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by Golden Child
Golden Child
I saw this neat video about the arcade game Rescue on youtube:

So playing it under mame, the shots are very small, a single pixel.

A picture of the board(s):

Looking at the video, they must be at least 2x2.

Experimenting, I can change the draw_bullet to make it 2x2:

in galaxold.h

	void dambustr_draw_bullets(bitmap_ind16 &bitmap, const rectangle &cliprect, int offs, int x, int y);
	void rescue_draw_bullets(bitmap_ind16 &bitmap, const rectangle &cliprect, int offs, int x, int y);   // << add a special routine to draw bullets
	void galaxold_draw_background(screen_device &screen, bitmap_ind16 &bitmap, const rectangle &cliprect);
in galaxold_v.cpp:


	m_draw_bullets = &galaxold_state::rescue_draw_bullets;  // << add routine to draw bullets

	m_draw_stars = &galaxold_state::rescue_draw_stars;

	m_draw_background = &galaxold_state::rescue_draw_background;

void galaxold_state::rescue_draw_bullets(bitmap_ind16 &bitmap, const rectangle &cliprect, int offs, int x, int y)
	if (flip_screen_x())  x++;

	x = x - 6;

	/* bullets are 2 pixels square */
	for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
	for (int j = 0; j < 2; j++)
		int color = BULLETS_COLOR_BASE;
		if (cliprect.contains(x+i, y+j))
			bitmap.pix(y+j, x+i) = color;

This is probably horribly wrong, but it does make it much more playable, my poor eyes can't see that single pixel shot. Now I can get up to level 4.

[Linked Image from]

before: single pixel shots

[Linked Image from]

It's fascinating to read about the influence of galaxian and derivatives:


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by Guru
I reported this about 5 days ago to one of the devs. It appears to be stock Stern Super Cobra-based hardware. The cab appears to be an early test-location version (proto etc) but the hardware is definitely not prototype. I have a bootleg of it here by Entertainment Enterprises that I dumped years ago. My guess is the software creates the bullet size and without a dump of that code it's impossible to say either way as it can't be compared with the existing dumps we have. The details on the board are basically zero because these collector type people think they are rock stars and their stuff is precious and invincible. I have already made a YT comment and told the guy to dump his ROMs before they die and the board becomes a paper weight so they can be added to MAME and preserved forever. There was no response which was expected. Until that happens and the code is compared there's little point in looking at it because anything done is an assumption.
Having said that, I see no reason why the driver couldn't have a user-togglable PORT_CONFSETTING that makes the bullets 2x2 pixels until further evidence surfaces.
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by Golden Child
Golden Child
[Linked Image from]

minefld with the 2x2 bullets. It's a pretty rocking game, it works well to assign the missile fire to the space bar.
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