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I'm not able to find a specific value using debugger on Ikari warriors.

At maincpu@FDEB there is the ammo value for P1, that when game starts is set to 99.

If I try to find the above value using:
cheatnext eq,99
show 0 cheats.

by typing "cheatlist" it seems like address FDEB is out of range of possible addresses search, so this is why debugger never find that value.

Is there any explanation to this ?
99. Is that in decimal, hex or BCD?
Tried with decimal and relative hex value. My guess is that for some reason debugger doesn't search on that memory address range by default (it stops at FC or before, I don't remember perfectly)
That cheat finder is deprecated; you're supposed to use the cheat Lua plugin, which is more capable.

Do you know any doc for Lua debugger ?
The one on the official mame documentation looks a bit poor frown (I'd expect a command to search / write into registers)

Thank you
The FDEB is in the tx_videoram region which is as you guessed out of range for the debugger cheatfinder. It's a bad case for the lua finder too because it won't automatically search it although it can be done. Here's a link with some info http://www.mamecheat.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12625 .
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