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Z80 SIO or DART?

Posted By: fulivi

Z80 SIO or DART? - 03/10/19 10:58 AM

Just checking: should I use Z80SIO (in z80sio.cpp) or Z80SIOn (in z80dart.cpp) for a new device?
I have the impression the latter is being phased out and should not be used for new developments. Right?
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Z80 SIO or DART? - 03/10/19 12:25 PM

z80sio.cpp is preferred (it's a newer implementation) but if it comes up lacking features you need, use the other one.
Posted By: Vas Crabb

Re: Z80 SIO or DART? - 03/10/19 11:17 PM

I think the one in z80sio.cpp has more functionality at this point. You you just need asynchronous modes, or do you need synchronous modes as well? SDLC mode mostly works, apart from some corner cases, but BiSync is still flaky.
Posted By: fulivi

Re: Z80 SIO or DART? - 03/11/19 01:23 PM

Just good old asynchronous I/O.
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