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Good evening everyone !

I've been looking for a while to activate a scanline shader with MAME... I'm a beginner & everything I find on the net doesn't work...

Can you help me please ?

Thanks best regards !
56 views & no one to help me ?
I don't think anyone here knows what a "scanline shader" is.

MAME already ships with shaders, and you just need to enable them, there's no need to install anything.

What platform are you running MAME on? That would be a good start.
For example, if you're on Windows, try running MAME with "-hlsl" on the command line. Bam, scanlines.
Hello thank you for your reply.

I am using MAME on Windows 7 & I would like to have a scanline curved rendering but I cannot find the options to activate this ?!
You're going to have to read the documentation and work it out. Repeatedly bumping your own thread makes you look selfish, impatient and demanding.
I waited several days without response I do not understand... I have already read the documentation there is nothing indicated...
You waited 18 hours on a major holiday when many of the devs have family obligations. And the documentation explains everything you're asking. Hint: look at the HLSL or BGFX sections. Both of them can do scanlines plus rounded corners.

Also, you gave no useful information. Did you try -hlsl as suggested by Just Desserts? Are you even on Windows? What version of MAME are you using?
Hello !

Yes I said that I was under Windows 7 with MAME version 0.216... I am a beginner I do not understand much sorry... I do not want the command lines thank you smile
Then what do you want? No one understands what you want.
I don't understand how to have the scanline curved filter...
You can try the following:
mame -video bgfx -bgfx_screen_chains hlsl

or set the two options in mame.ini if you don't want to type them in every time.
Make a mame.ini by using this command. mame64 -cc

Then paste these in there over the old settings.

video d3d

hlsl_enable 1

If you want rounded corners. I using these below.

distort_corner 0.02
round_corner 0.10
smooth_border 0.01

Just 0.0 those out. If you don't any of this showing. Should look like this.

distort_corner 0.0
round_corner 0.0
smooth_border 0.0

You will get a hang of the settings. Take a while.
Hello !

OK thank you for your help I will try... & how we modify the parameters of the scanline, to have a more or less important space between the scan lines ?

Thanks best regards !
Originally Posted by Just Desserts
For example, if you're on Windows, try running MAME with "-hlsl" on the command line. Bam, scanlines.

Hello smile

In my HLSL folder I have this:

[Linked Image from pix.tdct.org]

I tried the following command:

mame64 gx4000 -nowindow -hlsl distorsion -cart "e:\games\gx4000\tintin on the moon.bin"

But I have this error message:

[Linked Image from pix.tdct.org]

I tried with another filter & I still get this error message ?!

mame64 gx4000 -nowindow -hlsl scanline -cart "e:\games\gx4000\tintin on the moon.bin"

No filter works !!!
There is no argument to -hlsl. So:

mame64 gx4000 -nowindow -hlsl -cart "e:\games\gx4000\tintin on the moon.bin"

OK but then how to choose the filter in this folder ?

[Linked Image from pix.tdct.org]
You go to the sliders (~ key, or Tab and then Slider Controls) to control all the parameters. All of those files are auto-used.
I am in " Slider controls " but I have no options for the filters ???

[Linked Image from pix.tdct.org]
Good evening everyone !

I still haven't managed to launch MAME with a sorry CRT curved shader... I can have several different effects like 'scanlines' or 'aperture' with the command:

-effect scanlines

But I want the CRT curved shader how to proceed please? In the MAME folder there is a folder artwork\bgfx\chains\crt-geom in which there are .png files is it the option to have the curved shader ?

Thanks best regards !
Nobody to answer me ???
Maybe nobody knows or have time to spare from their favorite project?!

If you haven't noticed this is a board mainly for *contributors* and *developers* so maybe you as a *user* finds more help if you register on the MAMEWorld forum and ask there?
That and we already told him to -video bgfx, press tab, go to Slider Controls, and select "HLSL" for the "Screen Effect".
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