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I was trying to checkout OG's latest TGP awesome progress and fired up swa. It appears that the throttle control is currently does not work with analog controls - assigning it to a right trigger of my gamepad makes the slider in the analog controls menu go haywire. Is this a known problem?
Posted By: Tafoid Re: how to configure the analog pedal in swa? - 12/27/19 01:16 AM
Thanks! I should have checked there first blush
Keep in mind that it isn't actually a pedal on the cabinet - it's a spring-returned thottle lever.
Good point - I have edited the first post to reflect that.
Yeah, calling SWA playable in 0.217 is actually kinda borderline, there's no reasonable way to map the throttle to a real analog control right now.

But that's why there's monthly releases smile
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