on demo. Older sets.

About that bullet flashes at the bottom on the left side of the screen. This is a real game bug. Not MAME issue. They never fix this issue. They probably didn't notice it.

All the Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga 25th sets have the same issue as the Galaga (Midway set 2) and (Namco). Seem like they put the older game with the Ms.Pac-Man. lol

Pac-Man 25th also have the issue as well. Older Galaga game???

How they not notice any of this? The factories
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Re: TMS-09xx/1xxx thread (was New Dumps) Dullaron 10/19/21 04:17 AM
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Re: HLSL Doesn't Work R. Belmont 10/17/21 11:42 AM
Yeah, we don't know what MAME version, what hardware, what OS, or anything.
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Re: Extracting raw data from a chd.... R. Belmont 10/16/21 05:44 PM
First up, you can actually use raw images with most MAME hard disks devices now (I put it in I think over a year ago now). .hd, .hdv, or .hdi are all accepted to mean "raw image", although for IDE it will try to auto-compute the geometry which may not be correct. SCSI disks don't have that problem.

To create an uncompressed CHD, you do the same thing as for a regular CHD but add "-c none", meaning compression type none.
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