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Posted By: Shoegazer apple2e driver and .woz images - disk IO - 10/15/20 06:29 PM
I wanted to test disk access (specifically write options) in the mame apple2e driver with .woz images. Using the mame UI, i mounted a .woz image in the file manager, and it gave me options to write to a separate image or to a diff. The diff option is unsupported, so I tried writing to an image and gave writeable image a new name. I launched the disk, saved within the apple2e instance, and quit out of mame. I discovered the resulting new image is a 0-byte-length file (clearly bad). Does anyone have any suggestions or know what if anything I may be doing wrong here? Thanks!
MAME cannot write to .woz images. Complain to OG ;-)
Thanks, well there's the answer I guess (help me OG Wan). One thought though, I'm actually writing to a new image, not back to the original .woz (even if i named the new image foobar.woz). Does that matter?
If you name it foobar.woz then that matters, yes.
Thanks. Assuming you meant that the driver is sensitive to the extension used, I renamed the write image to foobar.dsk (and I selected 16-sector disk image format to write to) but I'm still getting a 0-byte-length image result after hitting escape to exit mame. I take it then that if I'm reading from a .woz source, mame will try to write to a destination file in .woz format regardless of any other factors?
I tried to create a new image from the UI, gave it a somename.dsk and chose the first image type and got a 0 byte size file as well. Then tried the same and initialized the disk with INIT HELLO ,D2 and still got a 0 byte size file.
Make a copy of an existing .dsk and format it, that works.
That's great, it doesn't change the fact that the internal UI seems to be broken. So let's figure out why.
Update: I tried loading a .woz file and then saving contents to an actual formatted .dsk but that resulted in a 0-byte-length image as well. The .woz image format is really nice, just wish you could do useful things with it. In time I suppose.
I really need to do a pass over the floppy UI stuff, it's not very good and very incomplete...
Thanks OG, I'm sure that would help these cases. Whatever time you can spare is always appreciated.
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