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Posted By: starlord Advice needed on rare unmamed cab: - 07/29/19 09:59 AM
Hello to all. I’m in a bit of a pickle:

I have tracked an elusive arcade cab named « Chameleon RX1 » by Covielsa/Digital Sunil to a small arcade owner in Perpignan, France. The owner has reported that the machine has mechanical problems and he’s considering scrapping it.

It is strongly implied to be a PC hardware based arcade. The owner has mentioned he would get rid of it by mid August due to storage needs. I basically told him I would mention the possibility of acquiring the machine to arcade fans as I myself cannot house an arcade.

However, I would be prepare to buy some components of the arcade (hard drive, tech specs and manuals, possibly other internals...) in order to see this game preserved in Mame someday. Basically I would need your point of view on what elements I should absolutely acquire from the arcade knowing that it runs on PC hardware (the hard drive is a given but are there other essentials?).

Team recreativas has documented the machine here:


Thank you for your advice.
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Advice needed on rare unmamed cab: - 07/29/19 02:02 PM
For a PC, you'd want the HDD image, and ideally the motherboard BIOS, video card BIOS, and photos and dumps of anything on any I/O cards that can be dumped. Also the model name of the motherboard and video card, of course, and the geometry of the drive if it's under 2 GB.
Posted By: starlord Re: Advice needed on rare unmamed cab: - 07/29/19 02:20 PM
If those elements are the size of a comp (which they should be) it should be possible for me To hold onto it for a while.

Funny in fact that many of the boards of said company (death tracks, pull the trigger) are also unmamed and rare. Maybe it’s because of their PC architecture?

Thanks for the advice
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Advice needed on rare unmamed cab: - 07/29/19 02:36 PM
Usually it's a standard ATX or ITX case holding all that stuff and standard components like you'd buy to build your own PC.
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