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Mame RetroArch INI?

Posted By: GrindStormerSTG

Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/03/18 07:06 PM

I don't know how many folks here use RA or even it's Mame core, but I'm messing around with the bleeding edge Mame core and i'm noticing a lot of games with effed-up aspect ratios, even after selecting "core provided" and messing around with the aspect ratio settings in Mame's on UI in the RA core
I do know I can easily fix this with changing some settings in Mame's default .ini file but is there a way I can have one made for RA? I think it's supposed to be in the system folder but there isn't one there...
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/03/18 07:31 PM

Understandably we want you to use MAME in MAME, where this isn't a problem. We don't support RetroArch.
Posted By: Haze

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/03/18 07:56 PM

Yeah, MAME in RA is just horrendous, about everything that could be done wrong has been done wrong, so I'm entirely unsurprised at people having problems.
Posted By: GrindStormerSTG

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/04/18 04:49 AM

My apologies, I was already aware that core was kinda controversial with actual MAME devs, didn't mean to rustle any feathers
I agree tho, it's still a hot mess and i'd normally prefer to use standard MAME. Was mostly waiting on the next version of QMC but I may be better off messing around with other frontends or something
Posted By: B2K24

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/04/18 05:57 AM

QMC2 0.195 works just fine with the latest MAME release.
Posted By: xinyingho

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/04/18 06:16 AM

I don't know what's wrong for you with QMC2, but you can try my front-end, Negatron smile

In June, I tackled several issues that appeared since MAME v0.186 preventing third-party front-ends from properly managing some emulated consoles and all emulated computers. I had to create my MAME fork to achieve that, called NegaMAME. It's a temporary situation until when somebody at MAME dev will fix this but other priorities are constantly creeping up so I don't expect this to be fixed before several months, maybe a few years.

At first, you may not understand how things work in Negatron. But once, you understand the logic of how to use it, most people just appreciate the ease of use.
Posted By: Alegend45

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/09/18 06:44 AM

If there's an issue with MAME, then why didn't you submit a PR? There were only two PRs I could find from you, and neither included the singular commit that separates MAME from NegaMAME.
Posted By: Vas Crabb

Re: Mame RetroArch INI? - 08/09/18 07:39 AM

Fixing the issues properly requires a significant pile of work. I have the core of it done, but threading it through the front-end spaghetti is a nightmare. The fork is OK in the mean time, I have no problem with it. This front-end provides much-needed competition to QMC2 in the full-featured front-end space.
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