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#110691 08/30/2017 7:50 PM
by rfka01
Over in the Kontron thread, Robbbert mentioned

The Kaypro 10 issue is that we had no info on the hard drive and its controller. That is why it's marked as not working.

Well, in my Kaypro 10 the harddisk is a Shugart 712 series, 10MB MFM drive


According to the manual it's 320 cylinders, 4 heads and 32 or 33 sectors per track with 256 bytes per sector.

I wonder if the controller actually formats it that way ... it's a WD 1002-HD0 which offers different sector sizes ...


[Linked Image from]

One of the hard disk controller's chips, the WD1010BL-00, clearly has a masked off window. Is this some common MCU that has been relabeled so I could dump it?

Between the controller and the mainboard sits the "intermediate board" that is described in some internet posts. It only has two ICs (a 74LS00N and a 74LS138B1) and adapts the 50pin connector coming from the mainboard to the 40pins needed by the WD 1002-HD0.

[Linked Image from]

MAME's kaypro.cpp mentions

- See about getting keyboard to work as a serial device.
- Need dump of 87C51 cpu in the keyboard.

My Kaypro 10 has an 8049 keyboard controller which I'll dump as soon as I have my equipment back.

[Linked Image from]

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#121454 Oct 18th a 05:49 PM
by rfka01
I've been in contact with the guy who amassed a wealth of information regarding the different Kaypro models on
I haven't seen the distinction between the machines explained so thoroughly anywhere else.

Thomas agreed to dump the keyboard controller of his Kaypro II (the dump is on the FTP), this is marked as missing in the source file.
His keyboard has a INS8048-6KBT-/N controller instead of the 87C51 mentioned there.

Thanks Thomas!
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