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Posted By: RColtrane Suggestion... or correction? - 11/11/13 11:53 AM
I was rewriting all mim .ini files yesterday to reimplement my HLSL settings and I've noticed one weird thing in QMC:

Even having both 'readconfig' and 'writeconfig' enabled, some of the screen values were not being written to the .ini / read from the .ini files accordingly.

For example: in my pow.ini the savestate option was set to 1 (enabled) and both readconfig and writeconfig were enabled (inside both the ini and at the QMC screen). but after disabling it and clicking at the 'save' icon (the disk), it wasn't updating my pow.ini, which held the 1 after the savestate parameter. This happened several times with several other games. In the end, I had to manually edit every ini file to set the savestate value back to 0.

Another thing is that is seems that QMC is not reading all the values from the .ini file to update all of its own screen fields accordingly when you navigate between games on the list, even with the readconfig option enabled. Instead, it seem to retrieve values from another place. It's weird. The savestate is one of them that I remember, I don't remember if there are other options doing the same thing though. When I was navigating between games, QMC was updating all the fields on the right screen, but looking inside the .ini files, the values stored at the savestate line were different than the values it was displaying on screen. To test it, open one .ini game file and make some manual changes to it, change the savestate value for example and save it. The open QMC up and click on the game to see if it's going to retrieve the value from the .ini. That's what I did here with several games and it didn't work. Please, double check the routine where you retrive values from the .ini files to make sure it won't retrieve values from another place instead and the readconfig/writeconfig options to make sure they will 'overwrite' the ini file to make it to match all the current screen parameters.

One last thing I noticed: some of the disk icons where you click to save changes are not going back to grey after you clicking on them, so you don't know if it saved the changes or not. Several of these 'faulty' disk icons are in the HLSL options.

I'm just trying to help improving the frontend and to nail a bug here, please, don't get mad on me. I really put it to the test smile
Posted By: qmc2 Re: Suggestion... or correction? - 11/11/13 06:43 PM
I'm not sure you really read what I've written earlier... QMC2 doesn't read or write the ini's, though you can export to / import from them smile. It's all stored in qmc2.ini. The readconfig option will decide if MAME reads the ini's... it has nothing to do with QMC2.

Regarding the 'save' icons, I'm aware and that has been fixed meanwhile (though the actual bug was not only a GUI thing). This has been discussed in the 0.41 release thread.
Posted By: qmc2 Re: Suggestion... or correction? - 11/11/13 06:53 PM
Also, I'd recommend reading this FAQ.
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