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Holy gods...

Posted By: Richard Bannister

Holy gods... - 06/12/08 07:46 PM

Should any computer currently in production be able to run Cruisn' USA at full frame rate? Because this one can...
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Holy gods... - 06/12/08 08:32 PM

Yes - higher end Core 2 Duos should be able to do it even at stock clock.
Posted By: Richard Bannister

Re: Holy gods... - 06/12/08 09:07 PM

Ah okay... I just remember my G5 struggling a bit with it smile
Posted By: Golan Klinger

Re: Holy gods... - 06/13/08 05:35 AM

Originally Posted By Richard Bannister
Because this one can...

What is this one? I'm running a C2D @ 2GHz and I tried Cruisn' USA once and it wasn't quite there. Granted, it's a MacBook so video-wise, it's pants.
Posted By: erise

Re: Holy gods... - 06/13/08 04:02 PM

I think Richard has a Mac Pro.

My MacBook Pro 2.4GHz with a 256MB GeForce 8600M GT graphics card doesn't run it full speed either. Close, but not quite.
Posted By: Richard Bannister

Re: Holy gods... - 06/13/08 07:51 PM

3GHz 8-core Mac Pro. Did I mention it was, er, moderately quick?
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Holy gods... - 06/13/08 07:55 PM

Good lord. Does AO have detectable compile time on that?
Posted By: Richard Bannister

Re: Holy gods... - 06/13/08 09:30 PM

Haha, I never even thought of testing that. A clean fully optimised universal binary build of Audio Overload (i.e. two full sets of compiles), totalling 654 files, just built in eighteen seconds. I burst out laughing when I saw how fast it went. For purposes of comparison, the Dual 2.5 G5 it replaced took about ten minutes to do the same compile...!

But rather funnier, and keeping this on topic for the forum, was MAME. I just downloaded the source tree of MAME OSX 0.124 from the official site, and compiled a Universal Binary in three minutes, thirty-seven seconds. Crikey.
Posted By: Monotremata

Re: Holy gods... - 06/14/08 07:48 PM

Damn I SERIOUSLY need a new mac haha.

(still struggling along with an upgraded dual 1.6 G4 eeek)
Posted By: will

Re: Holy gods... - 06/14/08 10:56 PM

Richard, did you get an ATI or NVIDIA card? I can't get SDLMAME to work with OpenGL because supposedly the drivers are busted. However MAME OS X seems to be working fine on my Mac Pro. I bought the GeForce 8800 GT.

More on my issue here:

Posted By: Richard Bannister

Re: Holy gods... - 06/15/08 07:01 AM

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