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QMC2 Organize Favorites Into Subfolders

Posted By: fsk

QMC2 Organize Favorites Into Subfolders - 01/22/13 04:27 PM

One feature I miss from MAMEUI is the ability to organize your favorites into subfolders. You can create your own custom .ini file, load it, and then add favorites to it.

If possible, do this both for MAME favorites and for MESS software list favorites.

Also, the MESS software list favorites should be stored in their own file rather than burying them in qmc2.ini. This matters if I move to a new PC and want to easily copy over my favorites.
Posted By: qmc2

Re: QMC2 Organize Favorites Into Subfolders - 01/22/13 06:08 PM

First of all: QMC2 is not MAMEUI. Apart from that, the favorites management is something you'd find on the TODO list as "planned for improvements". When it's done, it'll be done for all emulator targets.

Regarding software list favorites in qmc2.ini... there are good reasons they are "buried in qmc2.ini". Mainly because there are relations to the device- & slot-setup you can use with them. But I should allow exporting/importing them.
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