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Posted By: macollin2 Volume Control Not Working - 04/07/21 04:39 PM
Hello -

I am trying to get the volume control to work in MAME .223 and it doesn't seem to work regardless of what keys I map the buttons to. I initially tried the default keys and then mapped other keys to volume up and volume down through the Tab menu. Nothing happens when I press either volume up or volume down. Is it possible that the audio us being passed through and I need to change an audio setting in order to use the volume controls?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Posted By: Heihachi_73 Re: Volume Control Not Working - 04/07/21 08:06 PM
The volume up/down inputs in MAME are game-specific inputs for the relatively few games which support it (e.g. games which have physical volume up/down buttons, such as Mortal Kombat II). Unless I'm mistaken, what you're looking for is MAME's actual volume control options in the Slider Controls menu, but AFAIK these can't be mapped to anything.
Posted By: Golden Child Re: Volume Control Not Working - 04/07/21 09:56 PM
The master volume can be accessed on the main screen by hitting the TILDE key (acts as a toggle). Once the OSD is up, you can use left and right arrow to adjust. Of course, UI controls have to be enabled with scroll lock for the tilde to work.
Posted By: macollin2 Re: Volume Control Not Working - 04/08/21 02:15 PM
Thanks for the replies! I did discover the tilde yesterday so I’m happy to get that working. There is also a Volume Up and Volume Down key in the Tab menu but those buttons don’t seem to do anything.

I guess I was accustomed to using Mame 2013 through retroarch where I could use +/- to make the volume go all the way up to +200% and down to 0% with on key. It sounds like the only to do this through MAME is with the tilde and then arrow keys.

Thanks again!
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