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Atari 2600 and 5200 via gamepad/joystick

Posted By: nimda79

Atari 2600 and 5200 via gamepad/joystick - 11/25/04 08:08 AM

I am having a bit of fun with my atari 2600 and 5200, granted it took a lil bit of guess work to figure out how and were to put the 5200 bios but I got it squared away. Anyways here's my issue:
I have 2 joysticks setup and working in both atari 2600 and 5200, but I can't get the Select and reset buttons mapped to work on my joypad for 2600 and the reset and start buttons mapped for the 5200 on my joypad. Also if this can be answered I was wondering if I could do the insert coin and player 1 and 2 selections to be mapped to my joypads also for MAME. I have 2 identical PS2 like USB controllers. And the last annoying thing I get is my mouse cursor becomes in the middle of my display every time I switch games. My total idea is to have a totally controller controlled setup. I have already purchased Maximus Arcade for my interface to switch between games, is't just MAME and Atari that are my 3 sore spots right now.
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