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Hi. Good day.

I am trying to install QMC2 on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. Many dependencies are missing and does not install.

sudo apt-get install subversion g++ libqt4-dev libqtwebkit-dev libphonon-dev libsdl2-dev libxmu-dev libqt4-sql-sqlite rsync

libqt4-dev  libqtwebkit-dev libphonon-dev libqt4-sql-sqlite

What can I do in this case?
Are you following these instructions?


I'd guess you need a different QT distribution, or to rebuild it, yourself...
Yes, the first step is to install the dependencies.

How are they rebuilt?
Qt4 was removed from Ubuntu:
Not sure how easy it is to build locally.
You can't have it on the next LTS, that's serious.
Flatpak is an option to keep the project alive.
It looks like it needs to be ported to Qt5 (probably trivial) and QtWebEngine (not quite so trivial).
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