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Posted By: zios33 MAME OS X: CPS3? - 10/28/07 02:17 PM
I have downloaded Warzard and JoJo's Bizarre adventure so I can play them on MAME OS X. I audit them like how i usually do for my newly uploaded games which is usually a success. when I try to play them, it says that the files are missing. does anybody know what files I missed?

Posted By: R. Belmont Re: MAME OS X: CPS3? - 10/28/07 02:51 PM
#1: posting the URL of a ROM site can get this site shut down and Richard Bannister jailed. Therefore we frown upon that sort of thing.

#2: you're probably missing the .CHD file (the CD image - CPS3 games shipped on CDs).
Posted By: zios33 Re: MAME OS X: CPS3? - 10/28/07 03:04 PM
oh, i'm sorry. does this .CHD file comes in zip form?
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: MAME OS X: CPS3? - 10/28/07 04:10 PM
Not usually. And the name of the site is still Bad smile
Posted By: will Re: MAME OS X: CPS3? - 11/06/07 09:19 PM
You can use the "NO CD" sets which do not need the CHD files, also they load a lot faster since you don't have to go through the initial CD loading phase which can take 45 minutes to an hour the first time you play each one.

Here's a complete list of CPS3 games and required files:


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