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Posted By: Billy_ca D-Pad (Hat Switch?) not being recognized - 09/01/09 08:56 AM
Greetings Mac OS X Mamers,

I'm totally new to the Mac Maming world. I just picked up a Mad Catz USB game controller today that says it's for Mac (it looks like an XBox controller, here's a picture ) at the Best Buy.

I'm now trying to play MAME OS X and the left analog stick seems to be working fine as a standard joystick, but the NES style cross D-pad (Hat Switch?) just underneath it is not being recognized at all.

I've tried USB Overdrive, which does recognize the D-Pad, but it appears to interfere with MAME OS X so that the controller doesn't work at all in MAME when I have Overdrive turned on. So that's no good.

I can still get by playing with the joystick, but I'd rather play with the D-Pad since I'm so used to an SNES style D-Pad controller.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on what might be causing it and if it'll be fixed in the future?

I'm thinking of maybe bringing back this controller, do you think a Logitech Dual Action USB controller might work better? Or does anyone here have any recommendations on controllers that work particularly well with MAME OS X and other emulators?

Thanks for any help or information you might be able to provide! smile
Posted By: Sune Re: D-Pad (Hat Switch?) not being recognized - 09/01/09 02:48 PM
What happens when you press TAB and try to remap the P1 directional controls to the D-pad?
Hat switches historically have been somewhat problematic in MAME in general, although AFAIK they work in current baseline and SDLMAME.
Originally Posted By Sune
What happens when you press TAB and try to remap the P1 directional controls to the D-pad?

I tried that, but it doesn't read the D-Pad at all on that screen, so you can't remap anything to the D-Pad (Hat Switch).
Well, I had not luck getting the D-Pad on the Mad Catz controller to work, so I passed by the Best Buy again and picked up the Logitech Dual Action USB controller (which is like the PlayStation controller). I figured since this one had the D-Pad in the main position it might work. No luck at first, but then I pressed this little button on the controller that turns on a little red LED light. When the light is on, the controller switches the D-Pad (Hat Switch) with the analog joystick, so the computer thinks the pad is the stick.


Only the Logitech D-Pad is kind of lame in design. I got the Mad Catz in the first place because the D-Pad looked better. Too bad they just can't all make them like the Nintendo plus sign one, but I guess patents are patents. The Super Nintendo controller was the best of all time (too bad there's no way to hook it up to my Mac), but then Nintendo had to ruin it for everybody with the N64 analog stick.

Now off to play Wonder Boy and relive some old memories. smile
Ugh...a bit of LCD input lag...controls are a bit sloppy...some motion blur, hurst the eyes.

Why oh why did I ever throw out my old behemoth Trinitron?!!

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. frown
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