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Posted By: Dullaron sidearms.cpp I found this note. - 07/25/22 05:21 AM
"A bootleg has been found that matches "sidearmsj" but with the
starfield data ROM being half the size of the original one and
containing its second half. Also, it seems that, as the original
game it's currently emulated, it uses just the first half of the
starfield ROM, so it's something worth checking."

I sitting here and thought myself. How this going to solve the starfield issue? This is on a bootleg that haven't been dump yet.

Sorry I had to share my thoughts on what I read from the driver.
Posted By: Just Desserts Re: sidearms.cpp I found this note. - 07/25/22 09:48 AM
Since you're not a coder, maybe you shouldn't think so hard about it. You're like a child who finds his parents' copy of the Kama Sutra. You shouldn't be thinking about such things, you don't have the capability of really doing anything useful with it.
Posted By: Dullaron Re: sidearms.cpp I found this note. - 07/26/22 05:01 AM
True dude.
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