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I've updated my 'unofficial' Qt add-on for the MAME dev-tools to Qt 4.8.4:


Micko will probably provide an 'official' Qt add-on in the future. Until then I'll continue to do the job...
X64 build compiled fine on Windows. A few Dll are updated so it's better to update them even if it works OK with the old ones.

libstdc++-6.dll and libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll are no longer needed (since you rolled back to Qt 4.8.2, they were needed again).
Yeah, the packages were built as described in the wiki. All-in-all Qt 4.8.4 appears to be really fine (they had 4 release candidates this time smile ).
OK, since the new MAME dev-tools now contain Qt, this will be the last package of that sort from my side... I'm actually quite happy about it, it makes a lot of work smile.
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