Well I finally took pics of the VFDs and pinned out that last batch of handheld games. I dumped the micros too but I don't have any way to test if the dumps are good. There's one to go, and I haven't dumped it yet since I need to use one of the adapters for the QFPs on it, and I don't want to remove the chips from them until the dumps are tested good. The last chip is a shrink dip package, so I will have to wire it in with 30-some wires to dump it and I only want to do that once. This is the first time I have encountered the sdip package for these. If I find any others I should probably make adapters.

I took a bunch of VFD pics of each game at different exposure levels, so hopefully that will help with vectoring them.


Toukon Jyuohmaru had a bad VFD but I still managed to get pictures of it lit and pin it out. Some of the filament wires are broken. It looks like one of the grids is bent up slightly inside and it caused it to touch at some point. This isn't the first time I have seen that.

Defender has the SDIP part so it isn't dumped yet, but I did all the VFD pictures and pinned it out in preparation.

Once the dumps are verified I can stick all these back together and return them.