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(Browser is iCab 2.99 running in System 7.5.5 on the Mac IIci driver with 128MB of RAM. 32-bit addressing must be enabled to run iCab which in turn means you must use the IIci).

And something for Kale.

Those screenshots look like they were taken in 1993 when the web was new.
Yeah. The browser actually dates from 2006, which is why the layout is more or less correct smile But the emulated machine is a 1989 model running a late-1996 OS.
Cool, iCab!
Here's another. Browser is Firefox 2 in Damn Small Linux.
IE 5.5 under Windows 95. It's pretty bad as you can see, large text, incorrect formatting and missing images. I believe the large text is due to the 640x480 resolution. Windows didn't like me changing it.

IE 5.0 under Windows 2000 Professional. It's just as bad as IE 5.5, but it does display pictures, it won't however let me say hello in the shoutbox frown

IE 5.0 Showing Pictures, Unlike 5.5:

IE 5.0 showing IE 5.5 Under Windows 95 In MESS:

IE's massive font is by design, IIRC it used 12pt Verdana if it couldn't find a font tag (and font tags are deprecated in favour of CSS these days, so it falls back to its default font, not that MS followed W3C standards anyway *cough* MARQUEE *cough*).

I fell victim to IE's monopoly and custom extensions in the early 2000s with my Tekken website (which has since been inactive for many years, and was for a long time broken in Netscape, and later, Firefox and other modern browsers). In fact, the entire website was a hack job, character pages converted from Word 97 to HTML, briefly edited in FrontPage 4.0, then edited entirely in Notepad to remove FrontPage bloat. The pages don't even have a DOCTYPE declaration in the header!
IE6 works in 2000. You could try that instead.
Opera 9.64 running under Win95 (very slowly):

Lynx in x68030.
That's about as coherent as I expected smile

Arachne 1.97 in 640x480x16 mode.

...and in monochrome CGA mode.
Nice ... what about Netscape on Win16? smile
Oh for goodness sake...
Arena, running under XFree86 (S3 accelerated server), on Slackware Linux 3.4. Very basic browser, doesn't even support frames.

Netscape Navigator 4.05, under Slackware Linux 3.4, XFree86 (with S3 acceleration).

Bumping this thread because it deserves it smile
But not stickifying it? smile
I'm looking forward to launch Netsurf on RiscOS... laugh
Didn't Windows 95 ship with IE3 or something equally ancient? I remember installing Windows 95 on some really old hardware many, many years ago and the default IE home page (msn.com?) didn't render at all, not even the text. I had to dig up one of those CDs that came bagged with a computer magazine to get IE5 on the machine. I used to have a copy of Microsoft Plus! that had IE1 but I think tossed it during a move.
If i remember well, the first RTM version of Windows 95 shipped with absolutely no Internet Browser...
Yeah, RTM had no browser, you had to get IE 1.0 from the Plus! Pack.
Well they did state that the internet was of little interest to the general public right before the release of Win95
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