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Re: Ap2000 signs of life Golden Child 11/28/20 03:10 PM
And why not add the ability to draw lines into our bitmap too:

[Linked Image from]

Use a drawline routine from the hp9845 driver and make some changes:

//void hp9845ct_base_state::draw_line(unsigned x0 , unsigned y0 , unsigned x1 , unsigned y1)
void drawline(int x0 , int y0 , int x1 , int y1, u32 pixelval)
        int dx, dy, sx, sy, x, y, err, e2;

        // draw line, vector generator uses Bresenham's algorithm
        x = x0;
        y = y0;
        dx = abs((int) (x1 - x));
        sx = x < x1 ? 1 : -1;   // actually always 1 because of normalization
        dy = abs((int) (y1 - y));
        sy = y < y1 ? 1 : -1;
        err = (dx > dy ? dx : -dy) / 2;

//                plot(x, y, BIT(m_gv_line_type_mask, 15));
//               update_line_pattern();

		if (!((x<0) || (x >= m_lp_bitmap->width()) || (y<0) || (y >= m_lp_bitmap->height()))) 
					m_lp_bitmap->pix32(y,x) = pixelval;

                if (x == x1 && y == y1) break;

                e2 = err;
                if (e2 > -dx) {
                        err -= dy;
                        x += sx;
                if (e2 < dy) {
                        err += dx;
                        y += sy;

and make some spokes:

function drawcirclespokes(cx,cy,size,step,color) 
for i=0,360,step do 


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Layouts, parameters, and softlists Mr. Do 11/26/20 07:22 AM
I think of things at the weirdest times sometimes, so I'm writing this down now before I forget again, and apologies to Vas if he's already thought of this and it's on his to do list...

For layouts, we have the below pre-defined parameters today:

Would it be possible to have a softlist title to be a pre-defined parameter?

  • The new Vectrex artwork currently has a separate view for each of the twenty-something games we have artwork for now
  • For each view, everything is exactly the same, except the element that defines which overlay to use for each view
  • And the dimensions of each overlay is exactly the same (well, most of them... they WILL be when I fix the last few that are in there)
  • If instead we used a parameter to define the name of the element used for the overlay which matches the software list title, we wouldn't need twenty-something views anymore; just one view, where the view would change when the loaded software changes.

I'm sure there's likely more to it than that, for example, we would need to be able to define something as a fallback default, if the software loaded doesn't match any elements currently defined in the layout.

If you look at Nightvoice's Atari 2600 artwork, he has the system with a cartridge and label. How cool would it be if the cartridge label changed depending on the softlist tile that was loaded.

Anyway... that's my thought for the night... be safe, and Happy Thanksgiving to those here that celebrate the holiday tomorrow.
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Re: Question about portability on Mac Llaffer 11/24/20 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
My understanding is that you can build both architectures on both architectures, but I don't have first-hand experience. I don't think MAME's build system would allow building a universal binary but you could probably glue together the architectures manually with the command line tools.
I guess we'll find out once I buy one and have a chance to do builds with it. smile Thanks.
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Re: Olympia BOSS rfka01 11/24/20 08:52 PM
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Re: 8bit Apples - Apple I, II, /// and the 16 bit GS Golden Child 11/23/20 05:37 PM
Just for fun, I wanted to see if the Cauzin softstrip "stripper" program would run.

[Linked Image from]

After messing around with S2.DSK which has the stripper.e program, I nearly gave up since it errored out with "ERROR DURING READ, PROGRAM ABORTED".

Why not try booting from a regular dos disk in flop1 -flop2 S2.DSK and RUN STRIPPER.E,D2 and voila! - it prints something that looks like a strip.

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]

STRIPPER.I is supposed to make strips from an Imagewriter.
STRIPPER.E is the Epson version of the program.

According to a page I read:

"The electronics
consist of an ATMS 7040 8-bit
microprocessor and a custom VLSI
chip that contains the reader logic,
control and communications using
four nested phase-locked-loops and
several hardware and software
servos." which I think means a TMS7040.
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Re: Dynarecs Yash Anand 11/23/20 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by R. Belmont
I don't understand where you're going with this. I thought your question was because you were writing your own CPS-3 or whatever SH-2 emulator. MAME does know what its doing, I promise.

I was thinking on the lines that instead of speeding up or targeting a single CPU should I try to speed up in general on ARM64? This may not be directly but the spread of the solution might be vast!!
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