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Judge is easy to track down. There are always a few on ebay. They just tend to be a bit pricey for what it is. There are Cement Factory's out there but they are even more money and would require the seller to figure out which song plays at the start. Helmet would be very tough to find the correct one. Even getting the glitch to work is fairly complicated and I doubt any seller would want to open their unit to find out which they have.

Maybe if someone was going to try, going for a low serial number on Helmet?
There's a couple in the 2 million range on eBay (and a lot in the 4 - 10 million range, so 2m seems low...) That's assuming they are numbered sequentially and 2 million is even low enough to get the version we want. (And one odd one with a V0062134 serial. Only one out of all of them on eBay with a letter like that...)

Do we know the serial of the one that was dumped?