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by Just Desserts
Just Desserts
With the 25-year anniversary of MAME 0.1 coming up, I'd like to put out a call for amusing, interesting, or otherwise cool images and videos over the past 25 years of MAME's history.

I unfortunately haven't done that great of a job of archiving things, so I know there's a ton of stuff out there that I don't have.

The question might come up, "What's 'amusing', 'interesting', or 'cool'?" And that's entirely up to you. If you find it amusing, interesting, or cool, link it.

But for some examples, as well as videos/images that I'm looking for:
- I recall that Ariane "SailorSat" Fugmann posted videos of her getting networked Model 1 emulation up and running, up to and including footage of a 9-way (8-player + announcer) LAN party for the birthday party of one of her kids. The kids' faces will be blurred for privacy, of course.
- I know that early MAME could run on certain digital cameras. Did anyone ever record any footage of it doing so?
- I know that both an old version, and a new-ish version, of MAME have been hooked up to laser vector generators. Can anyone track down footage of either?
- Any public talks that devs have given about MAME over the years.
- Any OverClocked comics pertaining to MAME.
- Any other webcomics that mention MAME.
- Any videos from early versions of MAME that can help to show how much a given game has visibly improved over the years (i.e., so I can do a side-by-side comparison in the eventual video).

Cheers, and thanks.
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by Justin
Here's the first footage of MAME running in a web browser from 2012:

Jason Scott demoed it to the public for the first time starting around 47:18 here:
(including showing Atari 2600 Pitfall with the creator of Pitfall in the audience)

When the Internet Arcade went live it got a fair amount of mainstream news coverage, unfortunately generally not mentioning MAME by name:

Here are some nice photos of a MAME kiosk the Internet Archive set up for the public at one of their open house events, search for "old games station":

Here's a guy from YouTube (original is gone) who was going to get married in a MAME t-shirt, or so he claimed:

MAME article from GamePro, December 1998:
(There are probably better scans of this out there nowadays...)

For visibly improved emulation, here's the fatfurwa intro as it used to look, with various body parts missing:
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by rfka01
I'm getting a Kodak DC-260 camera, I've downloaded the MAME and Doom versions, and I've found a manual and firmware for it smile
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by Just Desserts
Just Desserts
Just wanted to thank all of you for helping out with the content. It's going to be a busy weekend putting this all together, but I'm excited. smile
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