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Posted By: brownbathrobe volume control not working... - 10/18/08 02:13 PM
hey folks. i just got MAME for the Mac OSX and it's great! one question, though. i can't seem to do anything to lower/mute the volume. i've located the "master volume" (~) but lowering it has absolutely no effect. does anyone else have this problem? thanks!
Posted By: Dave Dribin Re: volume control not working... - 10/21/08 12:56 AM
Yeah, I know about this. Only work around is to use change the system volume.

Posted By: Ome Joop Re: volume control not working... - 10/28/08 01:41 PM
Yes, but many audio devices don't have controlable volume at system level. Incorporating it into MAME OS X as well would be much appreciated.
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