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03/24/19 10:13 PM
thx to all - SOLVED
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03/24/19 07:52 PM
Golden Child: speaking of AppleII font stuff, is the "candy apple" Hershey font editor/renderer apple2 disk preserved anywhere?
The Applesoft basic listing and some of the binary and text contents are listed at which might be enough to re-create the disk from scratch, but I don't know of any surviving copies. Both authors of that paper have sadly passed away, so its unlikely I can get any information from that angle.

EDIT: some of the fonts on the Fontrix user group disks are traced by hand from some glyphs of the herhsey fonts with some manual adjustment, but none seem to be a direct 1:1 copy.

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03/24/19 07:02 PM
The SDL behavior is as designed. That's a deliberate choice to be friendlier than what the Windows version does (which used to cause people to power off their computer to get the mouse pointer back), and there (used to be?) some key you could press to force the Windows behavior if you're into that sort of thing. I personally think windowed-mode emulators should never capture the pointer without the user requesting it.
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03/24/19 05:25 AM
Install IRIX 5.3 onto an emulated Silicon Graphics INDY (using MAME 0.207) Continued

Then installation will begin with a %

Took about 1.5 hrs to install

[Linked Image]

It will ask if you want to install from another CD, type "quit" and the installer will build dynamic libraries for a while.

[Linked Image]

It will then ask to restart, type "y"

After reboot

click "root" icon and click login. There is no password set.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

When shutting down, a notice will appear:
"The system is shutting down.
Please wait"
[Linked Image]

It never progresses, so the system doesn't shut down cleanly. You will need to use your escape key to close the emulation. It will repair itself on next boot(usually). Make a backup of the drive before you use it much. I've had the root account get corrupted or something and I was not able to fully recover, So I trashed the HD image and switched to a backup version.

To boot again use a simpler command without the CDROM:
<PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/mame64 ip224613 -harddisk <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/irix8gbHD.chd -window -nomaximize -resolution 1280x1024

NOTE: The CDROM drive does not appear to be useful after installation. I have not been able to install any other software.

Thanks to the genius MAME devs who have gotten the emulation to this point. It's in the very early stages but it's exciting to be able to use a system I haven't seen live in over 20years.
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03/22/19 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by hap
Originally Posted by Mr. Do
So... I did things kind of out of order here. While looking for more G&W stuff (you guys have got me on an LCD kick now), I stumbled upon the handheld "Catch a Coke" thing, and read up on everything I could find for it... except this thread. Made an offer to someone for the handheld version... he wanted too much, so I skipped out on it. Next day, I see the auction for the full machine one, mentioned in this thread from almost three years ago. Made an offer on that one, and then I see the original mention in this thread. Guy accepted the offer, so it would be rude to back out.

I figure this way, Rik doesn't need to sacrifice his for dumping needs, if dumping it requires destructive methods. Would Sean still be the person to send this to? Or someone else? Would also need the backdrop scanned, and the front face of the machine scanned.
Rik sold his handheld collection a while ago.
uCOM-75 isn't dumped by anyone yet, and AFAIK hasn't been decapped before either. So it's unknown if the bits will be visible, and rom row/col layout is unknown.

I bought a couple of upd7508s a few months ago since that one is used in the IXO TC101. I just bought a upd7502 and decapped it. I can't see the bits on either of the dies. I haven't tried removing the top metal layer on either chip yet, but on all the other NEC chips I've decapped, I've been able to see the bits with it in place. I'll try to get these cleaned up, take pics, then remove the top metal layer and see if the bits are visible.
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03/21/19 12:45 PM
Banked cartridges are easy nowadays in MAME, they would've been more problematic 8 years ago.
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03/20/19 06:33 PM
More from where that came from, so that it doesn't get lost:
Originally Posted by rganders
While getting that Sega Channel related device dumped, I also got another oddball cartridge dumped. The cart is plain and only has a "Universal Driver Test Program" label on the front. It will run in emulators and on an Everdrive. The only screen moves a cursor with the d-pad while changing values on screen and also changes values when a button is pressed. As far as we could tell, it was used to demonstrate and test controllers and peripherals. The code even mentions the Activator and the Mega Mouse.

There is another version of this ROM out there (Version 4.0), but given the earlier date and lack of version number on this could possible be V1.0. If anyone has a concrete idea as to what this was for, I'd love to know. Otherwise, feel free to mess around with it!

Originally Posted by rganders
Originally Posted by Xeta
It seems as if it's just a developer tool meant for quickly referencing joypad input and screen positions, and was likely used universally by Sega employees. I highly doubt there was any greater purpose than that. Matt Phillips (BigEvilCorporation) wrote something very similar, which can be found on GitHub.

It should also be noted that, in this ROM, the VDP is set to run in H32 mode (a resolution setting that uses a width of 256 pixels - 32 tiles), rather than the commonly used H40 (320 pixels in width - 40 tiles).
Pretty cool tidbit on the VDP. I wasn't expecting some grail item, but always was curious as to what it's actual function and story were. Attempts elsewhere to figure out what this was got me the wise guy answer of "it's a universal driver test program."

Also, images of the cart and such below. I'm not able to use the IMG tag yet, so will have to work with links for the time being.



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03/20/19 03:57 PM
Here we can see how is Atari Rebound emulated in mame:
[Linked Image]
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