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by =CO=Windler
To unknowing people, MAME has still the reputation of being only some kind of piracy tool for strange freaks playing outdated arcade games instead of paying for proper new game apps.

But not least since the join with MESS it has become much more than just an arcade emulator, and particularly the scientific research and culture preservation aspect is barely transported by its current abbreviation.

MAME = "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator"

The name MAME should stay as the well known brand, but the backronym should change into something serious that reflects the strive for scientific accuracy and preservation of knowledge about simulating the inner working of all kinds of digital (and some analogue) hardware to emulate historical software as an archeological task. It is more like walking a round in a big virtual computer museum - a cabinet of wonders to explore and try out all kinds of miraculous cyberage artifacts those seemed long time forgotten to modern people and doomed to bitrot if not saved. Recreating everything from the earliest electronic brains to PDA, CGI render machines, music keyboards, industrial controllers, LCD games to chess computers and talking calculators it approaches to cover the whole world of everything that no commercial gaming oriented emulator would ever bother to care about. Some use it for data recovery or analysis of ancient microcontroller code at universities for things very unrelated to arcade games. So the general purpose platform and aspired scientific quality standard of MAME should be expressed by the abbreviation.

So I suggest something like this:

"Multi-Architecture Museum-grade Emulator"
"Multi-platform Archeological Museum-quality Emulator"
"Multi-platform Archeology by Museum-grade Emulation"
"Manifold Archeological Museum-grade Emulator"

Well it may still sound a bit meaningless. So here are some word suggestions sorted by letter. You may swap both "M" for more variants. The word "arcade" was omitted on purpose.

1. M



2. A



3. M


4. E


If you have better ideas, further suggestions are welcome.

                        MAY THE SOFTWARE BE WITH YOU!

I                  CYBERYOGI Christian Oliver(=CO=) Windler                  I
I         (teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion!)          I
I                                      !                                     I
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by MrBogi
Pretty sure it is Mutilating All Martian Enemies... smile

I used to support a software suite called GAP... General Accounting Package... NOONE called it that. Then they called it TechGAP... not sure what it is called today (and don't really care because that was 23 years ago)

Mame is established no point in changing it unless you want to lose all goodwill / cred and start from scratch.

Unless of course you want to go with some funky symbol and be known as the Emulator formally known as Mame... smile
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by remax
I thought it meant "MAME is A Multi-Emulator" or something along those lines :-D
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