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Posted By: PhillHS Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 10:59 AM
Hi all,

I downloaded the MSYS build package from the https://www.mamedev.org/tools/ page.

However when I try to update the MSYS packages I get PGP signature errors. On further investigation it seems that the MSYS people have changed their maintainers, leading to a change in keys, I've tried following the suggestions for resolving the issue, however none seem to work frown

So is there or will there be a more up to date pre-packeged build environment?

Or is there a procedure that I can carry out to resolve the issue?


Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 11:16 AM
Just use a stock MSYS2 installation and install the necessary packages to compile MAME. It’s less fuss than trying to use the build tools package at this point. See here: https://docs.mamedev.org/initialsetup/compilingmame.html#using-a-standard-msys2-installation
Posted By: Haze Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 01:52 PM
For varying degrees of less fuss... that all looks much more off-putting to me.

I want to be developing MAME, not messing about learning build environments.

If I saw that wall of text, that assumes I already know how to use various tools, I'd just move on and contribute elsewhere.

Old instructions told you *exactly* what to type and where, and made it completely foolproof until this recent issue.

An increasing number of people who want to (and are capable of) contributing to MAME aren't primarily coders, it's important not to drive them away or force them into making more changes which they never even compiled to test.
Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 02:55 PM
Look, I’ve got enough on my plate without having to work out how to package an MSYS64 environment that can be safely installed to an arbitrary path without fucking up anything else on a person’s machine. TBH I don’t even know if the tools package on mamedev.org meets those requirements. There isn’t any even documentation for how it’s made, or how to reproducibly create it. I wouldn’t install the damn thing on my own computer. Micko appeared to be making some effort to update it, but then he disappeared again.
Posted By: Haze Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 03:12 PM
Well I'd certainly encourage Micko to pick it up, it's traditionally been one of the appealing things about MAME, it's very easy to get up and running with a build environment, near enough "extract and you're done"
Posted By: Just Desserts Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 05:36 PM
Look, Vas, even if you don't have time to work out how to package it in its own download, the least you can do is spend some time on coming up with a set of steps on how to download and configure the build environment on 64-bit Windows.

We all have things that we'd rather be doing, but holding off on refactoring other peoples' code for a few days in order to fix something that has the potential to cause us to hemorrhage potential contributors is a pretty clear choice. I'm more than happy to put my ass on the line to guinea-pig any steps you come up with.

At the end of the day, we were relying on Micko, and he's left us in the lurch yet again, so we can't reasonably rely on him. As the project lead, it falls on you or some other elected board member to rectify this situation. It's outside the scope of something that an average contributor or even long-time contributors can be expected to fix. It requires intimate knowledge of how MAME's build system works, and other things that you've got, but the rest of us haven't.
Posted By: PhillHS Re: Windows build environment.... - 11/02/20 07:24 PM
Right following the instructions on the page that Vas linked to.

Just one small comment it would be useful if that page instead of just saying things like "install using pacman" actually told you the pacman parameters you have to use, took me several minutes of searching to hit on the right ones....


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