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Kontron PSI98

Posted By: rfka01

Kontron PSI98 - 07/27/17 09:27 PM

[Linked Image]

This is another Z80 luggable machine from the 1980's. Its less powerful but essentially similar sibling is the more common Kontron PSI80. Both machines are expandable through ECB cards, the PSI98 has six slots.

The basic characteristics are a Z80 CPU at 4 or 6 MHz, 256K RAM on board in four 64K banks, 4 or 8K PROM, Memory manager for 16MB, Z80 DMA, 64Kx10 Video refresh memory, 2 CTCs (8 counter/timer channels), 16bit PIO, 2 serial channels via SIO, parallel keyboard, RTC, SASI connector (expects an MFM harddisk connected via an Adaptec ACB-4000 SASI=>MFM board), MC6845 video chip, character generator for 256 or 512 characters, alphanumeric and 512x256 pixel graphical display.

Here are the links for photos, manuals, ROMs and disk images, I've uploaded them to the FTP as well.

Kontron PSI98 manuals
Kontron PSI98 ROMs and Media
Kontron PSI98 Photos machine #1 (rfka01)
Kontron PSI98 Photos machine #2 (oldcomputers.dyndns.org)

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/27/17 09:36 PM

The machine consists of three boards:

The bus backplane with the six ECB slots

[Linked Image]

The KDT6 mainboard

[Linked Image]

The I/O board

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/27/17 09:45 PM

My machine must have been used in some kind of process control setting - it contains some extra ECB cards:

Two memory cards

[Linked Image]

One I/O card

[Linked Image]

One card with lots of relays

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/27/17 09:51 PM

The disk images and manuals in the archive come from this site



My machines boots KOS and a disk made from the CP/M image, although it's clearly marked for the PSI80 - according to the documentation however, the PSI80 doesn't have the right disk drives for that endeavour.

The disk format is a somewhat strange 5,25" DS DD 77 tracks, 16 sectors per track, 256 bytes per sector.

The machine has a SASI interface, but connecting an old SCSI-1 disk didn't work out of the box. The utilities are expecting an MFM harddisk connected via an Adaptec ACB-4000 SASI=>MFM board.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/28/17 09:42 AM

Thanks rfka, I'll take a look and add it.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/30/17 11:07 PM

Ok, implemented an initial version of the memory and gfx system, this gives us:

[Linked Image]

At this point it tries to boot from floppy (not hooked up yet).

Do you have any idea what the CPU in the keyboard is?
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 01:53 AM

Looking good! That's just the message you get on the real thing:

[Linked Image]

The keyboard MCU is an 8031

[Linked Image]

I meant to take these pictures but forgot ... new archive on FTP and here:

Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 02:23 AM

There's a sine wave key? smile
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 02:28 AM

Must ... resist ... "allowing you to ... sine on" ... pun.

Oh well, failed smile
Posted By: Carbon

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 01:50 PM

Seriously, I'd love to know the function of it. That DIN key is intriguing, too.
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 01:55 PM

Maybe a calculator mode? In which case I'd love to see the cos, tan, and ^2 keys smile
Posted By: Olivier Galibert

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 02:10 PM

Technically, it's obviously a tilde (ascii 126). Dunno what it's used for though :-)
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 07/31/17 10:05 PM

The operating manual has some information on those keys:

DIN switches between German Umlauts and international characters like the square brackets and signals the keyboard's state with an LED. If you try to use Umlauts in international mode or vice versa, you get buzzed. Acoustically.

The keyboard is set for a serial connection at 9600 baud ... this can be changed with the DIP switches visible in the photos. The "Kontron 80 Bedienungsanleitung" also covers the PSI98's keyboard.

I can't test the keyboard until next week, but I'll check if the other documents give more hints.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/03/17 12:43 AM

Floppy hooked up now:

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I'll clean this up tomorrow and submit a first version. Next step is probably the keyboard.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/04/17 03:21 AM

I've fixed some more issues and added proper DMA support, CP/M can now successfully load the SETCRT program:

[Linked Image]

The driver was also committed to the repository.

rfka01: There are checksums printed on the ROMs, however except for the keyboard ROM they don't match the files. If it's not too much trouble, maybe you can try a redump and see if you get another result? Or maybe the labels are just wrong, since I don't see any obvious errors.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/04/17 11:05 PM

Hi Duke, I'll re-dump them on Monday, I'm away from home until then.

Nice results so far! Thanks!

If you scroll through the crt options in the CP/M screen you posted, the screen gets adjusted for the different video modes. The changes stick only after a reboot, however.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/08/17 08:01 PM

Duke, the dumps of the three mainboard ROMs turn out exactly like the first try when I run them through my second eprom programmer, so it would appear that my dumps are correct, maybe they updated the ROMs later but didn't bother do correct the labels - or the ROMs have become corrupt.

There's one thing I noticed, though:

Using the HxD hex editor, I generated different types of checksums for the ROMs ... at least the keyboard ROM (mcg_2.1_1035_06f0.bin) has a valid Checksum-16 (not CRC-16) of 06f0.
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/08/17 08:13 PM

Yeah, Duke said he could match the keyboard ROM's checksum too smile

Maybe the owner re-burned them for an update or something and didn't change the labels.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/08/17 08:20 PM

Cue sound of choking from foot being inserted into mouth ... smile
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/10/17 12:35 AM

Thanks for checking the ROMs. Meanwhile I've added keyboard input:

[Linked Image]

CP/M seems to be fully usable, KOS still hangs at startup.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/10/17 09:49 PM

Looking through ancient comp.os.cpm threads I found this post


Wonder if we should contact the guy (he almost certainly meant the PSI╬Ę80, but hey!) cool
Posted By: Al Kossow

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/11/17 02:59 AM

posted: Wed, Mar 23 1988
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/11/17 08:49 AM

If you press CTRL-K when the PROM BOOT message is displayed you get into the intergrated debugger:

[Linked Image]

I already suspected that there is something wrong with the memory mapping, so that's a nice way to tackle that.

