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Posted By: PhillHS Tracing with debugger.... - 11/11/21 06:53 PM
Hi all,

With the built in debugger, is there a way to trace code, but exclude an area from the trace.

For example if you have code loaded into RAM that makes ROM calls that you want to trace, but you don't want to trace the code in ROM?


Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Tracing with debugger.... - 11/11/21 09:05 PM
There isn't that I know of, but that's an interesting feature idea.
Posted By: Happy Re: Tracing with debugger.... - 11/11/21 11:08 PM
You can use breakpoints on the ROM calls with logerror to get a serialized list of calls, but it's not exactly a trace.

 bpset address, 1, {logerror "bp at address %08X\n", pc; g}; 

You can put them all in a text file and use the 'source' command to load them into the debugger at the beginning of execution.
Posted By: AJR Re: Tracing with debugger.... - 11/11/21 11:40 PM
This is perhaps not quite the same thing, but one feature I did a trial implementation of was "exception points", which lets you conditionally trap any case where the debugger exception callback is invoked. These cases potentially includes software traps, and I already updated the x86 and 68K CPU cores so that INT XXh and $AXXX instructions can be trapped. (The currently-existing gex command behaves similarly, but is a one-shot deal.) A secondary intention behind this proposed feature of mine was to simultaneously retire the special per-instruction debugging hook which is now used exclusively by the rmnimbus driver.
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