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Posted By: Jer QMC2 and BGFX - 05/09/22 09:54 PM
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but how do you get BGFX working via QMC2. I went into Tools/Options/Emulators/Global Configuration/BGFX post-processing options and updated the "BGFX path" to the bgfx folder in my Mame directory. I then went into Tools/Options/Emulators/Global Configuration/Video and selected bgfx in the "Video" drop down box. When I run a game, then hit Tab to bring up the Options Window and select Video Options no additional video options appear. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
Posted By: qmc2 Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/10/22 07:05 AM
Well, I don't know either wink... did you even press "Apply" or "OK" (or press the save button in the "Actions" column)? Can you post the corresponding part of the front end log?
Posted By: Jer Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/10/22 02:26 PM
Yes I did hit apply and double checked to make sure the settings stuck. Here you go. Thanks.

08:22:47.224: M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II v0.243 (Qt 5.15.3, MAME, Windows x86_64-w64-mingw32)
08:22:47.224: SDL joystick support enabled - using SDL v2.0.18
08:22:47.224: processing global emulator configuration
08:22:47.225: creating template configuration map
08:22:47.225: template info: emulator = MAME, version = 0.243, format = 0.2.9
08:22:47.559: shortcut map is clean
08:22:47.560: joystick map is clean
08:22:47.560: image cache size set to 66 MB
08:22:47.713: DAT-info database: importing software info-texts from 'E:\Mame 0.243\dats\history.xml'
08:22:48.202: DAT-info database: done (importing software info-texts from 'E:\Mame 0.243\dats\history.xml')
08:22:48.202: DAT-info database: 0 software info records imported
08:22:48.204: emulator info: type = MAME, version = 0.243
08:22:48.204: 44541 supported sets
08:22:48.259: loading ROM state from cache
08:22:48.273: done (loading ROM state from cache, elapsed time = 00:00.014)
08:22:48.273: 44541 cached ROM states loaded
08:22:48.273: processing machine list
08:22:48.308: pre-caching icons from directory
08:22:48.315: done (pre-caching icons from directory, elapsed time = 00:00.007)
08:22:48.315: 0 icons loaded
08:22:48.316: loading machine data from machine list cache
08:22:48.652: done (loading machine data from machine list cache, elapsed time = 00:00.336)
08:22:48.654: sorting machine list by machine description in ascending order
08:22:48.806: restoring machine selection
08:22:48.806: done (processing machine list, elapsed time = 00:00.533)
08:22:48.806: 38894 machines, 73 BIOS sets and 5574 devices loaded
08:22:48.806: ROM state info: L:44541 C:39494 M:5046 I:0 N:1 U:0
08:22:48.808: loading favorites and play history
08:22:48.809: done (loading favorites and play history)
08:22:48.811: total start-up time: 00:01.587
08:23:35.472: starting emulator #0, command = E:\Mame 0.243\mame.exe -noartwork_crop -dial_device mouse -lightgun_device mouse -paddle_device mouse -positional_device mouse -trackball_device mouse -bgfx_lut lut-default.png -bgfx_path "E:\Mame 0.243\bgfx" -ctrlr xarcade -mouse -offscreen_reload -cheat -language English -plugin hiscore -hashpath "E:\Mame 0.243\hash" -rompath "E:\Mame 0.243\roms;E:\Mame 0.243\software" -samplepath "E:\Mame 0.243\samples" -intscalex -6 -intscaley -1 -numscreens 0 -video bgfx -waitvsync -output console wboy
08:23:35.479: emulator #0 started, PID = 2694883296512, running emulators = 1
08:24:03.198: emulator #0 finished, exit code = 0 (no error), exit status = normal, remaining emulators = 0
Posted By: qmc2 Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/10/22 03:21 PM
I see no failure on my end as it says "-video bgfx"... use this complete command and see if it's different when run from the command line.

Also, you use negative and different int-scaling (-intscalex -6 -intscaley -1) and I have no idea if that's a good choice wink.
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/10/22 05:24 PM
Might be bgfx_path. I think current MAME will fall back to something else instead of just crashing if it can't find those files.
Posted By: Jer Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/11/22 04:38 PM
It works. I was previously pressing Tab to enter menu within the game and selecting "Video Options" but could not see a list of shaders in there (I thought this is where I use to find them). Found them by pressing the tilde key and scrolling through the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for your help. Cheers.
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/11/22 05:35 PM
You now go to Slider Controls rather than Video Options in the Tab menu. That got changed I think about a year ago.
Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: QMC2 and BGFX - 05/11/22 11:24 PM
No, that was always in Slider Controls. It’s arguably only in Slider Controls because of implementation details, but that’s the way it’s always been.
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