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Mechanical games...

Posted By: SpecialMove

Mechanical games... - 09/04/18 08:18 AM

Good morning.

Any plans to add an option to not display mechanical games in the machine list? I'm sure this would be a popular option...
Posted By: EoceneMiacid

Re: Mechanical games... - 09/04/18 01:17 PM

Best way to do this is to compile a 'tiny build', which only lets you include the drivers you're interested in.

Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: Mechanical games... - 09/04/18 05:38 PM

Doesn't QMC2 support CatVer.ini? I think that would work as well.
Posted By: SpecialMove

Re: Mechanical games... - 09/05/18 09:51 AM

Thanks guys. CatVer.ini, which I hadn't come across before, does what I need.
Posted By: Robbbert

Re: Mechanical games... - 09/05/18 12:44 PM

Yeah it supports catver.ini and category.ini, but not the dozens of others.
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