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Re: apple2 willy byte voice Golden Child 05/19/22 01:09 PM
[Linked Image from]

Finally figured out how to zap the gumball bombs.

I can't find any manual on the net, but this is what I figured out:

CTRL+K for keyboard, S/F for left right, D for stop, E/C for factory speed up/down, Return for crosshairs, Space for flip valves
CTRL+J for joystick, button 2 for crosshairs, button 1 to flip valves.

When an exploding gumball shows up there's a warning sound, locate the bomb, bring up the crosshairs and put the crosshairs in contact with the bomb and it will be zapped.

The exploding gumballs don't show up until Thursday.

The crosshairs initially appear over the corkscrew so if you can make the bomb go up the corkscrew you can just activate the crosshairs.
There's also a flashing countdown timer for the bomb in the upper left and you may be able to wait for it to go up the corkscrew.

A pretty good strategy is to use the left chutes as much as possible early on as you can clear the gumball out quickly. If you let it take the long path you have to keep an eye on it and it gets hard to track it with the incoming gumballs. You have to ramp up the speed to keep up with the quota, but don't set it too high that you make mistakes and see the quota get bigger.
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Re: lx800 self test Lord Nightmare 05/19/22 03:09 AM
I figured out the difference between illegal and illegal2 handlers: the logerror print message for the former prints 1 byte for opcode, and the latter prints 2. This means the mistake in the prefix 40 table was effectively completely harmless, just making some error messages in MAME slightly wrong.
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Re: The newer for 2022 WIP thread Pernod 05/19/22 01:58 AM
Added a couple of useful modern'ish devices for the MTX machines.

Firstly, the MAGROM, a 512K cartridge system containing many games for quick loading. Various ROM images for the device have been softlisted.
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]

Secondly, the CFX System, a Compact Flash storage device.
[Linked Image from]
Also softlisted bootable CF images for:
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
and we can finally run Hex-Train (contains over 200MB of pre-rendered graphics)
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Labtam 3000 exidyboy 05/18/22 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by Xolod
I made some dumps of 8inch floppy disks. But they can contain personal data of users. They need to be cleaned.

Are you able to catalogue them ie which operating systems and versions?, languages?, diagnostics? etc have the potential to be preserved?
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Re: IDI Information Displays Inc =CO=Windler 05/18/22 06:10 AM
I thought the first longer morphing CGI movie was this:

John Whitney - Arabesque (1975) early computer graphics

In Germany in 1970th/80th there was a famous family gameshow "Die Montagsmaler" (The Monday's Painters), in that a person had to quickly draw an object (that he got told as a word) that other people had to guess before the timer runs up. The special thing was that instead of a chalkboard it employed one of the very first lightpen computers named "Telestrator" that apparently got fed with a punchcard to display to the spectators the word of the object to be guessed. While nowadays tablet computers with touchscreen and pen are common, until 1980th it was very unusual to draw directly on screen, and the show was such famous that in Germany until 1990th everybody associated the use of a lightpen (on C64 etc.) with Montagsmaler (much like in Britain the appearance of a police box got associated with the TARDIS of Doctor Who). Kids at schools often played the game during break/recess on the classroom blackboard.


There are many other clips on youtube.

I tried hard to find out how this primitive graphical "computer" worked. Apparently it used a persistent vector monitor CRT similar like an analogue storage oscilloscope filmed by a TV camera, and the ticking clock dot frame around the screen likely was just a kind of B/W luma-key effect (greenscreen predecessor) superimposing the picture of a clock made from lightbulbs and relays (and a contact wheel?) with the filmed vector screen. Telestrators were originally used in USA mainly to comment sports on TV for marking the position of players and ball etc. and were invented already in 1950th.

Here are some patents (websearch the numbers) I found about related hardware:

Telestrator_writing pickup_US2986596.pdf
Telestrator_superimposed dynamic tv_US3617630.pdf
Telestrator_electronic pointer for tv images (lightpen)_US2487641.pdf
Telestrator_AV teaching system&response_US3718759.pdf
teaching system with tv receiver_US3671668.pdf
optical graphic data tablet_US3761877.pdf
multiple camera superimposed message_US3580993.pdf
lightpen_telewriting apparatus_US3089918.pdf
lightpen_operation on remote computer_US3543240.pdf
lightpen_electron beam sensor_US3413515.pdf
computer graphic using video phone_US3584142.pdf
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Re: thread about ARC CPU cores drewcifer 05/17/22 09:41 PM
Cool, thanks. Might save me a step. Never thought to google a workaround smile.
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Re: Request: Casio SA-series keyboards =CO=Windler 05/16/22 04:54 AM
Dtech wrote me in 2012:
With sa chips I was about to send one to france for decapsulation and photos, togheter with some other guys that are
into retro video game consoles and had other chips to decapsulate. However this entire project somehow stalled and
died out. I know it's oki 4bit microcontroller with melody circuit and have a plenty of approximate information about
it's innards, as well as have researched a little bit about some test fetures that I plan (for so more than 10 years
already hehehe) to exploit to read out it's rom without decapsulation. All oki chips have features for such tests, but
in none of their documentation did I find any information on it.
I have made some test jig for such hardware tests, but it is not yet complete. It will be useful to explore the chip
test functions and try to read out it's contents, but no idea if it will be successful.

I have used the voltage glitching to record it's output in very high quality and then made a tool to try to extract
approximate rom contents with exact byte precision, and now know exactly how many bytes are each of the blocks and
things like that. However exact data (value of each program word) is not yet known, and that's a thing I would realy
like to see someday.

I can cool the chip down to -55degrees anytime, but i don't think it will help reading it out. Shitshot capture is
easy with it as it is. Using 192ksps or faster analog capture is more than enough to get every sample of it's
kHz (don't remember) samplerate and use adapted highspeed telecommunications algorithms to synchronise to transitions
and lock to every byte. Getting exact value is a problem, as the playback from chip is scaled... with loss. Loss is
similar to like playing back 8bit wave multiplied by 0.99 on 8bit dac. There are missing codes.

And regarding rom contents playback as samples, I discovered that "My Music Center" toy keyboard hardware (Holtek - Ad-lib Micro®, may be HT3670 based) by shitshot (voltage glitching) often vomited apparently its entire rom contents through the DAC, producing a sequence of all samples with "noise" in between. Because its MCU is SRAM based, its resistor controlled clock rate can be turned down to complete halt with crash, which may permit to sample the output (which DAC multiplexes polyphony voices like Yamaha) precise enough with any PC to decipher it.
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