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#80278 06/27/2012 7:32 PM
by Darkstar
I thought it might be interesting to add a generic topic like this, where new ROM dumps (either for completely new systems or new dumps for existing ones) could be posted.

I'll start with the following:

Motorola PowerStack II boot ROM
Dumped from an Am29F040.

system specs:
- PowerPC 604e(? not sure since I didn't remove the heatsink, it's supposed to be a 200 MHz CPU)
- PCI Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446-HC-A video card without BIOS
- Symbios Logic 53C825A SCSI
- DEC 21140-AF network chip, DP83840 PHY
- Winbond W83C553F-G chipset
- Crystal CS4236 audio
- PC87308-IBN/VUL SuperIO
- 3xISA + 3xPCI, both on a riser card
Other chips (memory controller?):
- 94G0178/IBM98 PQ/19625A5797/JAPAN
- 20H2842/IBM 98/19651E2923/JAPAN

(I have a second machine of this type where I could dump the ROM for reference as well, might have a different one)

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#122017 Feb 23rd a 09:07 PM
by rfka01
A guy on the German VzEkC forum pointed out a computer I hadn't heard about - the Commodore 900 workstation which uses the Z8001 CPU.

It's already included in MAME, but the comments in the source include "Need schematics, technical manuals and so on. Eventually, will need software."

It appears that these have been scanned and dumped, there are kryoflux images of the four original disks and even a harddisk dump at, as well as scans of technical data.
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#118692 Feb 25th a 11:45 PM
by ICEknight
The Sega SVP chip has been dumped:
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#119878 Oct 20th a 03:26 AM
by Revenant
Well, that looks like one mystery solved, at least. I'll probably start working on a preliminary driver sometime this week.
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#120391 Jan 21st a 11:06 PM
by Revenant
ROM and 87c52 MCU dumps from the Casio LD-50 electronic drums. Also includes the demo and built-in rhythms as MIDI files, which is how they're stored in ROM.

This is clearly a rebranded/outsourced product, sort of like the LD-80 (also sold as the Medeli DD-306), but I can't tell if this one was ever sold under other brands or who the actual developer is. The ROM mentions "SharpWin", which might be this company, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, the actual sound chip is a Dream SAM9793 MIDI-synth-on-a-chip (i.e. MIDI goes in, I2S comes out), which isn't a very viable emulation target. Alternately, you should just be able to connect the MCU's UART output to a generic MIDI out port and just have it control something else instead, if it'd be worth having a driver that does that.
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#120372 Jan 16th a 11:35 AM
by Darkstar
I decided to dump the EPROMs on that beautiful DEC DMB32 communication controller:
[Linked Image from]

Yes, I know, there's no VAX emulation in MAME (yet) but maybe at some point this will come in handy. Now I'll get this framed and hang it on a wall smile

The EPROM dumps and some higher-resolution photos can be downloaded here. I also included the two manuals for the DMB32 that are available on MANX, just in case.
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