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Posted By: Lokheed Ninja Warriors on Mameosx - 10/17/09 07:01 AM
Hey guys,

I've used MAMEOSX for quite a while, but have moved over to SDLMAME a couple of weeks ago. I like it but the performance on some games is just there.

Anyway, the reason I left MAMEOSX was I couldn't get Ninja Warriors to have a stretched screen (and its pretty behind). This seems default in SDLMAME. Am I just missing a setting or is that just not possible?

Posted By: will Re: Ninja Warriors on Mameosx - 10/28/09 09:30 PM
You can bring up the video options by pressing the TAB key. Otherwise you can try MAME+GUI with SDLMAME where you can set the core video options in preferences before you play the game. Mind you, Ninja Warriors uses 3 monitors!


Posted By: Lokheed Re: Ninja Warriors on Mameosx - 10/30/09 08:02 AM
Thanks Will. That did it. Pressing tab and then setting the video options in the game. Works great!

Cheers for that. I'm embarrassed the options were right in front of me cause I usually do dig around... damn.
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