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Just playing around with this on Linux with Mame 0.243.

$ mame macii mac711 -window -ramsize 8M -effect none -video opengl -nomaximize -nounevenstretch -nb9 48gc -nba cb264 -nbb cb264 -nbc cb264 -noautosave

This boots up with 4 monitors like R. Belmont was saying (I assume this is what you meant by "a 48gc and 3 cb264s"). The 48gc card can be put into a color mode with no problem. Mame crashes as soon as I try to put any of the cb264 monitors into a color mode.

Ignoring MAME exception: cb264: unknown video mode 50529027

Fatal error: cb264: unknown video mode 50529027
Didn’t ArBee already fix that in master?