There is also a disk test:

[Linked Image]

You can access it by entering "J 1800" in the debugger.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/13/17 08:59 AM

Ok, a few fixes later we get this:

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/13/17 09:03 AM

Wow, nice!
And congrats that you already made your way so far ... KOS is a bit ... convoluted smile
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/13/17 10:21 PM

Yeah KOS has indeed some peculiarities, but an extensive manual is available so it's not too bad.

Among some other fixes graphics mode rendering has now been added:

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Tauwasser

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/13/17 11:17 PM

What's wrong with the lowercase i?
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/14/17 07:29 AM

I see three possibilities:

  • It's correct and supposed to look like this
  • It's a bad dump (unlikely since it was already dumped twice)
  • The owner changed it (possible since the checksum on the label doesn't match the file contents)

Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/14/17 09:31 AM

[Linked Image]

The machine certainly has a history - those relay and i/o cards point to industrial use. The disk drives are the other way round from the manuals - so I wouldn't put it past whoever changed this to also tamper with the ROMs.

I hope to get the PSI80 ROMs in some time soon - then we'll see how they dotted their i's there smile
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/21/17 09:00 PM

The system works quite well now. Here's an example of formatting a disk in drive 2:

[Linked Image]

Using the COPYM2 command the system disk can be copied to this new disk. The new disk is then bootable as well.

Recently I've added the centronics port. To test it, start MAME like this:

mame psi98 -flop1 kos605d -flop2 util605d -prin output.txt

After booting the OS, enter the following commands:

(loads the generic parallel output driver)

(print the file KOS.INF to this driver)

[Linked Image]

output.txt now contains the KOS.INF file.

I'll probably mark the system working soon, unless I find major issues.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/21/17 09:37 PM

If you do a diskcopy, the Kontron copies track by track ... I'll see if I can do a layout with a hi res photo and show the blinkenlights.

Edith says:

Retroarchive has the ROMs to the Adaptec ACB-4000 SASI=>MFM bridge the utilities are expecting whistle

Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/23/17 09:39 PM

SASI will be a bit more complicated since we don't have schematics (there is some small custom DMA circuit that needs to be emulated and isn't described in the manuals).

For now, I've added the two RS-232 ports to the driver. Here's how to test them:

Start MAME with:

mame psi98 -flop1 kos605d -flop2 util605d -rs232a null_modem -bitb socket.

(attaches the null modem to serial port a, and connects it to port 1234 on the local computer)

Start PuTTY now and tell it to connect to localhost:1234 with connection type "raw".

Let the emulated system boot now, open the TAB menu and configure the RS-232 port to 2 stop bits.

Then enter the following commands:


(load serial port a driver)


(attach this driver to input channel 5)


(attach this driver to output channel 5)


(start simple terminal program)

At this point you should be able to see any entered keys in the PuTTY window, as well see everything typed into PuTTY in the emulated system. Here are some screenshots:

[Linked Image]

Pasting ASCII art:

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/24/17 08:51 AM

You know, if you describe it like this, KOS almost makes sense smile
Again, great going!
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/25/17 11:37 PM

[Linked Image]

I couldn't figure out how to make the drive LEDs work, but the artwork is in place smile
Posted By: Stiletto

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/26/17 04:55 AM

Please put it in that artwork thread when it is ready...
Posted By: Robbbert

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/26/17 10:46 AM

Have a look at the Kaypro, its artwork shows the drive leds.
Posted By: Duke

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/26/17 01:43 PM

That looks great!

We need the drive select lines for the drive leds, which are currently not generated by the upd765, it just auto-selects the right drive. The kaypro uses a wd controller so it doesn't have that problem. I'll think about a good way to add the signals to the driver.
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/26/17 01:50 PM


@Robbbert: A good example for a driver that shows Drive LEDs is rainbow.cpp but that uses, as Duke notes, the WD floppy driver. Kaypro (also WD) has the artwork for LEDs in place, but the driver isn't activating them.

@Duke: x68000 has drive LEDs and uses a 765 derivative, maybe that's a starting point.

BTW, I have a Kaypro 10 ... if I can get anything from it to supply the missing bits for the driver, just holler.
Posted By: Robbbert

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/27/17 12:10 PM

Maybe I have different artwork for the Kaypro II. One thing to note on the Kaypro II (and on a real one) is that the LED indicates the drive is selected, rather than being used.

The Kaypro 10 issue is that we had no info on the hard drive and its controller. That is why it's marked as not working.

@Duke: great idea smile
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 08/29/17 10:15 PM

Thanks to Duke's last changes, the drive LEDs now work in the Kontron PSI98 layout.

I've created a stub layout and submitted the changed driver and stub layout with a GIT pull request. Unfortunately anything I submit is sucked into one big pull request that now contains the AEG Olympia Olytext 30 addition to pc.cpp, the BIOS additions to europc.cpp and the Kontron stuff. HELP!

The more elaborate layout and backdrop is here:

Kontron PSI98 layout and photo backdrop
Posted By: rfka01

Re: Kontron PSI98 - 09/05/17 10:56 AM

The Kontron PSI80 ROMs are now available ... check one of the latest posts in this thread ...

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