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Posted By: Vas Crabb Well, it's officially over - 10/02/10 02:27 AM

It has been a few years since Iíve been able to dedicate much time towards MAME OS X, and this is the nail in the coffin. I will not be able to contribute to MAME OS X. If anyone wantís to pick up the effort, please let me know. This also goes for most of my other open source software. Truth be told, with the two recent additions to our family, Iím going to be sufficiently distracted for a while, anyways.
Posted By: Richard Bannister Re: Well, it's officially over - 10/02/10 12:30 PM
Shame, but hardly a surprise.
Posted By: patmcfar8 Re: Well, it's officially over - 10/04/10 08:13 PM
Wow. I guess congrats on the new babies and new gig with Apple! As for Mame OS X... the one I have now seems to work pretty well, so thank you for all of your work over the years Dave! Kinda reminds me of how MacMAME ended. Apple keeps buying up all the good ones. ;-)
Posted By: Dave Dribin Re: Well, it's officially over - 10/27/10 07:24 PM
Meant to post something here, so glad someone else did. Perhaps I can get back into MAME at some point.

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