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#122502 07/18/2023 4:02 PM
by Tim Stark
Tim Stark

I noticed c64_nl10.cpp in MAME source is completely skeleton. I now found NX1000 series technical manuals that provides printing in colors and C64/C128, rs232, and parallel interface. That would be great for printing color graphics from Printshop software. They are available on manualslib website.

That c64_nl10.cpp can be expanded into nx1000 series. It uses M50734SP processor (M740 - 6502-based MCU processor). It needs ROM dumps.

For 24-pin dot matrix printer, I found NX2460 technical manual. It uses TMP90C041 (Z80-based MCU processor).

I can't find NX2420 technical manual on that website. I believe that it uses M50734SP (6502) or TMP90C041 (Z80) MCU processor either.

That can now be implemented on MAME when printer screen routines need to be re-developed.

There are so many Star Micronics manuals on that website.

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by R. Belmont
R. Belmont
Looking at a disassembly / just running it in MAME with -oslog and seeing what the memory access patterns are is how many, many drivers were written.
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by rfka01
Tim, your posts look suspiciously like you're trying to pass off work to other people that is high on your priority list.
When you say "it needs ROM dumps", this is nothing more than a statement. If you want progress on the systems you're championing, go hunt for those dumps. Talk to collectors, cash in favours, buy stuff on ebay and the equipment to save the firmware from the chips. Then offer it for inclusion into MAME. Even the physical dumps in your hands are no guarantee though, that the inclusion is going to happen over night - not every developer is familiar with your pet project, and they work on MAME in their own spare time and on their own schedule.
MAME ist a hobbyist project, a grand one, but still.
When you say "I still need a copy of NX1000 ..." again, that's your responsibility, unless you mean "I'd love to have those dumps for completion's sake in my collection" - but that doesn't have anything to do with MAME.
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