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Ran APPLE2GS driver, set up some slot devices, then hit RESET at the bottom of the same menu. Got an "Initializing..." screen that hung for a bit, then dumped me out with a stack trace.

Average speed: 98.93% (18 seconds)
0000000000228260: 0000000000C94C57 (winmain_dump_stack()+0x0037)
0000000000228320: 000000000163CAA1 (fatalerror(char const*, ...)+0x00d1)
0000000000228470: 000000000128E759 (save_manager::save_memory(char const*, char const*, unsigned int, char const*, void*, unsigned int, unsigned int)+0x0449)
0000000000228500: 0000000000B2152D (applefdc_start(device_t*, applefdc_t)+0x011d)
0000000000228540: 00000000012ECA88 (legacy_device_base::device_start()+0x0028)

00000000002286C0: 000000000124E152 (device_t::start()+0x0272)
0000000000228860: 0000000001278346 (running_machine::start_all_devices()+0x0136)
0000000000228AD0: 0000000001278F2B (running_machine::start()+0x098b)
0000000000228CC0: 0000000001279943 (running_machine::run(bool)+0x0323)
000000000022F430: 0000000001182EA3 (mame_execute(emu_options&, osd_interface&)+0x0543)
000000000022F8D0: 00000000013CD03E (cli_frontend::execute(int, char**)+0x0d5e)

000000000022FE10: 0000000000C92E1E (utf8_main(int, char**)+0x047e)
000000000022FE60: 000000000161BC1C (wmain+0x006c)
000000000022FF20: 00000000004013E2 (__tmainCRTStartup+0x0262)
000000000022FF50: 00000000004014E8 (mainCRTStartup+0x0018)
000000000022FF80: 0000000076FB652D (BaseThreadInitThunk+0x000d)
000000000022FFD0: 000000007755C521 (RtlUserThreadStart+0x0021)
Duplicate save state registration entry (applefdc/0/fdc->write_byte)
What did you assign to what slots? It looks like you tried to assign a DiskII or something in more than one slot, or in a slot that shouldn't be allowed. Can you duplicate it in command-line? If so, can you paste it?

That's probably it. I haven't touched a GS in 20 years, so I probably screwed up there-- I couldn't remember the slot specifics. I had a RAM upgrade in slot 1, DiskII in slot 2, and Mockingboard in 3. All three were added from the Tab key UI, then reset picked from the same menu.

Either way, I'm not sure that MESS should die.. err.. messily.. when invalid options are picked.

The launch commandline had been "mess64 apple2gs" by the way.
Our resident GS expert (all things Apple, as well) is R. Belmont. I'm sure he can tell for sure what you did.

For the IIgs you don't need to add any floppy disk controllers, they're built-in just like on hardware. And a Mockingboard won't work in slot 3 of a IIe or IIgs because of the built-in 80 column support.

Also, you can only have 1 floppy controller per system at the moment.

Oh, and finally, hard reset doesn't work well with the Apple II series right now. I haven't determined why yet, there was another thread about that. You should set up slot devices beforehand, on the commandline or via QMC2.
Originally Posted By R. Belmont
You should set up slot devices beforehand, on the commandline or via QMC2.

or in a new apple2gs.ini: at the bottom of the ini file, just put the options you want, e.g.

sl1   sam
sl2   phasor

in principle, you can also add them to the main mess.ini, but then non-apple2 systems would complain about unrecognized options.
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