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#109690 05/28/2017 1:20 PM
by Dullaron
chdman createcd -i "Alundra (USA) (v1.1).cue" -o "Alundra (USA) (v1.1).chd"

Is that right? I want to make sure the commands is right. Using the newer official MAME chdman.exe from MAME 0.185.

Filename : Alundra (USA) (v1.1).bin
MD5 : f53cf9f7b01fc2db1f8c26f1b447bef5
SHA1 : 26523fc6bd463890066ca81444217b4c10efb4e2
CRC32 : 947f4de0
File Size : 600,359,760

Filename : Raiden DX (Japan) (Major Wave Series).bin
MD5 : bfa97bf25fdf08f8828be0be21966a65
SHA1 : 9c6a6dd26906c71fdb1829461ed5abfba6568262
CRC32 : c1ce0640
File Size : 218,183,280

Filename : Alundra (USA) (v1.1).chd
MD5 : 0cacb02e2198f57c8474e12e5505046c
SHA1 : 6d1cc225a1062b3377f14cd95ece9ff3657732ae
CRC32 : 0a301168
File Size : 304,609,526

Filename : Raiden DX (Japan) (Major Wave Series).chd
MD5 : aa3f7585294de23599404c14bd99df0b
SHA1 : 05d9ce9c8d068b163785c10c07069bccc12da823
CRC32 : 77f283a0
File Size : 64,906,125

Filename : Alundra (USA) (v1.1).cue
MD5 : 9320ab2f63f3efa4109479eca54795fc
SHA1 : d7df45cc620f02c4e09e7c560180b69d4b292c37
CRC32 : 2cb6c08a
File Size : 86

Filename : Raiden DX (Japan) (Major Wave Series).cue
MD5 : 02afe6b50f47a2c588a936f54327e7a1
SHA1 : 1b51254bb0e6367c57e182c2c196b333f3b2badf
CRC32 : bbcd4830
File Size : 103

Using the Sony - PlayStation (20170528 13-00-14).dat

Only picking out the ones that I like or to try out. smile
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#109700 May 28th a 11:09 PM
by Haze
this isn't about matching the external SHA1, those are both internal ones (with structure metadata / without metadata) The one MAME expects and has in the database is coming out different.

which means there's a real difference in what gets created, and MAME won't recognize a CHD created with 0.176 as the same as one created with 0.175.

essentially the metadata (CD Layout - the conversion of the cuesheet information) has changed due to the changes made. The uncompressed data part without metadata is still the same, hence the 2nd SHA1 still matching, so this is entirely due to the metadata processing (unsurprising as that's the code that was changed)

The SHA1 MAME looks for is the 1st one, the one inclusive of metadata and uncompressed data (because both are essential properties of the CD and thus that one provides the integrity needed to validate the whole image)

So yes, this is serious, if the old images were actually storing information incorrectly they'll all need to be redone. If they weren't, the new code needs fixing, this should actually be considered critical.

It looks like what has happened is that the metadata string lengths are all 1/2 bytes longer with CHDMAN 0.176, so for whatever reason it's storing some extra characters, if they're valid / should be stored or not needs to be determined. Gut feeling is this might have more to do with string termination rather than the changes you're pointing at?

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