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Posted By: Firehawke Let's talk documentation - 03/12/16 06:42 AM
There's a huge mountain of stuff to be done on this, particularly in light of developments going on right now.

If you have any input on things you'd like to see worked on sooner rather than later, let me know here. Especially if you're seeing things that need to be in the FAQ or commonly asked "How do I...?" type questions.
Posted By: Stiletto Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/12/16 04:08 PM
So far, Traso @ MAMEWorld has requested "section on the new UI" smile
Posted By: Stiletto Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/12/16 08:32 PM
How about tool ROMCMP?
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/12/16 10:29 PM
I'd argue that that's Trollso being Trollso rather than a serious request.
Posted By: Firehawke Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/12/16 11:17 PM
I'd started hitting up docs on the new UI and ended up writing a bug report. I'll come back to that later. I see there are other compiled tools that weren't really covered in the original documentation.

Can anyone shed any light on ldresample, ldverify, jedutil, ledutil, nltool (which crashed hard when I tried to run it), nlwav, pngcmp, etc.?

Don't worry, I can write the docs, I just need a quick crash course on these-- and if they're going to be irrelevant in the near term, then we'll just go to summary info.
Posted By: B2K24 Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/27/16 04:55 AM
Two things come to mind when I'm reading posts from users on varies sites. You have the one guy that has been sticking with an ancient version for so long that posts expressing an interest to finally run the latest version, but is unsure what steps to take or how exactly to go about doing it.

The next thing I'd like to see is information on softlist loading compared to running loose ROMs where applicable.

The last I've seen only Documenting software at last etabeta's page has comprehensive information regarding software lists. Perhaps some information here could be utilized there and the relevant parts moved over into the MAME Documentation.

And thanks for all the work going into getting things Documented smile
Posted By: Firehawke Re: Let's talk documentation - 03/27/16 05:37 AM
Thanks. I'll give that a look. If more things come to mind, place them in this thread and I'll give it a look over.

There's a lot to write, but I'd rather put emphasis on the areas you guys _need_ first.
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