Xolod, we now have a slightly more functional Multibus emulation in MAME, which should give a good base to get this system working. Can you please share some information about the system configuration with the 3232 card installed? Does the 3232 board fit in the same card cage that was used for the Z80 and 8086 boards? Does it work standalone, or does it require the Z80 and/or 8086 cards installed to make a working system? The datasheet indicated it has a SCSI device, but I don't see one on the board picture - does your system have anything connected to those ribbon cable connectors on the top edge of the 3232 board and/or can you verify if either or both of them are SCSI?

Is your unit the "desk top unit" mentioned in the manual, or some other configuration? Which slot is the 3232 board installed in?

Do you have any NS32000 software for the 3232 board aside from the firmware?