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Posted By: buzzman Running MAME OS X fullscreen - 10/20/08 02:58 PM

When I run mame os x full screen on an imac, it works fine but is in 4:3 so there are black borders at the side. Under preferences/video, I have Scanlines 50% on and switch resolutions on too.

If I turn switch resolutions off and then go full screen, it runs without the black borders but without the scanlines so the graphics looks blocky/rubbish.

Any way to run full screen with no borders, but with scanlines?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Running MAME OS X fullscreen - 10/20/08 03:15 PM
99% of games in MAME are 4:3, so the borders on the sides are correct for a widescreen iMac. If you really want to force Chun Li to be fat, there should be a "keep aspect ratio" option you can turn off.
Posted By: Sune Re: Running MAME OS X fullscreen - 10/20/08 08:03 PM
@buzzman: A widescreen monitor allows you to see more of the game artwork while keeping the correct aspect ratio of the game itself. I think you will like it.

Of course there isn't artwork available for every single game, but the majority of the classics and most popular games are covered. For those with no artwork available you can opt to use generic bezel artwork.

I would keep the correct aspect ratio and go grab some artwork:
http://www.mameworld.net/mrdo/mame_artwork.html (scroll down).
Posted By: Dave Dribin Re: Running MAME OS X fullscreen - 10/21/08 12:59 AM
I don't see why full screen + switch resolutions off + scan lines should not work. Why won't this work for you?

Posted By: wyy Re: Running MAME OS X fullscreen - 11/22/08 07:03 AM
Dear all
I got the same problem too..
just unselect the preserve game aspect ratio in the "preference--video"
once you enable the visual effect and choose scanline 50 or 100
the half of the screen on the right side will turn to black.in full screen mode or maximum mode(without switch resolution)
please help
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