To elaborate, we have the original green version of Judge dumped. There is a scoring error in Game B which gives one of the players an advantage in a certain situation. This was corrected by Nintendo and the fixed versions came in a purple case instead of green.

We also have the original version of the Mario's Cement Factory tabletop unit dumped. This plays a jingle when you start the game that sounds exactly like the bassline in "Another One Bites the Dust". Newer releases had an original jingle in it's place, most likely due to a rights issue.

Helmet originally had a glitch where you could get the game to have two characters on screen at once. The game code is CN-07. The corrected version that has been dumped lists CN-17 on the chip despite still saying CN-07 on the outside case. Besides opening the case as Just Desserts mentioned, the only other way to tell if it's an original CN-07 version is to get the game to glitch.