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Posted By: Vas Crabb MAME 0.233 - 07/01/21 05:21 AM
MAME 0.233

Are you ready for MAME 0.233? With dozens of reported issues fixed, over a hundred pull requests merged, and a flurry of development across all areas, our mid-year release is huge! Some of the more interesting machines added this month include several prototype JAKKS Pacific TV Games, the elusive English version of Namco’s Armadillo Racing, and the LCD hand-held game Space Mission from Tronica.

There are lots of new Apple IIgs and Macintosh software list items, tying in nicely with the recently improved emulation of these systems, as well as an update to the Colour Genie collection, and a massive haul of MicroBee floppy dumps. A few more Mattel Juice Box cartridges have been dumped, allowing you to marvel at the poor-quality, 6 frames-per-second video.

Significantly improved systems include the Atari Portfolio, Tandy MC-10, and Tandy VIS. Carl has continued to work on Japanese home computers, and Ville Linde is back this month, bringing a batch of updates for the Konami Hornet platform. Juno First, The Tin Star, The Empire Strikes Back have all had bugs squashed, and some of the last remaining regressions from the Yamaha FM synthesis rewrite have been resolved. David Haywood has turned his attention to bootlegs of games including Final Lap 3, Guttang Gottong, and Alien Storm.

This release includes preliminary sound support for the Super A'Can console. On the topic of sound, some Yamaha synthesisers have been promoted to working, and MAME can now play back standard MIDI files to exercise machines that take MIDI input.

There are several general usability improvements in this release, including updated Chinese and Greek translations, better configuration handling for slot devices, and a few small enhancements to the built-in user interface. Issues with artwork using SVG and Windows DIB (BMP) images on ARM/AArch64-based Linux systems should also be fixed.

As always, you can find much more detail about all the action in the whatsnew.txt file, and the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages are available from the download page.

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Posted By: Stiletto Re: MAME 0.233 - 07/01/21 05:57 PM
Official MAME 0.233 Twitter and Facebook links!



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Posted By: =CO=Windler Re: MAME 0.233 - 07/07/21 04:29 AM
Bug: Final Lap series missing sprites

In all 3 "Final Lap" games now the complete roadside decoration (trees, buildings etc.) is missing. Previously these huge sprites looked mostly ok, only a bit misplaced and partly appeared in wrong places when fully zoomed (i.e. occasional flickery pixel mess popped up in the middle of the screen etc.).

Now it looks like a boring Atari ST game, because beside road, cars and horizon mountains there is nothing on screen.
Posted By: Haze Re: MAME 0.233 - 07/07/21 07:10 AM
For FL 2/3 The objects render just like they always have, and in FinalLap 1 there are less missing than there were before.

In the attract mode there are no objects, but that is correct.

For Final Lap R, there's probably a CPU core bug or something and I can't see any of them in the spritelist (all the missing objects are suspiciously meant to be drawn flipped, but the drawing code looks OK) That however is not a regression, it's always been like that in MAME.
Posted By: =CO=Windler Re: MAME 0.233 - 07/09/21 05:56 PM
Thanks. I wasn't aware that Final Lap lacks roadside sprites only in attract mode. In game they are visible (with the usual position glitches at full zoom).

And I am happy to see that with Yamaha PSR-60/70 the first traditional tablehooters (not professional synths) found there way into emulation. I own a Yamaha PCR-800, which is a PSR-60 variant with PlayCard system (plays a sort of midi files from magnetic tape scoresheets, including keylighting). I haven't dumped the roms yet, but it may be very similar.

Yamaha PCR-800 Keyboard 16 Sounds & Features

There was also an oriental keyboard variant named PSR-62 with additional buttons for arabic scale. (I don't own this.) Both may be similar enough to be emulated.

Yamaha PSR-62
Posted By: Haze Re: MAME 0.233 - 07/09/21 06:17 PM
The remaining zooming glitches for Final Lap /2/3 will be fixed in the next release fwiw.
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