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I'm literally becoming CRAZY diving into the MESS documentation (that's a MESS really! smile ) and can't find anything about the russian IE15 terminal emulator needed for the original TETRIS.

Can someone point me where to read?

I need to change some config and can't find anything useful. for example, how to avoid / eliminate that fastidious BEEP! that the terminal make at every keypress - that turn the terminal almost unusable because every beep seem to slow the entire terminal frown
Nice to hear that someone other than me actually uses that driver :-)

If you read Russian, the relevant doc is over here: http://zx-pk.ru/showpost.php?p=579938&postcount=144

To enter setup mode, press PrtScr. Cursor should appear in status line at the top. There are 20 settings you can change, in 6 groups (I-VI). Group I controls serial port speed (leave at 9600), groups II-V control 16 setup bits, and group VI is realtime clock. There is no NVRAM. To change a setting, press keypad '*'. Left and right cursor keys move between fields. PrtScr exits setup mode.

Setup bits are:

Group II
- 'cursor shift' [not sure what that does]
- keyboard autorepeat; 0: off, 1: on
- n/a
- cursor type; 0: type 1, 1: type 2 [not sure what that's supposed to do either]

Group III
- margin beep (at position 72); 0: off, 1: on
- key click; 0: on, 1: off
- current command set; 0: set 1, 1: set 2 [set 1 is completely custom, set 2 is VT52 compatible]
- xon/xoff [??]

Group IV
- n/a
- autowrap (only in command set 2); 0: off, 1: on
- auto CR/LF on keyboard input (only in command set 2); 0: off, 1: on
- n/a

Group V
- parity; 0: even, 1: odd
- parity check; 0: off, 1: on
- auto CR/LF [?? on line input]; 0: off, 1: on
- status line; 0: displayed, 1: not displayed
Are you the author? smile

I have a more technical question - how can I use this terminal emulator to "telnet" to a pdp11 online emulator we have? We put online the original tetris, but telnet seem not working.

we have a linux box with a telnet menu to select which pdp11 image to start:

telnet museo.mooo.com login: pdp11 pw:pdp11

So I tried

"mess -bitbngr socket.museo.mooo.com:23 ie15 -rompath . -window"

...the emulator start but nothing happens frown

Yes, I am smile

MESS doesn't implement telnet protocol and your server could be waiting for a client's response which never arrives.

Try connecting to telehack.com -- that definitely works.
GREAT to know you! \o/ thank you so much for this laugh
We are planning an exibith at our computer museum:


later for details - i'm running

PS we just made TETRIS run on our PDP-11/34 with RT-11, connected to a DEC VT-520 terminal with cyrillic language!!!

Congrats! Great to see the real big iron running smile
Love the HOWTO smile

'We have to go outside, buy a vodka bottle, and drink it, while the rest of the damn installation will try to bring us to the socialist video fun.'

I'll drink to that smile
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