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Posted By: R. Belmont What's up with QMC2? - 02/26/19 07:32 PM
Here's an update from Rene: http://qmc2.batcom-it.net/index.php/2019/02/22/whats-up/
Posted By: Shideravan Re: What's up with QMC2? - 02/27/19 11:12 PM
To René:
Good to know you are getting better! Take all the time you need - you already gave a lot to te MAME community, the rest is well earned!
When you feel ready to come back give me a heads up - I want to do some improvements in the templates, maybe in time for the next release, but only when you are ready, no need to rush wink
Get well, René!
Thanks for everything
Posted By: azoreseuropa Re: What's up with QMC2? - 03/14/19 10:08 PM
Sorry to hear that. I am glad that you are ok. My brother in law had a stroke many years ago. He was about 30 years old. He recover 98 percent. Hardly recognized. Be careful. Can't wait for QMC2. Loved this program of yours. Keep up the good work! Get well soon. Take it easy. wink
Posted By: couriersud Re: What's up with QMC2? - 04/20/19 11:36 PM
René, good to hear that your health is improving. Top priority should be to care for yourself now and to be patient.
Sounds helpless and boring and certainly it is. I had to pause MAME development for a long time to support my wife. Still fighting but when things calmed down I was able to return. Take your time and fight. All the best.
Posted By: alexb3d Re: What's up with QMC2? - 09/23/19 05:34 AM
Positive mind. Do everything you need to get better fast.
Best wishes Rene.
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